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Anyone else take Pregnacare at night before bed?

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Whysoserious Fri 06-Apr-12 21:52:32

I realise it should be taken with main meal but have been taking them as I go to bed at night - it's the only way I seem to remember. They haven't made me sick at all doing it this way either.

Is this ok to do it like this? I don't have an empty stomach when I go to bed but maybe I'm not getting full benefit from the vitamins being absorbed...

NeedlesCuties Fri 06-Apr-12 21:55:39

I think you'll be alright.

Sure it isn't a pre-requisite for a healthy pregnancy, just helps you get some extra vitamins and your folic acid.

I take mine whenever I remember to confused and when I was pregnant with DS I didn't even take Pregnacare, just took folic acid for the first 3 months and that was it. He is a strapping, healthy, 2 year old atm smile

I think they tell you to take it with a main meal to a) help you remember to take it, b) so you have food it your belly.

GwendolineMaryMagdaleneLacey Fri 06-Apr-12 21:59:29

I did, for about 18 months! No ill effects.

SarryB Fri 06-Apr-12 22:17:07

I take mine with breakfast - when I remember that is!

lindsell Fri 06-Apr-12 22:27:01

I take mine at night, have them on bedside table - would never remember otherwise!

AKMD Fri 06-Apr-12 22:33:47

I think the idea of taking them with your main meal is that the digestive system is better at absorbing nutrients from food. That might be a complete myth though as it doesn't make much sense to me.

I take mine mid-evening with a glass of milk and the antibiotics that I'm supposed to take on an empty stomach. On a sub-concious level I suppose I think if I'm doing both things half wrong then somehow they cancel eachother out grin

Whysoserious Sat 07-Apr-12 09:33:35

Thanks ladies. Anyone else who takes them at night?

missingmymarbles Sat 07-Apr-12 09:39:23

usually when you take stuff on after a meal it's to protect your gut and stop you feeling sick. i think pregnacare has a little bit of iron in which is a gut irritant and hence taking it with a meal minimises the risk of ejection!! i take mine on a night (rarely have an empty stomach then anyway grin) because i was less likely to vomit them back when i was asleep at the beginning, so best chance of getting anything absorbed. i take my aspirin then for the same reason, and you're really not supposed to take that on an empty stomach! the pregnacare pamphlet, i'm sure, says whilst it is better with a meal, to take it when you are least likely to chuck it back so you get the benefit.

katiegolightly Sat 07-Apr-12 11:11:44

I also take them at night, partly so I remember and partly because they were making me feel a bit sick earlier in the day.

AKMD I was also taking mine with milk but then read somewhere about the milk not being great at enabling your body to absorb the iron or something along those lines, I started having the milk a little earlier but maybe worth digging around on that one?

AKMD Sun 08-Apr-12 16:36:29

Thanks katie, that's good to know. I try to take everything together so I don't forget and the antibiotics are very painful to take without milk (tried water and squash) so that's how it started. I'll look into it though and try to organise myself better if needed smile

WhenDoISleep Sun 08-Apr-12 16:38:59

I take mine at night when I go to get a glass of water to take to bed. Done it that was all through this pg and last pg and breastfeeding and never had an issue.

cjbk1 Mon 09-Apr-12 08:29:44

Pregnacare max is damned expensive so surely it's best to follow the instructions and 'take with a main meal' and get the maximum benefit from them?I just take them with water when i take my plate to the kitchen; easy wink and the days on the packet make it even easier to remember

Thechick Mon 09-Apr-12 08:40:10

I think I might start taking them at night. I think taking them in the morning has been the cause of my ms, or at the least making it worse.

babbashouse Mon 09-Apr-12 15:42:40

WHAT?! There's a pregnacare 'max'?! What on earth is this and why oh why do they keep doing different things so I never feel like I'm never getting quite 'everything'?!

So I started off with normal Pregnacare, then realised there existed Pregnacare 'Plus' so I've been taking that for the last couple of months... But now there's a MAX?! Is 'MAX' better than 'PLUS' presumably... ?! Will I ever keep up?! sad

projectg Mon 09-Apr-12 15:55:01

For first pg 3 yrs ago I took Pregnacare last thing at night before going to sleep, about 2-3 hours after eating. Also the Pregnacare BF supplements for a further 8 months. All fine. Doing the same again now for second pg. I only remember to take them as part of going to bed routine and would forget otherwise. Doesn't seem to make me feel sick so this is how I intend to carry on. Sure it's fine!

Whysoserious Mon 09-Apr-12 15:55:47

I've never heard of Pregnacare Max either, and mine don't have the days of the week on the blister packs either (which would be very useful for someone like me who regularly question whether I have taken them, when really I know I have!)

I think all we need as a basic is Folic Acid and docs are now recommending Vit D. The rest is just an added extra that we'd be more than likely getting from our diet anyway.

AKMD Mon 09-Apr-12 19:24:51

Just looked on website an yes, there is a Pregnacare Max. I've never actually seen it in the shops though!

CommanderShepard Mon 09-Apr-12 21:35:32

I take mine with food but only because if I don't explosive vommage is guaranteed. Weird, because nothing else affects me like these tablets do.

Alibobster Mon 09-Apr-12 22:20:51

Just had mine just now

Suzy1403 Tue 08-Nov-16 00:19:25

I tried taking it in the evening with my dinner but makes me very sick so now I take them during the day with lunch. I still feel nauseous but better than feeling that at night when I want to sleep. I am taking pregnacare plus.

Suzysuz Tue 08-Nov-16 08:06:55

Pregnacare max is just the normal pregnacare strip but with another strip of omega oil tablets. My Tesco do sell them, on 3for2 at the mo.

Suzysuz Tue 08-Nov-16 08:07:48

Oh no, hang on that's just Pregnacare Plus! Sorry blush

Dixiechick17 Tue 08-Nov-16 08:09:34

I took them at night because otherwise they made me feel really sick. I switched to sanatogen mum to be in the end and felt loads better

GinIsIn Tue 08-Nov-16 08:10:47

I take pregnacare max in the evenings - the pills are about the size of horse tranquillisers so I struggle to take them with a meal as they make you quite full up!

Heatherbell1978 Tue 08-Nov-16 08:13:50

I take mine at night but we eat late after DS1 in bed etc so my stomach probably still full anyway. Never had any issues.

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