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pregnant again with ds2 6months, recently diagnosed hypothyroidism and prolapse!!!!! aaargh.

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percy Thu 27-Nov-03 13:40:52

Lordy. Haven't been around for a while but had to come back to mumsnetters with this one, hopefully for advice and some encouragement. ds2 is only 6 months old - i have recently been diagnosed with pretty bad hypothyroidism (TSH 91.4/ T4 2.1 for those in the know!) and have been on thyroxine for 5 weeks now, and am also still currently receiving physio for a prolapse after last birth. Had unprotected sex ON THE DAY MY PERIOD WAS DUE with a history of totally regular periods all my life (would have been 3rd or 4th period since last birth???). Who would have thought it, huh! Anyway, the shock is settling in and now my thoughts are.... will i find the pregnancy more difficult? will the baby be ok? should i have an elective c-section (not only prolapse but birth still very fresh in my memory!!!), how am i going to cope with 3 under 5 and with a 15 month age gap etc. some thoughts and perhaps a little comedy from you wise ladies would be very much appreciated!

Teletubby Thu 27-Nov-03 13:57:39

Congratulations although must be a shock!My comical imput is perhaps the prolapse might allow the baby to simply 'fall out' at birth and with regards to coping i'm sure you'll be fine. 3 under 5 will be hard work but some people have smaller gaps, you'll develop a technique to getting everyone dressed, washed etc before midday!

CountessDracula Thu 27-Nov-03 13:58:45

Whoops! No idea I'm afraid, I can only just cope with 1!

SpringChicken Thu 27-Nov-03 14:43:08

Lordy indeed percy!

Can't say i have any idea what hypothyroidism is but i take my hat off to you at having another one so soon - obviously not planned!

Congratulations anyway - come and join us on the July Thread.

It will be nice that the babies will be so close in each and hopefull to each other as they grow up - also my theory is that as your baby is only 6 months old, when the new baby arrives they wont be interested (as such) as they will still be doing their own thing!

Obviously everyone is diferent but big congrat to you!

pie Thu 27-Nov-03 17:42:12


I too have hypothroidism, brought on by the birth of me first child, I've just had my second child 7 weeks ago, so I know what it is like being pregnant with hypothyriodism and a child!

I'm not saying this to freak you out, but I only found out about the hypo when I m/c my second pregnancy. My Consultant told me that it was very unusual to get pregnant when hypo and that being so was probably the cause of the m/c. It is VITAL you get your TFTs done asap. Your baby should be fine if YOUR levels remain in normal ranges for the first 12 weeks, after that the baby's own thyroid will start working and it won't take it from you. But you may been more thyroxine during the pregnancy (I did) as your metabolic needs change. I hope I haven't freaked you out, how pregnant are you?

I don't know if it was the thyroid problems or just already having another child, but it was more tiring with the hypo.

Sorry I can't say anything about your prolapse, but I hope it all works out.

mears Thu 27-Nov-03 18:25:32

Percy - I had 3 under 5 with a 15 month age gap between the last two too! I actually found that it was manageable having 2 babies still in nappies. Ds 2 used to sleep in the morning and afternoon so it was easier than an active toddler. Hope you get you thyroid sorted out soon. Congratulations by the way

suedonim Thu 27-Nov-03 20:10:45

I've been through two pg's with hypothyroid but there didn't seem to be any difference between them and my pre-hypo pgs. It made no difference to my thyroxine levels, either; in fact, they've never had to be altered once in 18yrs. The point about thyroxine is that it returns you to 'normal' and hopefully you'll find everything goes well. Good luck!

sashaboo Thu 27-Nov-03 21:23:16

On the prolapse front I've been seeing the physio too and am 6 months pg with a 16 month old. Basically I have to do lots of pelvic floor exercises (when I remember), it won't affect the baby (although hopefully the birth will be a lot easier ) and I have been advised that I will probably need intensive therapy (I saw wires!) about 8 weeks after the birth to shock it back into shape!

I do feel a bit like everything is falling out and sneezing is an issue now but it's not as grim and disastrous as it sounds. I don't know why but it's probably because I've come to the conclusion that various physical indignities are part of having children. And I'm really excited about the new baby.

Hope this helps. 'Fraid I don't know anything about the hypothyroidism.


percy Thu 27-Nov-03 22:21:31

thanks all!
sashaboo - have been having 'the wires' since 2nd birth - don't worry its not so bad - the first session is a bit of a shocker but then you get a bit blazee - oh all dignity is lost after childbirths. where do you live btw as i didn't think there were many physios who did that kind of thing apparently??? i live in n8 in london.

pie - thanks for advice - actually went to see consultant this aft and i'm just about back in reference range so he said that i needn't worry too much - he's upped my dose a bit to 125 so we'll see how i do on that. feeling a bit better and less tired but still 1 stone overweight and that is before any pregnancy blubber!!!! (last period was 6.5 weeks ago but unprotected sex only 2 weeks ago - not sure how pregnant i would be classified as?)

aloha Thu 27-Nov-03 22:56:11

Erm, congratulations! Think ahead to ten years time with all your chicks around the table at Xmas or lunch in the garden. How lovely to be five of you and how sociable. As for the more imminent future, I don't know. Sorry

sashaboo Fri 28-Nov-03 20:17:09

Thanks percy for the encouragment. I'm down in Sussex. Didn't realise other people would miss out on the joys of the wires! Must remember to be thankful for medical technology as and when it starts

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