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Slapped Cheek?

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AhsokaTano Tue 19-Jun-12 20:02:35

I'm almost certain that DS has slapped cheek (I'll pop him along to the Dr in the morning) as he has the rash and has been a bit peaky for the last week or so.

I'm now 28 weeks pg and will obvs mention it to the midwife when I see her this week. Am I right in thinking that as I'm now 28+4 there is very little risk to the baby?

SianNic Tue 19-Jun-12 20:51:48

Yes I think once past 20 wks the risk is very small, and chances are you will be immune anyway but u can get tested if you want some reassurance x

Clarella Wed 20-Jun-12 00:14:49

Hi yes the risk to baby in terms of mc drops dramatically after 21 wks. Statistically there is a 60% chance you are immune, and if you were not immune and caught it (adults don't usually have symptoms) it would be around a 25% chance of transmission to baby. Once the rash is out people are not infectious, its the period before then that they are. It can take around 3 weeks to brew so you would be further on still. Worst case scenario is it can cause fetal hydrops and anemia in baby, possibly needing a transfusion in the womb so definately get the test. Test can be laborious - first step would be to check immunity, also if recent contact, then depending on the outcome there could be a retest in 4 weeks. I would try to stay away from other expectant mums and id warn school too even if just suspected, youve no idea how many teachers might be pg (as we found!) They only act on confirmed cases but all info is useful.

Ultimately you and baby will be ok, no long term issues unlike other risk viruses but make sure its mentioned at mw/ hospital appts.

I've been off from teaching since 9 weeks as surprisingly not immune and it keeps popping up in school, now 17 wks so plenty of time to find out stuff!

Hope you're ok, I found I needed to know all the ins and outs., hope I.don't worry you unnecessarily. Check the nhs cks (clinical evidence) website for more details.

AhsokaTano Wed 20-Jun-12 07:31:41

Thanks for the info. The chances are I've had it as you say as I work in healthcare and have other children.

I'll be prepared for the midwife to send me to the vampires then!

Whatevertheweather Wed 20-Jun-12 07:37:45

Please go and get yourself tested for immunity today. It is a complete myth that it can't be passed on late in pregnancy.

Please trust me and get yourself tested today. I'm sure you'll be immune but it is not worth the risk.

Sproglet Wed 20-Jun-12 09:37:20

Hi. I am 15 weeks and caught the parvovirus at 10+3 weeks. I am under consultant care ATM with weekly scans. The statistics that he has given me is that 3% of pregnances were the mother has had the illness the baby will suffer from some degree of anemia and only 1% will have to have to have an inuterine transfusion to treat it. (this is where a blood transfusion is given through the baby's stomach while in the womb.) So even if you do catch it the statistics are still on your side but I stress to get the test as the main cause of miscarriage is anemia in the fetus, so if you are monitored and if needs be need treatment it cuts the risk dramatically.

Clarella Wed 20-Jun-12 12:37:29

that's useful to know sproglet and hope you and baby are ok. There definitely is a risk baby could catch it st any stage. Ive never worked out if baby can catch it if you are immune. There's very little clear info.

I was very concerned that pregnant teachers who were further on than me were not initially informed - I only knew a child had it via a friend who knew the child's mother. The mother had seen a 7 month pregnant teacher but didn't think it was necessary to tell school. I don't know if they went on to get tested. I've been finding it hard to get school to understand that there will still be risks after 20 wks. Hoping to go in at 21 wks for last week of term then luckily there will be 6 weeks of holiday. Tbh if there were more cases I don't think id go that last week, my thyroid's been all over the place and I wouldn't want that on top.

Sproglet Wed 20-Jun-12 12:55:49

The risks are even lower after 20weeks as the baby is more robust, but also if and when the mother does catch the virus it takes from anything from 3-6 weeks before, if it is going to,it is past via the placenta to baby. The majority of british woman who have been brought up in the UK are immune, I really thought I would be and was surprized when I found out I had contracted it as I come from a big family. If you are immune your immunity will zapp it before it reaches the baby.
The problem with the virus is that it is very contagious, yes, if you work with school aged children you are more likely to get it but to be fair you can catch it anywhere. I do agree though that more women should be informed about it as there are so many things that can be done to help bring out a positive outcome. Unfortunatly alot of the deaths in babies comes from the mother not knowing she has had the illness, isn't monitored and then goes on to lose the baby.
The virus it self causes the host to have elevated white blood cells. As we are robust adults we can cope with this but when be pass blood to the baby with the raised white blood cells then this is what causes fetal hydrops (fluid around the heart) and or anemia.
Thanks for asking clarella the baby at the moment is fine, Had scan yesterday where the Cerebral Artery was slightly enlarged which can sometimes be an indicator of anemia, but it was boarderline and the baby was very active and the consultant said it didn't look like a very ill baby grin. Have to go back next Tues and check again but fingers crossed all will be ok xxxxxxx

Clarella Wed 20-Jun-12 13:54:35

Thanks for that info sproglet, very useful. Glad they're looking after you well. I guessed there was a delay as there is a delay between children infected at school - the rash appeared in a child 32 days after a case that was only suspected. I know the risks are still quite low but any risk needs to be considered by anyone. The kids I teach are autistic so we are more hands on than usual, lots of cuddles and we get snotted on regularly.

I was very surprised not to have got it and initially stopped swimming too but then thought if haven't got it in 35 years etc. But we all get what the kids get so glad the doc has been so strict!

Hope you get sorted ahsoka x

AhsokaTano Wed 20-Jun-12 14:56:22

Well, I've rung the midwife and left her a message as I don't want to turn up to a clinic full of pregnant ladies tomorrow just in case I do have it. I'm waiting for her to ring back.

I've rung the GPs surgery and the nurse had no idea what I was talking about! Once I'd explained current NHS guidelines she said she'd get a doc to ring me back. I'm waiting for her to ring back.

I can't believe I didn't think of this yesterday when I was working with my own consultant at the hospital, I could have ambushed him in the coffee room!
I think I'd be more able to think positive if I hadn't been feeling absolutely vile this week.

Now I have to suffer the hell of taking a 5 and 7 yr old to the barber, they hate it but can barely see as they have such mops.

Sproglet Wed 20-Jun-12 16:14:56

Sorry ahsoka I hijacked your thread ! Good Luck xx

Clarella Thu 19-Jul-12 20:38:33

Hope everyone ok. Been back at work this week at 21 weeks. For some reason I thought that the scan would show any fetal hydrops etc. Scan was fine but another case in school this week. Haven't actually spoken to hospital yet about it all so phoned to double check things. They had a different tact and said prob best to get retested anyway as anemia wouldn't necessarily show and fetal hydrops is much later stage. Didn't say was a clear cut 'you're fine now you're 20 weeks' as virus just not good for baby. I don't think I've been in contact but to be on safe side am getting retested - last tests 2 months ago. Just updating for info if anyone looking for it!

Sproglet Fri 20-Jul-12 15:28:05

Hi just an update from me, I have been given the all clear !!! Woohoo ! I have learnt also that the 'danger' period is 12 weeks post infection which is contracted 10 days before symptoms appear and I have passed it ! Good Luck to all you other ladies. Clarella I assume your bloods came back positive as you are now having scans ? Hope all is ok x

Clarella Fri 20-Jul-12 18:52:40

Ah wonderful news sproglet! No, I'm fine I think, that was my 20 week scan. the infection came into school when I was 9 weeks and as I took the test I was off from then. Being not immune but no contact they kept me off for 4 weeks, but there was another confirmed case day before I was due to return so doc just said no going back till after 20 weeks (possibly more unknown as head didnt send letters to inform parents, relying on staff to 'spot' possible symptoms and then send a letter to that parent, not what HPA guidelines say).

However my last test was 2 months ago and I've been in school all week and we had another case on weds so just getting tested to be sure still clear of it.

Trying to work out what your situation is; do you mean 12 weeks after you caught it you are now clear as no signs of hydrops?

Fab news!

Sproglet Sat 21-Jul-12 09:48:43

Yes 12 weeks after you catch the illness is the time when it could effect the baby. My baby is fine as there is no hydrops or signs of aneima and as it is now over 12 weeks since I caught slapp cheek the risk of me now passing it to the baby has gone. Got my 20 week scan next Friday but on my last scan with my consultant he said the baby looked good and healthy and everything is in the right place and to now relax and enjoy my pregnancy grin

Clarella Sat 21-Jul-12 10:30:35

Oh wow that's good news! Good to get clarity too. I hadnt caught it at work but as been back this week with still reported cases popping up am just going to get an all clear again next week. I doubt I've caught it but helps to know for sure. Congratulations! grin

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