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Would you like your baby to be five times safer....

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lagoonhaze Tue 01-May-12 22:22:39

in the car?

If so then check out extended rearfacing car seats.

When I had my DS i went down the traditional route of infant carrier and forward facing at around 9mths. I was blissfully unaware of the risks that forward facing seats could pose to a young child body.

I started to see posts on mumsnet about extended rear facing (ERF) and it sparked me to do further research.


Children who sit rear facing in a car seat cut the risk for death or injury dramatically. But why is rear facing so much better and where did the idea come from?

There are three main reasons why rear facing is so much better. First one is the outstanding protection of a child’s head, neck and spine in frontal collision which is roughly 80% of accidents. Second is superior protection in side collisions. A rear facing child is pushed further into the car seat where it’s well protected. Third is a social reason, rear facing car seats often work better since driver/passenger can more easily communicated with the child

From before my DD was even conceived I knew she would be extended rearfacing and I set to work about slowly convincing my DP. I expected a struggle as this baby was his 3rd and my 2nd and all the other DCs were turned round like other around the year mark.

He looked at the research, videos and said yes knowing what I know now I, happy for us to ERF best start saving up for the seat!

Im pleased he has come to this conclusion with me as its something I feel very passionate about. However when I mention it to friends they look at me like I have two heads!

So if you want to check it out for yourself here are some good sites.

This is their facebook site which can answer any questions!/RearFacingTheWayForward

Another fab site is

There are loads of seats becoming available due to consumer demand. This along with an expected law change in early 2013 to keep all babies rearfacing til 14 mths means hopefully they will become the norm.

leeloo1 Sun 05-Aug-12 13:46:50

Lol Lagoonhaze - thats one reason to not choose a carseat.

We trekked to the incarsafetycentre place in Milton Keynes and it was the only rear facing seat that fits in our tiny 3-door Yaris. smile

doublevodkaandcoke Sun 05-Aug-12 15:56:23

Does anyone actually have a Britax two way elite?

I think we are going to get DS a ERF seat (he isn nearly 12 months and has just gone into a maxi cosi priori sps, but I think we are going to move that into DH's car which is a mazda mx 5 which DS will not be riding in very often, and getting a ERF for our main car).

I have looked at the TWE as it is the cheapest, but it just seems a bit flimsy compared to the other seats. The other ones look very bulky, strong and sturdy but the TWE just looks a bit, I dont know, crap! I am sure its not as it wouldnt be sold if it wasnt safe, but does anyone have experience of it?

leeloo1 Sun 05-Aug-12 17:26:42

I do have the 2 way elite and so far its been a good seat for us. DS has been in it since he was about 1 (sorry its a blurry memory now - he is tall for his age, so maybe a bit earlier than that? He was in the maxi-cosi baby seat before that) and he's now almost 4 and its still going strong. His head is close to the top - but then he's still tall for his age. I like that you can recline it lots/little bit depending how you fit it.

DS has never been in a FF seat, so has nothing to compare it to, but he's happy in it and just plays with toys or looks out of the window on journeys... we do do a countdown to exciting things for him as he'll see them after us 'there'll be a tractor/windmill/car transporter on your/mummy's side in 3,2,1... do you see the tractor?'

I guess it is smaller than some RF other seats, but that means it fits in our car! I'm always impressed with how firmly it fits in - the seatbelt holds it firm to the rear seat, the tethers hold it firm to the front seat - and you also reverse the front seat to hold it firmly that way too.

lagoonhaze Wed 31-Oct-12 13:18:32

bumping for the depths for all the new expectant parents

NAR4 Wed 31-Oct-12 15:27:08

Great post.

I became aware of these seats 4th time around, from posts on mumsnet. We bought one for our daughter and its great. Its just a shame that when you ask in the main retailers such as mothercare or halfords you get told incorrectly that they are not available in britain as they don't fit our cars. It took me a lot of internet searching to get one as my hubby wanted them to fit it in our car and not buy it mail order.

kellestar Wed 31-Oct-12 18:24:07

DD is in a Britax First Class plus which is only rear facing up to 13kg [which is plenty for her, 22 months and 9.6kg] but I really really struggled to get advice for my car. I live near Bristol and could not find an ERF stockist where I could try car seats in my car. A couple of independants were happy to order in for me, but they were non-returnable so need to check fit before hand... kinda defeats the object. We had to install longer seatbelts in our car to suit the FC+, professionally fitted in our Renault Megane 2001. It sits well now, but you need to have the front seats on the closest to dash setting, fine for me, but DH cannot get in the car. MiL's new Fiesta can not have my car seat in a rear facing position, she is most disgruntled, the front seats do not move far enough forward to even put the seat in without the position being affected.

Scandanavia have it right, is it Sweden that it's compulsory until 3 to be ERF?

I am due DC2 in the spring and would like to move DD into a more ERF seat but still struggling to find a supplier where I can try it out [without having to drive hours away]. We are also thinking about replacing our car in the near future and having to think about what car's/what ERF will fit.

There was an event hosted by the local council to check car seats at a nearby supermarket. I came at the end of the day, I was the first with a rear facing toddler and out of 160 odd cars that day only 4 had the car seat correctly fitted and had their child in the car seat appropriate for their age. They put an update on their website about a week later, making aware some of the examples of poor fitting and children being put forward facing too early, it was shocking to read. They have since asked to come into bumps/babys/toddler groups to give a short talk and some website links. They were very pro ERF and I couldn't believe how many other mums didn't realise that it's 9kg not 9 months [and it's not just the mums, Mothercare and Toys R Us had letters of complaint from me about their advice].

I often dip into the car seat boards and see if there are any new local business offering the try before you buy service, I'd love to try some of the ERF seats I hear about on here.

lagoonhaze Thu 01-Nov-12 13:56:32

Kellestar youve got securatot near you I think?

Local council sounds great.

Mothercare are getting the Besafe range but like NAR4 pointed out halfords are completely uninterested!

kellestar Thu 01-Nov-12 19:37:37

securatot are about 2 hours away, trying to bribe DH into combining it into a day trip and go somewhere nice nearby. smile

It's nice to have a pro-active council, just wish that major retailers were as enthusiastic.

lagoonhaze Thu 01-Nov-12 21:18:06

If possible try to go one day in the week as Saturdays are likely to busy.

Until recently the ERF was 4hrs away!

lagoonhaze Wed 21-Nov-12 08:36:21

Another bump...trying to make as many expectant parents aware esp as the law is changing in 2013 to make RF complusory til 15mths which is an improvement but still not adequate.

emersonkelly Wed 21-Nov-12 09:03:39

Flightty's idea is good. The cars should be designed in a way that provides lot of comfort for babies and pregnant women!!

lagoonhaze Thu 22-Nov-12 19:28:06

That would be cool.

midori1999 Fri 23-Nov-12 02:26:04

We've just bought the new Cybex Sirona ERF seat from Mamas and Papas, it should arrive tomorrow. It's isofix only, but quite small compared to most ERF seats. It turns on the base towards the door to put your child in and can also FF with a bumper bar thingy instead of the harness. It's pricey at £400, but we figured it is worth it.

StateofConfusion Fri 23-Nov-12 13:46:49

I've just got the britax baby safe shr II and base as after lots of research I decided with two big dcs, a nursery run and school run I needed a click and go option still, it seems to be a larger infant seat and a blooming impressive one at that, I'm after the two way elite when dc3 outgrows the baby safe. I was unaware of erf for the big two, but they're still in britax evolva 123+ seats at 5.4 and 4yo and are staying in them until they no longer need seats, I hate the simple booster cushions all there friends are on, I feel quite sick seeing children without sips.

lagoonhaze Sat 24-Nov-12 17:13:30

The cybex sirona is an intersting new concept but I think M&P have hiked the price up at bit especially as ERF seats are easy to put child in anyway due to not having to twist into smallest part of door.

What are your thoughts on it now its arrived? Do you think it will last a long time?

midori1999 Sat 24-Nov-12 17:40:40

M&P are expensive anyway, so it's natural 'their' ERF seat would be on the expensive side. I really like it, it fits in our car much well and I prefer it to the Besafe seat we looked at at a local retailer. In fact, it was then that suggested it to us in the summer as the owner of the shop had seen it at a trade show. It's very easy to fit in the car too, even compared to other isofix seats. it seems like it will last as long as it says it should to me.

We bought the Britax first class plus as an interim whilst waiting for the Sirona to come out and although being reassured by several retailers it was in fact correctly fitted in the car, it never seemed that great to me tbh.

I think the very fact that a 'mainstream' chain like M&P are stocking an ERF seat will help raise their profile and that can only be a good thing.

lagoonhaze Sat 24-Nov-12 18:10:27

We have had similar concerns with the Britax FC too. Glad you like the new seat and yes glad a mainstream chain stocking ERF.

Stateofconfusion. Yes the babysafe is one of the largest infant carriers so hopefully will last a long time.

lagoonhaze Thu 20-Dec-12 10:11:22

update: mandatory rearfacing til 15mths

It is not known when it become mandatory but I have heard mid 2013. The car seat manufacteurs are already bringing out new seats that could accomadate this but most are stop gap type seats instead of decent extended rear facing. See for the latest news from a baby show

Here are some bulletins and press releases on it

And here are some good resources for info on extended rearfacing (as well as!/RearFacingTheWayForward?fref=ts

(please like the facebook page to get updates)

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