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Any of you get lots of BFN but were pregnant anyway?

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IHeartBoogiePete Mon 23-Apr-12 09:00:45

I can't remember a time my periods weren't regular as clockwork. My period is now 4 weeks late but have POAS 6 times with a negative result each time.
I've made a doctor's appointment but was wondering how common it is for pregnancy tests to show up negative when a woman was pregnant.

I'm showing all the symptoms - sore boobs, needing to pee a lot, awful mood swings but I know these can also be symptoms that I'm about to come on. I've not had a ny twinges or cramps though and do tend to suffer with bad period pains.

I'm not on any birth control and haven't been for nearly two years so it can't be that affecting my cycle.

Very puzzled and have also started to convince myself that if I'm not pregnant there's something very wrong.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

(Have name-changed as people I know in RL are on here, have miscarried previously so would want to keep this tightly under wraps IYSWIM).

MickeyTheShortOne Mon 23-Apr-12 09:29:07

I knew I was pregnant from day one but it took about 3-4 weeks for it to finally show up on a clearblue.. Even though I knew my period was so late!
I imagine its quite common, the doctors will probably do a blood test as this can detect even the slightest trace of it.. May just be that the HCG level isn't high enough in your urine to read on a stick.
hope this puts your mind at rest!

muddychipmunk Mon 23-Apr-12 09:31:20

Hi there

Just to say, I had six negative tests before I tested positive. I was absolutely convinced I was pregnant and in the end I put it down to using cheapo tests that I bought on the Internet. I bought the most expensive one I could find in boots and lo n behold there was a stripe almost immediately... smile

I also spent ages going older threads on here and there are definitely stories of people who don't test positive on the urine tests for whatever reason. Get thee to a doctors for a blood test! I hope it turns out well xx

Oh and I started telling my mum, OH n best friend that I must be psychotic to be imagining this in such detail, and rather worryingly, both my mum n OH agreed grin My friend is preggers herself n said that she had negative tests n convinced herself she was ill... Xx

lalabaloo Mon 23-Apr-12 10:18:52

Yes I had 3, one at the doctors that should have shown up as I had missed my period and was quite late by then. I got my BFP very late as I had given up on being pregnant and was waiting for blood tests at the doctors to find out what was wrong.

IHeartBoogiePete Mon 23-Apr-12 11:01:23

Thank you, this is all very encouraging!

Have been using the cheapo tests so will go and get a Clearblue this afternoon.

Argh, trying not to get excited. Will let you know how I get on!

cookielove Mon 23-Apr-12 11:03:33

Please come back and let us know what happens?

muddychipmunk Mon 23-Apr-12 11:32:48

Good luck x let us know!

MeconiumHappens Mon 23-Apr-12 11:35:06

i got loads of negative cheapo tests, positive on a clearblue after 8 days late and eight neg tests. However a month late should be showin. sometimes it just happens that you miss a period without rhyme or reason, but get bloods done to reassure you.

dreamingbohemian Mon 23-Apr-12 11:37:20

Good luck!!

And thank you for this thread, I've been wondering the same -- got a negative result 10 days ago but still no period (I've only ever been this late when pregnant!) and fair bit of symptoms. I'm going to wait a bit longer before I test again.

lurkingmurking Mon 23-Apr-12 11:37:38

With DS I had BFNs for two weeks and then got a v v faint line with FMU on a Tesco test then immediately afterwards a BFN - so frustrating but it worked out in the end.

revolutionconfirmed Mon 23-Apr-12 11:40:24

I knew I was pregnant after a negative test in an STI clinic (I was 18 and they were free). Two days later I had five positive tests.

Loonybun Mon 23-Apr-12 12:06:24

With dd aged nearly 9 I had to wait about 11 weeks gone to get a positive test! - I had a scan quite quickly after that and I was definitely those dates but for some reason wasn't producing enough hormone - the rest of the pregnancy was fine in a hormone sense though!

With ds (due in about 6 weeks) I got a very positive test about 3 days after my period was late! Very odd compared to previous experience!

IHeartBoogiePete Mon 23-Apr-12 13:56:53

Ok, I'm clutching a Clearblue, off upstairs to pee all over my hand now!

IHeartBoogiePete Mon 23-Apr-12 14:03:18


Not Pregnant.


muddychipmunk Mon 23-Apr-12 14:24:48

Oh boogiepete I agree, utter bummer.

brew and a virtual hug x

and remember, some people just don't test positive with the urine tests. if you still feel pregnant, go to the doc. I know it's rare bt it does happen - there are threads on here with people giving anecdotes about it, and when you're at the stage of doubting your own sanity, it's worth checking out xx

lalabaloo Mon 23-Apr-12 16:20:57

Aww I'm sorry to hear that, ask your GP for a blood test, I know how hard it is to get your hopes up and then to get a negative result sad

EggsMichelle Mon 23-Apr-12 18:37:05

I missed my February period, got lots of BFN. Missed my March period, lots of BFN. Didn't get a positive until 12days after my period as due and according to clear blue I was 5wks!

Fishandjam Mon 23-Apr-12 18:44:17

boogie, have you tried First Response? They are the only ones which told me I was pg on the day my period was due (never mind 5 days in advance!) I obviously don't chuck out much HCG early on, and all other tests (including digital expensive ones) came back negative. I have one DS, one m/c and one brewing DD to prove them wrong smile

MickeyTheShortOne Tue 24-Apr-12 09:44:08

boogie don't be disheartened. All I used were Clearblue and like I said, all I got were negatives. Get the docs to do a blood test- you'll have a definitive answer then.
best of luck xx

IHeartBoogiePete Tue 24-Apr-12 13:29:42

Thanks guys, I'm seeing the doctor on Thursday morning so will ask for a blood test then.

Thing is, we've just taken on a huge financial commitment meaning we're going to have very little spare money for the next two years, so we really cannot afford another baby at this time. Maternity leave would seriously cripple us! But we'd manage- luckily DS is still young enough that we have all his baby things we could use and wouldn't have to buy any expensive equipment and the fact I'm disappointed with each negative result means I do want another.

And anyway, babies are great.

<completely blanks out the lack of sleep, colic, etc>

Greentreesoph123 Mon 04-May-20 15:57:36


TTC (trying to conceive) for nearly year now. Came off the pill in May last year, had me first natural period on the 26th March this year . I had three past periods since May , induced by some meds from the doctors .

The last two weeks I’ve had cramping and felt sick and just started with sore boobs. I’m now 38days since that natural period.

Taken a test last week and today and all negative. Had my appointment with the gynaecologist cancelled in April due to current climate .

Starting to get upset about it all to be honest

Anyone had anything similar ?

Lillyloux Mon 11-May-20 14:55:14

@Greentreesoph123 I'm in a similar situation, last period was the 1st of March though so a bit longer. It's so frustrating with everything going on isn't it? Nothing to do except think about it and wonder what's actually going on sad

What tests are you using?

Greentreesoph123 Mon 11-May-20 15:06:07

@Lillyloux it’s horrid.

I’ve been using clear blue and early something (forgot the name) but have bought those cheap strip ones all BFN.

Had the urge to do another last night as I wanted a hot bath grin ha ha!

Following doctors orders and just trying to have sex every other night but it’s hard when some nights my body says no - it’s weird as I’ve been getting real urges, like my body has been telling me things And some weeks last the last two weeks I’ve really not wanted it (this is when I thought I was pregnant due to all symptoms mentioned before)

I’m taking myro inositol vitamins which help PCOS which after taking for month brought on my first natural period (whether it was then or not I don’t know) not stopped taking them yet


Lillyloux Mon 11-May-20 15:18:14

I've just been using the cheap ones from ebay but I'm sooo tempted to buy clear blue but just don't wanna see that BFN sad

It really is hard especially when your mind is on other things so your not in the mood!! Lol

I've been searching loads and I have found some stories about people getting bfp past CD 50 which is so nice to hear. We could of ovulated late! Do you track ovulation? X

Hoppyhops Fri 22-May-20 15:14:09

Hey @IHeartBoogiePete how did it go at the doctors? I’m in a similar situation to you but my body is settling after MC so I don’t know if it’s just my cycle all over the place. Wondering if you ever got that positive result or did AF eventually show up?

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