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twisty Fri 17-Feb-06 19:39:41

Really like the bugaboo gecko pram cos it looks light and manageable as well as easy to use. However it just dosen't look as substantial and comfortable for the baby as the other heavier prams. Has anyone got one and would they recommend getting one?

cupcakes Fri 17-Feb-06 19:48:39

I am considering getting the gecko for next baby. The fact that it is light is what attracts me. I currently use a fairly light Boogie 3 wheeler and hate heavier prams. I think the carry cot looks fairly decent and comfortable (but then I would line with a lambskin anyhow).
What other prams are you comparing it with?

twisty Fri 17-Feb-06 19:52:04

Quite like the 3 wheeler quinny pram and some of the bigger mamas and papas prams. Love the look of the stoke explory but it's really expensive and dosen't look very practicle.

cupcakes Fri 17-Feb-06 19:57:02

The Quinny does look quite good. Don't like Mamas and Papas - all the ones my friends have had end up looking really knackered and falling apart.

cupcakes Fri 17-Feb-06 19:57:56

Is the Stoke one the one which looks like a shopping trolley/ office chair?

twisty Fri 17-Feb-06 20:00:36

yep that's the one! about 600 quid though! and then you have to have all the extras! do you think the bugaboo will last then - it's so handy being able to put the car seat straight on it.

cupcakes Fri 17-Feb-06 20:10:10

My Boogie has lasted 5½ years and 2 children and is of a similar lightweight frame construction so I would hope so! When I got it they didn't have the option of a carrycot and the car seat attachment was awkward so this looks like a dream in comparison (and I really love my Boogie). The only drawback that I can see (apart from it's obvious fashion victim image) is the small basket.

purplemonkeydishwasher Fri 17-Feb-06 20:32:08

Don't know about the gecko but the from is factastic. My ds has his best naps in his (unfortunately for me some days!!)
And it's light weight and so manouverable, specially in shops. the only downsides are the size of the basket underneath (will barely hold a thing of diapers) and how much space in takes up in the boot (unless you dismantle the whole thing)

purplemonkeydishwasher Fri 17-Feb-06 20:32:23

from = frog

vickiyumyum Fri 17-Feb-06 20:34:38

ther are many mn'ers who have had bugaboo frogs for a few years and they are still going strong. i brought a frog form a fellow mn'er and i think it is about 2 years old and is in immaculate condition, she used it regularly and ther is hardly any wear on teh wheels etc so i should imagine that as the gecko is the updated version of the frog it should ahve the same durability.

i have had m&p prams with my previous children and i think in terms of usability it will be better, easier to manouvere round shops etc (m&p ones usually bigger), also the fabric seems to last longer m&p fabrics have a tendecy to fade if used for long periods of time, exposure to sun, rain etc.

cupcakes Fri 17-Feb-06 20:58:24

twisty - what colour are you thinking of? I rather like the green.

kayzed Fri 17-Feb-06 21:14:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twisty Sat 18-Feb-06 09:13:35

Sorry cupcakes, had to go off line early last night - we are considering red but I prefer the green - it's just we thought that red was a bit more neutral - suiting either boy or girl.

twisty Sat 18-Feb-06 09:15:29

Do you think the gecko is reasonable priced then at £460?

purplemonkeydishwasher Sat 18-Feb-06 09:28:46

Most of the prams I looked at were around that price. ANd consider how long you'll be able to use the bugaboo.

meggmoo Sat 18-Feb-06 09:33:04

May be selling my xplory (Which I love) here soon.

vickiyumyum Sat 18-Feb-06 13:03:05

most prams will come to about the £400 mark, even the m&p systems are around that much especially if you go for the 2in1 or 3in1 system thats £300 to start with and no accessories. the bugaboo, comes with raincover, apron, basket etc so i would saya fairly standard price for a complete pram system.

BonyM Sat 18-Feb-06 13:46:40

twisty - my xplory cost £450 new from a local shop and comes with everything you need (except baby bag, but then my dd was already 7mth so didn't need it).

It's fantastic - really easy to push and I love the fact that dd is so high up and can see everything (she loves it too!) and also that she can face me. We have great "chats" when we're out and about.

The only drawback is that you have to take it apart to put in the car, but then you have to do that with the bugaboo too I think.

BonyM Sat 18-Feb-06 13:48:28

Re: the stability issue that kayzed mentioned, you can adjust the height of the xplory as the child gets older. It goes down as low as other "ordinary" pushchairs if you want it to.

Trix11 Sat 31-Mar-07 10:02:20

I am looking for a second hand Bugaboo but dont know what the difference is between the Frog, Gecko and cameleon. So don't know which one to go for. Can anyone help me here. What have you got and would you recommend one.


MrsBadger Sat 31-Mar-07 11:37:20

maybe go to the Bugaboo website and read about them?

incy Sat 31-Mar-07 11:42:18

Have just bought the cameleon and the differences between the other two are - it has an adjustable handle, a bigger shopping basket, folds up smaller than the other two and the colours are interchangable ( you buy the base but can swap around the top colours and buy new packs).

and yes, before anyone points it out, they are chavvy.

Trix11 Sat 31-Mar-07 11:53:38

Thanks Guys - im steering towards a cameleon then.

Hanifah Thu 21-Jun-07 00:03:39

Hi,i have a bugaboo cameleon,for the record i think theyre a nitemare and wish id stuck with something simple like the 3d silvercross(whole reason for getting bugaboo was bcos of carrycot but its too heavy to take baby upstairs in anyway)not to mention the brake doesnt work properly when in motion (on tram etc-would b way too scared to get on bus as have no idea how to fold down those wheels,even dh struggles when getting it from car to use with car seat)also it doesnt shade the baby properly,is too open to dust etc and uhave to buy EVERYTHING for it,doesnt come with harness or anything,footmuff is expensive altho u can buy ur own and u HAVE to buy their parasol as others dont fit,only way to put mobiles on is on the bar infront which blocks d baby,ahh its just a nitemare,im told the pushchair part is much better but it doesnt look to comfy to me,having major regrets...also the fleecy material is VERY hot for summer, u cant fit bags or anything on the handle and its too flimsy anyway,feels like baby could just fly out,little basket doesnt give u much shopping space either...the wheels r also huge,the only good thing is it moves really lightly and is easy to push,oh and the zip up part is cool,its also nice to put the hood down,slightly up,more up etc and the pushchair part is good that u can choose the angle BUT the main problem is the carrycot is really narrow and if u have a big baby like mine(but only 3mths so unable to sit up) - what r u supposed to do when the babys squished but not old enough for the pushchair?It says 6mths + for the pushchair part, I dont mind putting ds in carseat/rockerchairs etc which are slightly seated but the bugaboo pushchair looks like its only possible for babies that can sit up properly(eventho u can lie it down its still a seat),dont want to ruin dh's back n make him uncomfortable BUT the carrycot isnt comfy anymore either.The washable materials are a nice idea but the cameleon ones get a bit bobbly looking due to the fleece material. All in all id say save ur money I feel embaressed when Im out cos it just doesnt seem comfortable or safe enough for the baby,I think its a gimmick and I wouldnt fall for it again. It does have its advantages and im looking forward to it when dh is a bit bigger later in the summer but I still regret it - Id go for something that u can fold up when travelling and put your car seat on without taking the whole thing apart, if u use the car a lot and have a small baby then it could b useful but as my dh didnt even sleep in his moses basket- there wasnt much hope for the carrycot which is similar size mattress if not slightly narrower in width. Anyway they look pretty dont think theyre chav just not all theyre made out to be!

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