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How can pregnancies be so different :O

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Do any of you ladies think there's any truth in different pregnancies being different sexes?
This is my 3rd pregnancy, DS1 was just perfect, no sickness abit of tirdness later on but thats all. 2nd pregnancy i mc at 8weeks, but wasn't bad for those 8weekssmile this time, im only just past 6 weeks and have been so ill, threw up a few times, started before id even missed a period and my skin is so awful, and hair is so dry and thinned out sad everything is completly opposite!!!

MySonIsMyWorld Thu 28-Jun-12 22:14:35

I think every pregnancy is different because every little one is different - no 2 babies are the same so no two pregnancies are the same. Hang on in there chick, best of luck x

Thanks for my reply, your right smile just still in shock with all this. really been like a slap in the face, wasnt expecting this haha xx

MySonIsMyWorld Thu 28-Jun-12 22:26:57

I dont think you do when you have your first pregnancy easy - mine was a doddle first time, little sickness everything fine, well up to week 25 when DS tried to come premature!

Oh no, must have been so scary :O little boys r buggers haha! although whist my DS was a womb invader he was well behaved grin
Ive either got a naughty boy, or a little maddam haha xx

3bees Thu 28-Jun-12 22:49:45

I had sickness with dd1 but otherwise preg was great. This time I've had lots of pain, discomfort, terrible sickness, anaemia, pgp and this one's a girl too.

Ive heard soo many people saying there sickness etc was terrible with there boys, but then with there girls was fine. so was really starting to think maybe with different people when they where having different sexes the pregnancy was different. but u do come accross people who r sick with all, or none haha!! Congratulations on ur girly smile x x

hate leaving threads without the ending so thought id track this down to let u all no it is indeed a Girly smile xx

AlisonDB Thu 04-Oct-12 22:14:48

Oh tell me about it,
My 1st with DS was an absolute breeze!!
Sickness from week 5-12 peeked at week 9, (only of an evening when tired)
then week 13 BAM no more sickness no longer tired full of life energetic and LOVED being pregnant was very very active right up to going into labour.

This time..... Sickness started around 3 weeks, ( lasting all day) still have it now, I'm 29 weeks!
i feel totally exhausted all the time,
I have pregnancy rhinitis (allergy type thing, constant runny nose/eyes sneezing) Chronic heart burn sometimes so painful I'm in tears,
Have had round ligament pain, and UTI,

Due to the above Myself and everybody else was convinced this time was a girl,
But NO I'm having another little boy!

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