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Alexander Tecnique during pregnancy

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applecrumple Mon 07-May-12 15:20:28

I was recommended this by a mumsnetter after posting a thread about my slipped disc. I've read on the Internet about being careful sung alternative therapies during pregnancy. Was just wondering if anyone on here has used ( or knows someone who has used) the Alexander Tecnique during pregnancy & if they had any problems/issues?

Roscat Mon 07-May-12 18:48:59

Alexander technique is a very gentle technique & I can't imagine it could do any harm in pregnancy. It teaches you to relax key muscles through awareness. I think the breathing techniques would only assist & prepare u well for labour. I've used Alexander technique on & off for years & it's give me a good degree of control over neck pain.

EdithWeston Mon 07-May-12 21:54:43

I found it immensely helpful, and am sure it is very safe (it's about improving how you move an releasing bad habits - no manipulation or exercises).

You might like to look at the website of the Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique for more info, and how to find a local teacher.

applecrumple Tue 08-May-12 21:01:26

Thanks Edith, that website is really helpful.

Georgiemum123 Wed 10-Oct-12 14:11:25

I think AT is great too! Not just for me but for my kids too - great for reminding us all to sit up straight! Btw it is International Alexander Awareness Week, introductory lessons are available this shows what's in area.

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