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any sonographers out there? 29 week growth scan, what was gender.

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dappply Tue 28-Feb-12 21:27:27

I hadn't planned to find out the sex of my baby, but had a growth scan today at 29 weeks and am now intensely curious, wish i just asked at the time, but my husband really doesn't want to know so i didn't.

Got to the part of the scan when they were measuring the length of the hip bone, and i realised that i was staring at the area that presumably a penis and testes should be and there wasn't anything protuding in the space between the legs, but there were lines on the body between the legs. Does this sound like a girl or boy?

riamay2011 Tue 28-Feb-12 21:32:29

Lines between the legs = girl!
Am currently 35 weeks preg with 3rd girl!

paddyclamp Tue 28-Feb-12 21:33:13

i'm not a sonographer but don't the 3 white lines mean a girl?

with DS there was clearly something there and with DD clearly nothing there! i asked them to show me when they were checking!

4madboys Tue 28-Feb-12 21:44:03

yes three lines between legs means a girl, but even sonographers can get these things wrong! mind by 29wks i would think a boys bits would be fairly obvious, i had a scan at 28wks with dd and it was three lines as you describe, i still didnt believe it until she was born tho!

dappply Tue 28-Feb-12 22:05:32

oooh i've already got a ds, so i'd love to have a girl this time, but obviously don't want to get all silly headed about it and be disappointed, although i'm sure you could never really be dissapointed with a lovely healthy new baby regardless. wish i'd just asked now, don't want to get exited.

there was definately nothing sticking out of that area, but detail going in if you know what i mean. i don't remember whether there were three lines in particular. i'm just wondering maybe to measure the hip bone measurement the don't go far enough down the body to where the genitals are, and maybe i was just looking at the bum?

lostinwales Tue 28-Feb-12 22:08:37

I saw that with DC3, he thinks it's a funny story! (and I started training as a sonographer before DC, and the sonographers agreed with me) grin

dappply Tue 28-Feb-12 22:17:05

so you are saying that not necessarily a girl then lostinwales?

lostinwales Tue 28-Feb-12 22:23:25

Well I (and the sonographer on two different occasions) were confident enough that we talked about 'her' all through my labour, you should have heard the midwife trying not to giggle when she told me to look and see what I'd got grin. He's five now and judging by the amount we see of his bum crack I think it was just him giving us an early viewing! IMHE you actively have to look to see what sex the baby is and it isn't always that easy but sometimes it is! <see that was the least useful post I ever made on MN>

dappply Tue 28-Feb-12 22:29:56

aha! so it could have been bum?

OldLadyKnowsNothing Tue 28-Feb-12 22:43:14

From a long, recent thread; did it look anything like a hamburger?

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