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pregnant but sterilized!!!!!!!

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monkeysnbears Sun 12-Feb-12 01:07:45

so as my title says i got sterilized 2 yrs ago after having 2 lo's and i am now a week late so i have POAS 3 times and have 3 BFP. am currently crapping my pants. have phoned the early pregnancy unit and have consultation on Monday. so what can i expect from them and what the hell do i do if its ectopic!!!!! (apart from freak out of course, which is what i have been doing most of today)

clutteredup Sun 12-Feb-12 01:11:11

wine on second thoughts you better have a brew
What a shock - no useful advice but just a hand to hold late at night. <<hugs>>

dublindee Sun 12-Feb-12 01:14:28

another hand to hold here - no advice, but a big un-mumsnetlike hug and wishing you all the best for your appointment on Monday xx

monkeysnbears Sun 12-Feb-12 01:18:42

cheers guys, just freaked out, have tried to sleep and its not possible lol

dublindee Sun 12-Feb-12 01:58:50

make yourself some milky hot choc - always helps me!

MooncupandPizza Sun 12-Feb-12 02:07:07

What a shock for you monkeys.

I can imagine you can't sleep. Have you told your partner?

How old are your DCs?

I am around for a bit of you want to ramble/rant!

duffedup Sun 12-Feb-12 16:33:47

shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is about all i can say love. nothing is 100 percent we know this but still.

monkeysnbears Sun 12-Feb-12 19:37:21

find out tomorrow wether its ectopic or not

homeaway Mon 13-Feb-12 15:40:40

How are you doing ?

MooncupandPizza Mon 13-Feb-12 16:24:07

Any news monkeys? Are you ok?

PurpleWithaBlueBun Mon 13-Feb-12 17:51:44

Blimey what a shock! I hope it all went well today smile

jaquelinehyde Mon 13-Feb-12 17:54:40

How are you monkeys? Hope everything is ok and you have just been too busy to reply so far.

brandysoakedbitch Mon 13-Feb-12 17:56:44

Hope all is ok

ednurse Mon 13-Feb-12 18:08:59

how are you doing?

faintpinkline Mon 13-Feb-12 18:17:31

Hope everything was OK today. What a huge shock for you.

jaquelinehyde Tue 14-Feb-12 12:58:40

Just wondering if she has been kept in for observations of an ectopic is suspected this is standard procedure.

Marrow Tue 14-Feb-12 17:38:00

Unfortunately it's not standard procedure to keep in if an ectopic is suspected sad but I hope that that is what has happened as it is very unlikely that it is not ectopic. Thinking of you Monkeys.

dublindee Tue 14-Feb-12 21:03:07

Just checking back monkeys....
Hope everything is ok?

confuzed90 Tue 14-Feb-12 21:41:54

Following this thread..hope monkeys is ok xx

fairimum Wed 15-Feb-12 22:33:28

hope you are ok?

Marrow Tue 21-Feb-12 13:38:23

Keep thinking about you Monkeys and wondering how you are.

ZoeC33 Tue 21-Feb-12 13:46:12

This happened to someone I know, they went full term and had a healthy baby boy who is now 17! Good luck, and hope you are ok

Pixiemoosh Sun 28-Aug-16 12:52:51

Milk been leaking from breasts recently belly looks bigger I'm terrified in a new relationship don't think he's ready for a lil one I never considered another after my 5 from previous relationship. Too scared to do test yet 😕

Cliffdiver Sun 28-Aug-16 13:01:34

Pixie this is a Zombie tread from 2012.

Start your own, you'll get more responses flowers

Pixiemoosh Sun 28-Aug-16 13:18:09

OK thank you I've been sterilized for 6 years got done during c section on my last child. So really worried I could be due to hearing about loads of sterilizations not working years later.

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