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Where to go in London to buy a baby changing bag

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Florin Sat 07-Apr-12 08:32:35

Dh has to pop into work today in London and has offered to take me shopping for a baby bag while we are there. Says I can have whatever I like. Where should we head for. Any recommendations of shops and bags very much appreciated.
I like the look of the pacapods but not sure I am organised enough

justhayley Sat 07-Apr-12 08:37:41

Depends on ur budget - my favs are mamas and papas but they can go up to £80. In boots u can get a free on if u join their parenting club smile you can also just use an ordinary big bag from primark - my friend does this and has Tupperware boxes inside for nappies wipes etc - it's very organised and very cheap.

CornishKK Sat 07-Apr-12 08:42:14

John Lewis on Oxford Street? If you can't find one you like then you can scoot down to Mamas & Papas afterwards?

Florin Sat 07-Apr-12 08:42:29

Dh wants me to have a nice one as I will be using it all the time for a while so budget probably up to £200

crazyday Sat 07-Apr-12 08:46:42

smile when read on an iPhone, your thread title says 'where to go in London to buy a baby'!!grin
Sorry, just made me chuckle to myself.

Florin Sat 07-Apr-12 08:49:16

grin so wish it was that easy would have been easier than going through clomid etc. and not having all the uncomfortableness of pregnancy!

MrsCobbit Sat 07-Apr-12 08:50:30

Orla Kiely or Oilily

AllthatshewantsisanotherBBaby Sat 07-Apr-12 08:55:55

Oilily or pink lining mama et bebe / yummy mummy!

OB1Kenobi Sat 07-Apr-12 09:00:30

I got a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag from Mamas and Papas on Regent Street- it was expensive but I love it!

faintpinkline Sat 07-Apr-12 09:00:45

justhaley I misread your thread and thought you said your friend was using a BIN bag!!

Impatientwino Sat 07-Apr-12 09:02:17

My pacapod arrived yesterday and it's gorgeous! Just in case that's any help!!

mrswattnot Sat 07-Apr-12 09:13:42

John Lewis and M&P have some lovely Storksak, Sugarjack, PacaPod and Babymel bags. The leather Storksak and Sugarjack bags are my faves.

Florin Sat 07-Apr-12 09:50:00

At the moment I am leaning towards the Pacapod coromandel as hopefully dh can use it then too. Will head for John Lewis and see what he thinks.

CruciFlisspaps Sat 07-Apr-12 09:50:40

Until you know what you need, get the free Boots Parenting Club one.

Then once you've used that for a while, and you know whether you want lots of pockets, or none, or if you want one with a short strap or a long strap, or a backpack, then splash out on an expensive one if you need it.

No point buying a £200 bag now which looks fabulous, only to realise that it's completely incompatible with your needs (you might have a very possetty baby so you need about 400 changes of clothes so need a huge bag, you might find that you only need to take out two nappies and a pack of wipes so something the size of a purse will do. If you BF you won't need space for bottles, if you FF then you will)

ProlificYoungGentlemenBreeder Sat 07-Apr-12 10:08:49

John Lewis. Just remember you need lots of compartments!
I have a limited edition Pink Lining bag and never seen anyone with the print.

sparklekitty Sat 07-Apr-12 10:14:24

Ilove the pink lining ones. I really want the yummy mummy one but husband has put his foot down and said no. Apparently using a yummy mummy bag as a man isn't too cool. I'd go for one of those tho, they're beautiful!

jkklpu Sat 07-Apr-12 10:21:57

Agree with Cruci - Don't spend loads of money on something that might sit at home forever because it turns out to be totally impractical. Think about whether you will be walking with a buggy a lot with your lo, in which case you want something that hangs easily on the back or fits neatly underneath; if you're going to be walking/on public transport with a sling a lot, you need a rucksack so you can have hands free.

As far as I'm concerned, the whole changing bag business is a classic example of the commercialisation of parenthood to gull people into thinking that they "need" lots of gear that is just pointless. There's nothing wrong with bags that aren't marketed as being for babies. Spend £200 on something you'll actually be needing.

bonbonpixie Sat 07-Apr-12 10:58:37

Why not get one from SugarJack. They all retail around £200ish come in leather and have removable compartments so the 'nappy' bag can become a 'regular' bag for use later. Plus they are refreshingly unisex so your DH won't mind carrying it about too.

balkanscot Sat 07-Apr-12 12:17:15

After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing I got Pacapod Mirano. It can be used as a "normal bag" later on. Really loved Sugarjack ones but they were just too pricey. My aim was to get something for under 100 and no matter how lovely Sugarjack bags are, 200 is way too expensive (for any bag).

mrswattnot Sat 07-Apr-12 15:03:24

I would only get a Pacapod if you are generally very organised. My friend is and thought it would be ideal for her but she found it annoying as once you have the pods in there isn't really much room left for extras like changes of clothes, toys your own stuff etc. For the price of the leather Pacapod there are some lovely Storksak bags which imo are more practical.

I have a Sugarjack Holly (got this for less than half price with a code from a baby mag, don't think I would have paid full price for it) which doesn't look like a change bag so I'll be able to use after and a Babymel satchel which is an ideal size and dp might also use.

M&P has 20% off all change bags at the moment.

GreenDaniel63 Sun 26-May-13 11:47:32

John Lewis and Mamas and Papas have nice range of baby changing bags. I bought mine, it was a lightweight messenger bag .

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