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pains in pelvis - is this normal?

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marsup Tue 09-Dec-03 17:23:44

I'm at 36 weeks +2 and until yesterday amazingly I have had no backache. Yesterday I suddenly got sharp pains in my lower back (pelvis) and groin that got worse when I walked. Today it is not so sharp but there is still a pain in my groin (left side) when I walk and an ache in my lower back. Are these just normal pregnancy sensations that I've been lucky not to get until now, or should I be worried? Advice please!

Angeliz Tue 09-Dec-03 17:27:14

hi marsup, i remember lots of weird sensations the last few weeks of my pregnancy! I remember saying at one point it felt like she was poking a finger down...really wierd feelings! Good luck and if you are worried, see your midwife, i'm sure they'll reassure you

pie Tue 09-Dec-03 17:33:23

Could by are you when you try to turn over in bed?

marsup Tue 09-Dec-03 17:45:59

That's what I'm worried about, Pie. When I turn over in bed the left side of my groin hurts, and it has for quite a few weeks now but I didn't really bother about it before because turning over is so complicated for other reasons (cushions, bump...). But the turning over in bed part is definitely NOT what hurts most (that'd be walking for any length of time) and I can still raise one leg at a time eg to put on trousers, so I'm hoping not spd? I am seeing my doctor tomorrow for a regular check-up but in my experience she, like the midwife, will only take something seriously if I say I am very worried - so I thought I'd check with mumsnet to see if I should be or not.

pie Tue 09-Dec-03 18:21:10

Don't worry marsup, even if it is SPD (and it does sound like it) there are many varying degrees and you may not get any worse.

I asked about turning over in bed as thats one of the classic symptoms as opposed to a straightforward backache.

fisil Tue 09-Dec-03 19:05:48

With walking up and down stairs, does one direction really really hurt but the other direction not hurt at all? I had this at about the same stage and was given a belt to keep my pelvis together!

Lisa78 Tue 09-Dec-03 19:54:10

Sorry to be negative marsup but I had SPD in pregnancy - though not a really bad case - and thats how I started with it. I could raise one leg at a time until the last couple of weeks too, I'm afraid. However, the fem brace and the exercises the physio gave me really helped and by the time my son was 3 weeks old, I had no pains with it at all. If it is SPD, the sooner you get it seen to, the easier it will be.

deeno Tue 09-Dec-03 22:36:27

I too have had pains in the right side of my groin from about 23 wks. If I have been standing or walking for a length of time the pain starts off as a burning sensation deep in the right side of my groin until if I don't find a seat I end up doubled over in pain. At first it was so severe I almost passed out in the middle of supermarket - very embarrasing! I saw GP who said deep muscle strain, midwife who said rounded ligaments strain and then went to see obstetrician (male) who unsympathetically told me 'nobody said pregnancy would be easy' ! Nobody has diagnosed SPD, just one of those pains you get with pregnancy. I've since coped with it by not being on my feet too long. Having an office job has been a godsend. Once I recognise the symptoms coming on I find a seat and wait until the pain has faded. Bending my knee and bringing my leg into my groin helps.
Unlike you, I don't get the pain when I'm in bed, and I haven't had any lower back pain with it either. Do any of my symptoms sound like what you are feeling?
Although I wouldn't wish discomfort on anyone it is good to know other people have been experiencing similar pains. I was quite worried at first and sometimes even think am I ever going to feel healthy and normal again like I did pre-pregnancy. But I am sure they are just normal pregnancy sensations that occur because your body, muscles and ligaments are all relaxing in preparation for child birth. Good Luck.

deeno Tue 09-Dec-03 22:40:17

BTW, I'd be really interested to hear how you get on at the doctors, and what he/she says about it. Let us know how you get on.

marsup Wed 10-Dec-03 17:41:53

I was convinced this morning that it was SPD, as during the night I noticed that if I turned over with my legs separated there was a loud clicking noise. Saw the doctor this afternoon and as suspected she just said 'normal pregnancy aches and pains' until I suggested SPF. She then pressed down on my symphis pubis (is that right? will check a website in a minute to get all this straight) ie the bone at the front of your pubes and it hurt a lot, so she has given me a phone number to call - local hospital apparently has group (!) physio sessions on Wednesdays. I'll ring tomorrow and see if there is really nothing before next week. I'm worried about doing something that will make it worse, but having said that the pain wasn't as sharp today.

Deeno, the groin pain you describe does sound a bit like what I have had, though more intense. Does it hurt when you press onto the front of that bone? I'll see if I can find the website with a picture of the pelvis so I can explain which one I mean... back in a tick

marsup Wed 10-Dec-03 17:44:09

It's called the symphisis pubis, of course!

picky of pelvis with all the bits - hope this works

pie Wed 10-Dec-03 17:46:05

Sorry to hear that it is probably SPD marsup. I know what you mean about the pain in the symphisis pubis...I permantently feel like I have actually been kicked several times there. But, even though mine is still fairly bad, it is ALOT better then it WAS. Get in touch with the Pelvic Partnership for info/support/advice they were excellent during my pregnancy.

I hope everything is ok, and if you ever need to talk about birth positions or anything let me know

motherinferior Thu 11-Dec-03 10:34:23

Major commiserations, marsup. I had it too.

bundle Thu 11-Dec-03 10:42:35

sorry to hear you're in pain, marsup. I had a bit of pelvic pain towards the end, which re-appeared as a searing sciatic pain during labour (epidural didn't touch it, until they did a top-up with me lying on the same side as the dodgy hip) - worse than contractions!

Bozza Thu 11-Dec-03 10:59:25

Hope you get to see someone soon marsup.

I have a question on this subject too. Its about the turning over in bed thing and the fact that Pie suggested it was a classic symptom of SPD.

I have real trouble turning over in bed. It feels like something at the bottom of my back has locked up and I get shooting pains. So that means that rather than rolling over on my back to get from side to side I have to go the other way with my tummy underneath. Obviously not too bad just now because only 17 weeks but less convenient when I get a big bump. Had same problem in last pregnancy but from later on. This started at about 10 weeks.

M2T Thu 11-Dec-03 11:07:08

Marsup - I got these at 37wks when ds's head engaged in my pelvis. I just put it down to the pressure in that area..... perhaps trapped nerves etc. It used to take my breath away though and people in the street kept thinking I was going into labour! lol
Not long now Marsup!

deeno Thu 11-Dec-03 11:14:28

marsup, thanks for the link to the website. No i dont get pain when i press on that bone so im sure its not spd that ive got. And i havent had the clicking noise which you describe. The pain is in the right side of my groin and only happens when i have been walking or standing for sometimes quite a short period of time. This means trips to the supermarket have to be quick and I now do the ironing sitting down.
It sounds from what you describe and the website that you have SPD. I really hope you get something sorted before next Wednesday. Its a while to wait when you are in pain.
How are you feeling today? Good luck and keep us informed.

marsup Thu 11-Dec-03 13:09:12

Thanks for the link, Pie, and the support, everyone. I rang the hospital/physio section and they say the only way to see someone soon is to come to next Tuesday's antenatal physiotherapy group and talk to the therapist afterwards. It sounds a bit like a factory to me but if what I have is really the beginnings of SPD then presumably it is not too mysterious and the therapist will be able to give me some general advice. I'm not actually in excruciating pain so I guess it's just a mild form of spd. The main problem seems to be that I can't sleep for more than an hour (in the last two nights) because my pelvis starts aching. And of course the other problem is that I'm scared of doing something that will make it worse. My first instinct - go to the pool and swim - is completely off-track according to the websites I've seen as I swim breast-stroke. I tried some very small pelvic tilts just now and that seems to have been a rather bad idea too, judging by the immediate results. I have a very supportive partner and I can if need be remain fairly immobile for the last month of my pregnancy, but the idea is very depressing - I miss walking so much already! Does anyone who has had spd know of movements that are actually helpful?

marsup Tue 16-Dec-03 17:09:39

Hi again - just in case anyone was wondering what happened: I went to the group session at the local hospital today and far from being a general 'back' session as I feared, almost everyone there turned out to have SPD-related symptoms, though not everyone knew the term. Most of the women there seemed to be far worse cases than me, and also much earlier in their pregnancy, so I feel now that I am actually quite lucky and if I am careful there is a good chance that it willl stay quite manageable. The physio was lovely and explained a lot about posture, showed us some exercises, and gave us belts. So although what she explained confirms that my problem is a mild form of SPD, I actually feel more confident about it - and have got over my desire to go and swim 20 laps of breaststroke!

Deeno, if there is something like that near you it could be a good idea to go - SPD and backache from bearing extra weight do sound like quite different things, and it would be better to know which you are suffering from.

deeno Tue 16-Dec-03 20:35:33

Glad you are feeling more reassured now you have seen the physio. To be honest I am just going to wait and see what happens with this groin pain. I am due on 25th Dec so not long to go now, and I've got used to dealing with the pain since about 24 wks. (The pain isn't continuous, it's just when I've been standing or walking, any weight bearing activities). At my more negative moments I wonder if the pain will ever totally disapear even when the baby has arrived. But I keep telling myself everything will be fine once my body starts going back to normal and I am not carrying the extra weight.
In hindsight I probably should have made more of a fuss when the pains first started, and insisted on seeing a physio, but the medical people made me feel like I was making a fuss about nothing - their main concern was (and mine) that baby was fine, and that any discomfort I was feeling was just one of those pregnancy things. And I got to feeling that way - its my first pregnancy and didn't know what to expect.
I just keep my fingers crossed that once baby has arrived and my body starts recovering I will be able to look forward to long walks in the park with baby. I have really missed long walks - it was one of my main exercise activities that I enjoyed with dp and haven't been able to do, like I say since about 24 wks.

Bozza Tue 16-Dec-03 21:21:48

Marsup I finally got round to checking out your link and it explained a lot so thanks. I don't think I have the symptoms of SPD despite having difficulty turning over in bed because my problem is more at the back so I think it is with the sacro-iliac (sp?) joint.

Good luck to you and Deeno.

MincePie Tue 16-Dec-03 22:02:41

Just for the record Bozza, it is possible to have SPD and feel it in your back. When the syphisis pubis widens you can feel the effect at any point were a bone meets your pelvix, so your back or hips are areas of concern. I maybe worth getting a support belt as you may find it helps your back.

Of course you could have an non SPD backache, but the trouble turning over in bed doesn't *usually* come with this.

Hope you all feel better soon though!

Marsup, an estimated 1 in 35 pregnant women will get SPD to varying degrees.

MincePie Tue 16-Dec-03 22:03:16

Please ignore poor spelling...been a long day!

marsup Tue 16-Dec-03 22:10:33

Bozza, from what the physio said today Mincepie is right and your problem sounds like SPD. The symphisis pubis (sp?) is only the joint at the front of the pelvis, but the pain is quite often felt at the back of the pelvis (ie lower back)or even in groin or thighs. Problems turning over at night were probably the most common symptom the different women in the group had. Try to keep your legs together when you turn over, ie don't move one leg at a time. You can also try sleeping with a pillow between your legs.

marsup Tue 16-Dec-03 22:13:47

Bozza, from what the physio said today Mincepie is right and your problem sounds like SPD. The symphisis pubis (sp?) is only the joint at the front of the pelvis, but the pain is quite often felt at the back of the pelvis (ie lower back)or even in groin or thighs. Problems turning over at night were probably the most common symptom the different women in the group had. Try to keep your legs together when you turn over, ie don't move one leg at a time. You can also try sleeping with a pillow between your legs.

1 in 35, Mincepie!!

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