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Increased risks of going overdue aged 40+

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lucylookout Tue 03-Jul-12 15:50:13

Hi, I'm currently 37+2 with DC2. I'll be 41 around due date. I've read/heard some stuff to indicate that the risks of still birth double in women over 40 (from about 4 in 1000 to 8 in 1000). It's still a slim chance, but enough for me to want to talk about it with my midwife (they have booked a 41 week appt, but I really don't want to wait that long). I think the risk is that after 40 weeks the placenta can deteriorate quite rapidly, causing the baby problems. I know I still have plenty of time to go into labour naturally, but i've got a growth scan in hospital on Thursday, and thought it would be a good opportunity to talk to someone about my concerns. Does anyone know anymore about the risks? Even better does anyone have a link to any research that I can print out and take in with me?

eagleray Tue 03-Jul-12 18:39:21

Hi Lucy

I'm the same age as you (but not as far along) and induction due to age has already been mentioned by mw.

I don't have any more information myself I'm afraid, but you will find it has been discussed on the 40+ thread a few times - hope this helps!

(and previous thread) -

lucylookout Tue 03-Jul-12 18:58:31

Thanks eagleray, when did they say they might induce you?

eagleray Tue 03-Jul-12 19:13:06

I think they said at 40 weeks, but (sorry my memory isn't terribly good as it was a few weeks ago now) I think it was also presented as an option, rather than as a compulsory thing.

Thing is though, if you are presented with statistics like the still birth stuff, it does make it hard to exercise any choice over the matter.

I do know that someone on the thread I mentioned was questioning the age of the research that was done. Have tried to google it but ended up looking at a hateful article that talked about induction research and then went on to say that lots of women wished they had children in their early thirties instead of later. Well that's really helpful hmm

eagleray Tue 03-Jul-12 19:19:30

this older thread looks quite useful too - policy seems to be specific to the hospital:

Midgetm Tue 03-Jul-12 19:48:40

My consultant asks that 40 plus mums are induced at 40 weeks. Some choose to have monitoring and see how they go and go beyond that but consultant recommends induction at 40w.

lucylookout Tue 03-Jul-12 20:04:40

Thanks Midgetm.

I'm with UCH in London, does anyone know what their policy is?

I've been downgraded to 'low risk' so have only ever seen midwives, not a consultant hmm

Jules125 Tue 03-Jul-12 20:37:40

I'm totally with you on this one. The increased risk is not that high but why accept it once full term? [ of course inductions have risks too so you need to keep that in mind...]

Its great that you are considered low risk but you will need to see a consultant I think to get an induction agreed before the standard 42 weeks. At your gestation, I would be asking for an urgent referral to a consultant to discuss this.

Hope this helps

lucylookout Wed 04-Jul-12 13:00:38

Thanks Jules, I do feel like I've got some ammunition now from the links posted on other threads, to at least have a conversation with them about why no one has talked to me about it yet! I'm not happy with no one keeping an eye on the baby between 38 and 41 weeks, and if nothing else want to agree really regular monitoring to make sure all's OK. I'll repost the links here, in case they're of any use to anyone else:

(you have to login the the last link)

I'd still be really interested to hear of anyone's experiences at UCH aged 40+ .....

janeejane Wed 04-Jul-12 14:29:32

It took your message to prompt me to join mumsnet rather than just lurk as I am v scared of tempting fate and something going wrong with this pregnancy.

I am at UCH and just over 40 and had a special over 40 appointment last week (32 wks gone) with a consultant. This had been arranged ages ago around the time I turned 40 back in march. The consultant was lovely but I may have been a more tricky case as I have had difficulties getting a BFP (high FSH/low amh etc) and then 2 m/c. I don't want to risk anything with this child as it may be my only chance but I have basically been told they won't let me go over 40+2 and will be monitored closely from about 39 weeks.
My situation might be a bit different but UCH were the people who pro-actively pointed out I was over 40 and needed to see a special consultant!

Good luck - just ask and point out the research and they should book you in. I was told that they have lots of over 40 patients there so the over 40 clinic gets booked up quickly.

lucylookout Wed 04-Jul-12 14:41:04

Thank you so much Janeejane. It sounds like we have a similar history (I had 2 mcs, including one late loss, have high FSH and low AMH, had help getting pregnant this time after 2 years of trying and feel like this could be my last chance). So much has gone wrong in the process of trying for this child over the last couple of years that like you, I'm probably more jittery about it than usual. But your message has helped, I didn't even know they HAVE an 'over 40 clinic'! I feel a bit let down by them tbh but at least I'll know what I'm asking for tomorrow smile

janeejane Wed 04-Jul-12 14:51:08

Glad to be of help - fingers crossed for us both.
I have found just pushing UCH on things seems to be the answer. Can't remember the name of the consultant I saw but I will see if I can find his name and post it. I also know the over 40 clinic only runs at UCH on Thursday pm so might we worth even asking if there is a cancellation tomorrow when you're there as you are so far along.
good luck tomorrow- let me know how it goes.

lucylookout Wed 04-Jul-12 14:55:24

Thank you x

10000Fireflies Wed 04-Jul-12 22:56:01

Just a quick hi from me. I was looking for same on risks of going over 40 weeks at 40 plus. Never really managed to find anything conclusive, but was induced at 40+4, as they totally put the wind up me about it all. Baby arrived at 40+5 - birth wasn't great, but baby and me are fine and in the end that's al that matters. My placenta looked fine - no calcification, but meconium in amnio, and I am led to believe this is an issue in over 40s.

There isn't enough info on this subject and I feel very strongly about it, which is why I've posted, even though I've probably not added much. Sleep deprived with gorgeous 13 day old....

If I can come up with any thing more helpful will post when I can.

FF xx

lucylookout Thu 05-Jul-12 10:59:51

Thanks fireflies and congratulations on the birth of your 13 day old DC!

It's frustrating isn't it. Every hospital seems to take a different approach and even within one hospital the care doesn't seem to be consistent (as demonstrated by me and Janeejane both being at UCH). The risks do seem small, but I've been at the wrong end of a statistic before and don't want to leave anything to chance.

I'll let you know how I get on today x

WinterMymble Thu 05-Jul-12 13:40:35

Thanks so much for these links and info. Quite alarming.... And up herein aedinburgh nobody has even mentioned this as risky. My consultant hates any interventions at all (except forceps.... She loves talking about those!) and i wouldnt be surprised that is why nobody has mentioned it. But i am definitely concerned, i wilk be 40 the month the baby is due and have at least one of the additinal risk factors (no previous children).

lucylookout Thu 05-Jul-12 18:55:08

I had my appt today and asked to see a doctor after my scan. She told me that it wasn't hospital policy to induce women due to age unless over 45 and pregnant with their first child (there's consistency for you JaneeJane!), but, because I was anxious about it, she agreed to give me another scan/monitor in 2 weeks (39th week) and because the baby is measuring HUGE said they would want to induce me shortly after 40 weeks if nothing happens naturally, so I feel like I have a plan I'm happy with smile

janeejane Fri 06-Jul-12 14:10:41

Mad uch inconsistencies- but glad you have a plan and are being monitored.
Having a plan has made me feel so much better.

Hope all goes well

Salukigirl Sat 07-Jul-12 22:46:53

My consultant told me that they wouldn't let me go past 40 weeks because of risk of still birth. I will be 41 and I am at Royal Berks Hospital in Reading.

lucylookout Sun 08-Jul-12 14:05:25

Thanks Salukigirl, is this your first or do you have DC already? It's good that you have a plan in place. Feeling a bit rubbish today generally (hormones? worry?) but am happy(ish) with a scan at 39+4 and the knowledge that very soon after 40 weeks (+1 or +2) I'd be induced. I'd be so much more relieved if I could just go into labour naturally NOW, give birth to a healthy little baby and put all this behind me. Apart from the wait up to the 12 week scan, these last few have to be the most stressful of my pregnancy so far. sad

Joseve Wed 13-Jun-18 22:16:22

Hey, I'm 41 and due to have first child in a few months. I am at UCH and was advised that I would be induced or elective CS by 40 weeks. I've asked can it even be earlier due to the risks and they said it could be 39+3/4, but not earlier as best practice shows babies do much better the closer they are to due date (ie breathing). I'd still rather have a live baby with breathing problems than none at all! The hormones have made me crazy anxious in this pregnancy.....

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