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St Mary's Manchester - labour ward tour?

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whatsoever Thu 19-Jul-12 13:31:36

I receive all my ante-natal care at Trafford General but will be giving birth at St Mary's, as Trafford doesn't 'do' birth anymore. There isn't a tour of St Mary's labour ward as part of my ante-natal classes (as they are at Trafford) but my MW told me you can turn up on Saturday or Sunday afternoons (at 2pm I think) for a tour.

Has anyone done this tour? Is it any use? What did it cover?

Thanks in advance.

DesperatelySeekingDistraction Thu 19-Jul-12 15:14:54

I did a tour of St Mary's before having DD1. It basically consisted of practical information regarding which entrance will be open at night, and how to get from entrance of hospital to the ward. We also got to see a birthing room on the midwife-led unit and were told about rules regarding birthing partners (2 maximum) and visiting hours (can't remember!)

I found that the most useful part was knowing where to go in the hospital to get to the labour ward.

For info, if you arrive later than 10pm you need to use the Children's Hospital entrance (the one with multi coloured pillars) as the entrance to St Mary's itself will be closed. (They are nominally separate hospitals but actually are in the same huge building.) From the Children's hospital entrance you follow the main corridor round to the left until you reach a T junction with another corridor. Turn left here and keep an eye out of a large plastic rabbit on your right as it marks the double doors to the lifts you need. Take the lift to the third floor (was second floor 2 years ago but now moved to third floor) and the door to midwife led labour unit should be on your left.

If you use the St Mary's entrance you can leave the car in the "drop off spaces" for up to an hour. From the St Mary's entrance walk to the back of the large atrium foyer area, turn right then turn left at the large plastic rabbit on your left to get to the lifts you'll need for labour ward. Midwife led labour ward is now on the third floor, entrance is to your left once you exit lifts.

The midwife led unit aims to discharge mothers and babies 8 hours after birth as long as birth has been straightforward and mother and baby are well. If you've had to be moved from midwife led to doctor led units due to a more complicated labour or because you required an epidural then after giving birth you'll go to a room of your own (with ensuite) on one of the post-birth wards.

In terms of parking there is a multi storey car park at the top end of the site (opposite end to Wilmslow Road) that you'll need cash to pay for before leaving as it doesn't accept credit cards. I think it's £16 / £20 for 24 hours but not sure. I've got £20 in notes and change combined to allow for parking fees.

Something else that we were glad we knew was that there's a Costa Coffee concession located near the Children's Hospital entrance. That de-caff vanilla latte that DH brought up to me at the start of visiting the day after DD1 was born (I ended up needing spinal block, epi and forceps with DD1) was the best coffee I've ever tasted! There's also a large cafe located up the corridor from Costa Coffee if you have any hungry visitors / birthing partners!

In terms of the birthing rooms in the Midwife led unit, when we looked around with DD1 they said each room had a birthing ball (and if there wasn't one in room when you arrive you can ask for one) so you don't need to bring your own if you think you'll want to use one. This was 2 years ago though so if a birthing ball is essential for you I'd phone to check.

Hope this helps.

whatsoever Thu 19-Jul-12 23:34:03

Huge help ta. Sounds worthwhile for us to go as we've never been before and all those directions sounds blooming complicated now, let alone when in labour shock

Jules2892 Sat 17-Nov-12 23:28:50

did you go the tour??
im having my baby there in 7 weeks and havent even been told about the tour yet. how did you book onto it?? and was it worth it??

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