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Fantastic 40+ Mums To Be

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10000fireflies Fri 08-Jun-12 20:33:53

A lovely shiney new thread for us to keep chatting on. smile

Hpbp Mon 08-Oct-12 06:46:06

Fjord ! Big congrats ! Welcome to your little girl. Rest and enjoy the first days. When you are ready, I will read carefully your birth story. Come back.
Welcome to Dylan, thank you Mr LRM for the post, LRM hope you will recover from Csection quickly. Keep on pumping ! Take care and come back soon. Missing you already.

knottyhair Mon 08-Oct-12 06:11:05

Will catch up properly later but have just got up and wanted to send massive amounts of love and congrats to LRM, her DP and baby Dylan. So lovely to hear from you Mr LRM, and so glad everyone is safe & well xxx

Midgetm Sun 07-Oct-12 23:01:37

It's late and I'm tired but couldn't help but run in, hug Dylan and LRM and her lovely DP and run out again. Sounds like all 3 of you have been through the mill but good to hear all doing well. I shall sleep better, now we just need first to check in. Night all x

littleredmonkey Sun 07-Oct-12 22:25:41

Hi there, LRM asked me her DP as I believe we are called to give a update on what is happening. On Thursday 4th October at 7:51am Dylan entered the world weighing 7"11. Both Mum and Baby are doing very well but are having a little stay in hospital. After a very long and rather harrowing night as LRM will explain, an emergency c-section was recquired. This has meant that she is rather sore and it has delayed the feeding a bit so Dylan is having a little trouble but I hasten to add is very healthy with a shocking amount of hair. I am incredibly proud of how she managed the night and even prouder of how she is taken to being a Mummy. Anyway enough of the babbling Daddy, I am sure LRM will give you all a full run down in the next few days.
Good luck with all your pregnancies and babies and hope you are happy as I am.

Oldandcobwebby Sun 07-Oct-12 19:50:59

Thank you all for the great welcome here. I'm shocked that there aren't more dads to be on here. We aren't as busy being pregnant as you ladies!

riversidelibrary Sun 07-Oct-12 19:07:20

Congratulations fjord on the safe arrival of little fjord, fingers crossed feeding settles into an easier pattern soon.

Welcome oldandcobwebby it's fab to see a dad on the thread.

Eagleray we're still following a similar pattern, I've also gained seven kgs, which I think is healthy for this stage. Although it's all in the bump so everyone keeps telling me that I look huge for 24 weeks!

first and lrm hope you and your little ones are well.

I'm kicking myself today though as I realised I completely forgot to attend the flu clinic yesterday for my jab. In my defence it's been a crazy weekend, with my brother's family arriving from Sydney and my parents staying. Got to see my little two year old nephew for the time since he was a baby at four months, he's gorgeous but so energetic. Beginning to appreciate how tiring being a mum will be!

eagleray Sun 07-Oct-12 11:34:09

Great to hear from you Fjord - I have no useful advice for you but sounds like you are doing a wonderful job, given the brutality of the feeding regime and post-op pain.

And hello Exexe! Sounds like you have had your hands full and just realised 17/10 is only 10 days away - not long now!

Oldandcobwebby - welcome and good to see a fellow Ebay fan. I have a good income but am self employed and so leaner times are ahead and I refuse to pay more than is necessary for baby things!

I am home from hols now and got the rest of the weekend on my own, which is nice. Have nearly unpacked everything and opened all the Ebay parcels which have mysteriously accumulated on my doormat while I was away. I also plucked up the courage to weigh myself for the first time since BFP day and was a bit relieved to see I have gained 'only' 7kg. Thought it was going to be a lot more - will monitor it more regularly now in the hope I don't get too much bigger.

Scarecrow - good luck for your upcoming scan and test

scarecrow22 Sun 07-Oct-12 10:50:14

Fjord wonderful to hear from you. Little else would raise me out of my current 24/7 MS- headaches- exhausted-cold nightmare. <ok, enough with the self pity>
You are a heroine for BF when so sore and I'm guessing tired too. Keep at it. Some people take a few weeks and several trips to the BF clinic to feel confident, but one friend who was thus then BF til 9-10 months! I am pro bottle if you need (age makes you more reasonable, no?) but if it can work it is damned convenient and a lot cheaper, before you consider the cuddles smile Also is totally normal for one breast to be better than other. Everything about human body slightly off tilt. My DD favoured RHS (more milk), me LHS (more comfy hold). I can already feel imbalance in tenderness etc this time. Finally do tell us birth story when ready. In my limited experience sharing it is important part of healing. Sending strong and warm thoughts.
Welcome oldandcobwebby. You sound like you will make a fab dad and husband. And eBay rocks. We also used Gumtree, Freecycle ( sometimes called Freegle), and now charity shops, though we lucky to be near a city with good options for all). I also buy big items on eBay when on holiday as often cheaper further from bigger cities.
Enough of my scrimping! ( I just see every pound saved as another bit of time I don't have to work and can see DD - hopefully soon DC.).
Would love to hear more news of First and LRM, and any other imminent arrivals. Only eight days to my first scan, which I really hope will reassure me ( though clear age not going to help with triple test).
Happy Sunday all

Exexe Sun 07-Oct-12 09:46:07

Hi everyone.

Sorry I've not been on for ages but having renovations done to my house has taken up so much of my time. I've been knackered with the pregnancy, builders, decoraters and settling ds2 into reception.

Huge congratulations to Bytheseaside and Fjord. Lovely news to hear.
LRM hope all is going ok.

I have a c section date of 17th Oct. Not long now eek!
I am so nervous.

Hope everyone else is ok.

Midgetm Sat 06-Oct-12 18:46:44

Lovely to hear from you Fjordmumma come and tell us all when you can. With all the issues you were battling with an eMCS seems a sensible route. I so relate to the machine. I had the breast pump demons on my back for weeks and was like a bloody cow. VQ is right, it will be so much easier when you are home and the scales aren't being used to bully you. Hang in there though with that lovely PMA and you will be fine. Big hugs to you and baby Fjord x

ValiumQueen Sat 06-Oct-12 18:23:02

fjord hello my love thanks . I would love to hear your birth story when you are ready. Sounds like things have been and continue to be fairly challenging. Not too keen on the sound of the pumping room. Baby can feed off you? I would think it is better if baby is on you more often and avoid the pump, but I guess they think this way is best. Remember every drop is magic, even when she seems starving. She is just doing what nature tells her to get your milk supply up. I am sure your other boobie will be on board soon. Sometimes we unwittingly favour one boob, especially if there is soreness, and more comfy position for feeding etc, and you usually have one which is the better performer too. I do hope you get to go home soon and then you can get on with things your own way and in your own bed, and not have the obsession with the bloody scales! You are doing very well, and we are all very proud of you x x

FjordMor Sat 06-Oct-12 17:45:53

Hi everyone. Thanks for the good wishes & thanks to valium for passing on the news. Baby fjord is lovely. Born 10.32am 3rd October by CS after 50 hours induction/labour. I'lll tell the birth story of how it was/what went wrong if people want to know. I think if it weren't for complications that weren't spotted until the 'final hour' my experience of induction might have been a positive one. As it was, ironically, my experience of EMCS was a positive one. We are still in a hospital 'post-natal' unit supposedly since I had a CS but essentially it seems to be some kind of brutal breastfeeding boot camp where I'm constantly sent to 'the pump room' to attach a bottle to each tit & then a machine & train my milk flow to be adequate enough for my poor, starving, tantruming baby. It's quite hard. Most of us are poor post CS birds, experiencing slow milk let down as well as a great deal of difficulty managing baby into a comfortable position & latch without scar pain.
Enough of a moan. Baby Fjord had a bit of a violent 'I hate you! Why am I not on your boob?' In yer face tantrum earlier while I was trying to give her a bottle of development-saving formula since she had lost 100g today despite 4 breast feeds from me. She took the bottle eventually & is now in a milk coma, leaving me no tasks but to digest food and go get going on the pumping...

Haven't had the chance to take in many of your recent posts yet but may do tonight now if Miss Thing feeds without too many issues. Seems I get my room to myself tonight so I can at least feed in bed & not worry if she cries with frustration. On the upside, my left boob has just gone rock hard & a bit pit painful. Is it common for milk to come in one boob sooner than the other? Will try & catch up with all your news later xxx

Oldandcobwebby Sat 06-Oct-12 14:16:55

Yup! The cost of childcare is crazy! I'm beginning to think I went into the wrong trade. If I was a young man, I would certainly not go to university and run up debts - I would be looking at starting a nursery instead. There is plenty of scope for undercutting the opposition's prices and still making enough money to keep yourself in Bentleys.

<<<exits, stage left, to think about massive career change.....>>>

ValiumQueen Sat 06-Oct-12 14:10:21

oldandcobwebby have you looked at the price of childcare yet? Pushchairs pale into insignificance. Cars pale into insignificance, as do mortgages.

Oldandcobwebby Sat 06-Oct-12 12:49:57

Bonking? There's an app for that! gringringrin We used "My days" on Android, which predicts ovulation, shows the most fertile days, and lets you record the days when you DTD. Handy little app for anyone TTC.

DD nearly ended up fatherless when Mrs Oldandcobwebby and I strolled naively into Mothercare and saw the price of pushchairs. shock It was touch and go whether my heart rate would ever settle down again! The price of anything baby related seems to be completely insane. DW and I are thankfully in well paid jobs, but we decided there and then it was eBay all the way. That way, we might actually be able to afford to eat, too. How (and why) people with big mortgages and other DC afford to buy these things is beyond me. confused

ValiumQueen Sat 06-Oct-12 11:11:09

How exciting! A dad to be on our thread! Welcome! And hope everything goes well. Love the comment about the phone app.

knottyhair Sat 06-Oct-12 09:35:15

Enjoy the last bit of your holiday Eagle. Hi Somewhere, hope you continue to feel better. Welcome Oldandcobwebby, how exciting! Hope the next fortnight passes quickly for you and you are holding your baby DD before long smile.

Still feel absolutely knackered - got up at 7 with DS but went back to bed about half past until 8.30. Have had Weetabix and a couple of dried apricots for breakfast hoping to help my iron levels. Nothing too strenuous planned for today, just helping DS with his homework (mainly making a collage of Steve Backshall hmm), and making a blackberry & apple crumble with fruit from the garden later, before vegging in front of Strictly and Merlin. Hope everyone is OK, wondering how the inducements went, and how Fjord is doing.

Oldandcobwebby Sat 06-Oct-12 09:22:25

Can I say "hi" as a VERY excited dad to be? Honestly, I've been afraid to join in until now for fear of jinxing things (previous MCs). Pardon my lurking...

Anyway, with my DW just short of 45 and me at 49, we have only a fortnight to go before our first child, a little girl, is born. We conceived naturally, timing things with a phone app! Every medic we see seems amazed at that, as though they had never heard of shagging before. They must lead very sheltered lives in the NHS. Apart from a short lived scare about low levels of amniotic fluid, DW has had a textbook pregnancy.

We are making the most of the last few weeks, snuggling up and sharing all baby's kicks and movements, and talking to her in mammy's belly. I feel so privileged, and I can't wait to meet her properly!

somewherebecomingrain Fri 05-Oct-12 18:51:11

hi knotty i got anaemic last time round. this time round i'm religiously taking pregnacare every day = or i feel like i can't get off the bed. might check out that thread
hello all DP telling me to leave mumsnet

eagleray Fri 05-Oct-12 17:17:06

Evening - been wondering how the labouring ladies have been getting on and hope Fjord is recovering well.

Just a few hours of holiday left - it's been a lovely relaxing time, but have also had time to come to the horrible realisation that I am HUGE - really need to start being a bit more organised and disciplined with food. Only 25w today and although still feeling pretty agile, clearly I'm going to get a lot bigger.

Oh and also started dwelling a bit on the inevitability of induction - probably been gawping at too many birthing threads...

knotty hope your iron levels start to rise soon. Pre-pregnancy, I had years of constant low ferritin levels and am normally on some kind of supplement which is upsetting my stomach, but strangely very little of it had been mentioned since I got pregnant.

ff good to see you dropping in and glad all is well!

knottyhair Fri 05-Oct-12 16:54:17

Hi everyone! I'm due for the whooping cough jab on Tuesday, and the hospital phoned today to say my iron levels are low. Started a thread on here asking for alternatives to iron tablets as they make me constipated, and had some great replies and plan to get some sachets that you put in orange juice. Fingers crossed. I guess this explains why I feel completely wiped out even by my standards!

ValiumQueen Fri 05-Oct-12 13:10:27

Glad you had the jab midget as every little helps. I am currently annoying people saying they cannot visit when baby arrives unless they are totally sniffle free. I just want everyone to bugger off and leave us to it (MIL) so this is a good excuse! My arm is still sore, and had jag Tuesday. I am clearly a delicate flower.

Midgetm Fri 05-Oct-12 13:05:50

And I had my whooping cough jab. Bit late but thought should do what I could. Didn't feel it going in an arm just a little sore.

Midgetm Fri 05-Oct-12 13:04:31

Nice to hear from you FF how old is baby FF now? Seems like only yesterday. Any news from LRM? X

10000Fireflies Thu 04-Oct-12 09:31:44

Congrats to Fjord. Already envious of those with a newborn!!

How's it going LRM. Looking forward to another live update!!

I will set up a grads thread soon, but happy if anyone wants to eat me to it.

Hugs to everyone. Got to go. Little Firefly ready for brekkie. xx

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