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handlemecarefully Thu 27-Nov-03 10:56:32

I know the standard medical advice is consult your doctor, but to save bothering him, does anybody know if its okay to use vicks sinex nasal spray during pregnancy (chronically blocked nose!)

suedonim Thu 27-Nov-03 12:09:28

You could give your chemist a call, HMC. Pharmacists know more about drugs than doctors. Sympathy re the blocked up nose, I had that in two of four pg's.

secur Thu 27-Nov-03 13:17:37

Message withdrawn

Rae1973 Thu 27-Nov-03 13:21:09

When pregnant with dd I was advised not to use anything like this at all because of the various herbs and chemicals etc, I would ring your pharmacist or NHS helpline .

alibubbles Thu 27-Nov-03 14:01:18

There are no cautions in the BNF ( British national Formulary) for Sinex or for Oxymetazoline, which is the other name for Sinex. The only possible problem is rebound effect if used too much.

boyandgirl Thu 27-Nov-03 15:42:09

Do you have a cold or an allergy? Because if not, it could be the pregnancy itself which is causing the blocked nose. Osteopathy could help.

morocco Thu 27-Nov-03 19:09:56

as boyandgirl says, could it be pregnancy related? my nose was chronically blocked from month 2 to 5 this time round - I used eucalyptus oil from time to time but didn't check if it was OK or not

handlemecarefully Mon 01-Dec-03 08:06:58

Thanks all, especially alibubbles. I've been using sinex sparingly (at night) to get some sleep, and coping with the blocked nose during the day. Cold is getting better now, thankfully!

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