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Epilator during pregnancy??

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Fee05 Mon 23-Jan-06 15:51:49

Hi, can any one tell me if it is ok to use an epilator on your legs while pregnant? I am just 5 weeks gone....

geekgrrl Mon 23-Jan-06 15:53:51

well, it's like waxing but more painful, isn't it? (she says wincing at the memory of using one)
If you can bear it then there shouldn't be a problem. Lots of people have leg & bikini waxes during pregnancy.

Fee05 Mon 23-Jan-06 15:56:41

Thanks...I am completley paranoid at this stage about doing anything that could harm the baby.....

tonton Mon 23-Jan-06 16:08:29

I'm very attatched to my epilady! Use it on legs and underarms. Still waxing bikini line. Oh and eyebrows...
Can't see how hair removal could harm baby.

tonton Mon 23-Jan-06 16:09:42

Oh and it hurts much less than wxing as you use it more often so there's little hair. And it doesn't grab the skin like wax. Would be bad if you were a hair removal 'virgin' though! They've improved alot since I last truied one 10 years ago or so.

Fee05 Mon 23-Jan-06 16:13:28

Use mine every week on my legs and couldn't face the thought of having to go back to shaving....haven't tried it on underarms though, sounds bit painful!

corblimeymadam Mon 23-Jan-06 17:03:59

Message withdrawn

juliaceaser3 Wed 27-Apr-16 15:56:35

I’d recommend the epilator electric Karmin !! ;)

Ziege Wed 27-Apr-16 20:57:55

In my first pregnancy epilating became so painful that I had to stop - really annoying as I had just invested in fancy epilator! I read it has to do with higher blood circulation and thus higher sensitivity in the skin. Maybe that is the reason for the belief that epilating is a pregnancy don't? I cannot imagine how it should do any harm to the baby.
Couldn't do my eyebrows either, looked rather wild after 9 months...

BeardMinge Wed 27-Apr-16 22:02:49

Of course it's ok, why on earth wouldn't it be?

KeyboardMum Thu 28-Apr-16 10:30:36

It's fine smile though it may hurt a bit more than usual as your skin is a bit more sensitive due to the hormones. Your skin can also be a little more oily during pregnancy, so you may get the occasional blemish from it. Maybe treat yourself to some nice body butter to rub in afterwards?

I use the epilator it on my bikini line, the sudden buzzing sound shocked baby and made him wriggle the other day. grin

nancypellot Tue 14-Jun-16 16:45:58

I’d recommend Karmin electric epilator smile

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