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Anyone Due in August 2004?

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M2T Sun 30-Nov-03 22:22:51

Yes I have finally started this thread. A bit apprehensive though as I'm still getting period pains.

I have worked out that baby number 2 should be due on 7 August.

Anyone else joining me??

elena2 Sun 30-Nov-03 22:31:56

Congratulations M2T
God, you've found out early! I was due on 16th August this year with ds2 and I worked out (backwards) that I would have conceived on about 22nd November! I found out I was pregnant on Friday 13th of December.

M2T Sun 30-Nov-03 22:34:17

I know! I tested 5 days BEFORE my Af was due! I am 4 weeks pg now. Very early days and I'm a bit nervous about it, but we'll just have to see what happens over the next few days.

I conceived on 15th November..... GOD that was only 2 weeks ago!! This is going to be a loooooonnngg pregnancy!

popsycal Sun 30-Nov-03 22:34:36

same as me but two years ago,,,i found out stupidly early too
m2t - your story was identical to mine!
good luck!

M2T Sun 30-Nov-03 22:37:28

Thanks Pops.

popsycal Sun 30-Nov-03 22:40:20

god - getting soooo excited for you an dvery broody....thougth i was preg last month...not though

M2T Sun 30-Nov-03 22:42:01

Pops - at least you will be able to have a few glasses of wine at Christmas.... lol. Your time will come if the TTC thread is anything to go by!

elena2 Sun 30-Nov-03 22:44:51

Don't worry M2T, you'll be busy with ds in the run up to Christmas, it'll fly.
I found I was so busy with ds1 that my second pregnancy seemed to fly by! Don't wish it away, enjoy every second! Get dh to go out and get you a Pregnancy mag from a garage or somewhere NOW!
I'm sooooo jealous, it's fantastic being pregnant...

M2T Sun 30-Nov-03 22:46:07

Hope so Elena.

M2T Mon 01-Dec-03 08:18:17

Wahey! The cramps have stopped! And my nipples have suddenly become enorrrrmous!

No one joining in yet?

motherinferior Mon 01-Dec-03 09:40:02

Yep, I remember with dd2 that I tested on the day I was due. Seemed a LOT longer than with dd1 - when I tested only a week later!

I'm almost feeling broody now...

quackers Mon 01-Dec-03 10:06:00

Hi M2T!!! Will hover over this thread too, as I'm due 28 July, but DD was late so will prob end up August. I'm 6 weeks tommorow. Good luck to all!!!!!!!
Glad the cramps have stopped! If you got a strong pg test, you're not going to get AF!!

percy Mon 01-Dec-03 10:24:08

i'll join - not sure about due date yet - last period was 7 weeks ago but i think i also conceived on 15th november??? any symptoms yet?

dinosaur Mon 01-Dec-03 13:32:27

Hi M2T, quackers and percy!

Haven't got a due date yet but dinosaur egg should hatch early August. DS1 was a week early and DS2 a week late, so it could go either way! My DS1's birthday is 15 July, and DS2 is 4 August. I hope this one will have the manners to wait until both their birthdays are out of the way!!

M2T Mon 01-Dec-03 14:06:03

lol Dino.
Well this thread is filling up nicely!

Percy - they will still calculate your due date from the day of your last AF.

I have no real symptoms yet apart from my nipples... I noticed they resembled JCB Starter buttons in the shower this morning!!!

Quacks - everything is still crossed for you.... this scan seems to be taking forever to come around!

dinosaur Mon 01-Dec-03 14:23:03

Your baby is due on my DH's birthday M2T.

SpringChicken Mon 01-Dec-03 16:17:34


Next time i am ttc i am reviving that thread

Well done you 2 - congratulations!
How were your DP's? Bet you are sooooooo excited!


dinosaur Mon 01-Dec-03 22:52:51

Thanks SprinGChicken! My DH was still somewhat sceptical after one positive test but I think the second one has convinced him

M2T Tue 02-Dec-03 13:10:07

Springchicken - My DH was absolutley delighted that we got pregnant 3 mths ahead of schedule... that was until I informed him that he wouldn't be drinking over xmas either.

quackers Tue 02-Dec-03 13:17:20

ROFL m2t!!!!!

How's it going?

M2T Tue 02-Dec-03 13:27:15

Fine Quacks - No cramps and lots of peeing already!!!! I'd forgotten about that.

No sore breasts yet and as I recall from last time I had trouble getting my bra on as they hurt so much. D'you think thats okay? Perhaps its still a bit early for that. I'm only 4wks + 3 days!

How are you?

percy Tue 02-Dec-03 13:44:14

actually have realised i conceived a week earlier than i had thought at first - hard to remember back. no symptoms yet except tingly boobs. we are pleased but v shocked as ds2 is only 6 months.

M2T Tue 02-Dec-03 13:49:07

My goodness Percy! How old is your eldest? Ah well.... must really want to be here!

However much I like having you here.... If your last AF was 7 weeks ago then you are due in July.
By my calculations you are due on 19th July!!

dinosaur Tue 02-Dec-03 13:49:31

M2T - when I first got pregnant with DS2 I was paranoid because my boobs weren't sore - but everything was fine!

I've already got one of my least favourite symptoms - heartburn...

dinosaur Tue 02-Dec-03 13:51:05

M2T _I don't even know how you calculate it - my last period started on 27 October - so what does that make my due date?

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