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Sterilised, coil fitted and pregnant?

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catep1302 Tue 07-Feb-12 18:54:16

I've never been on here before but would really appreciate any comments on my current situation. I was sterilised 10 years with clips and then 18 months ago had a coil fitted as treatment for endometriosis. Back in November i went to the drs as I thought i was probably starting menopause - hot flushes etc. Dec 13 had loads of blood tests all normal - no menopause. Then this last week got such incredibly sore nipples, tender boobs, swollen tum can only remember feeling like this when I was pregnant with my youngest 14 years ago!!
Haven't done a test as with my first DC had 3 neg results and only had it confirmed through scan so feel it would be a waste of time.
I would dearly love to be pregnant as was bullied into sterilisation by XH and new hubby doesn't have any of his own.
BTW I'm 42

Happenstance Tue 07-Feb-12 18:55:33

Fingers crossed for you X

Sandra2011 Tue 07-Feb-12 22:38:33

Sounds like it's meant to be if it happens.

Commutinghell Tue 07-Feb-12 22:48:28

I think you need to get the doc to check whether you're pregnant asap because can't the coil cause problems with your pregnancy if you become pregnant when it's still in place?

justhayley Tue 07-Feb-12 23:54:08

I hope your pregnant smile what a little miracle baby that would be! I agree with

justhayley Tue 07-Feb-12 23:55:39

....Opps had not finished!
...... Communtinghell you should go to the doctors and find out ASAP & find out for sure & have coil removed if need be! Fingers crossed for you xxx

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Wed 08-Feb-12 02:09:41

If you aren't, could you have the sterilisation reversed, so you could try?

kayjaybabe Wed 08-Feb-12 03:16:41

Go to the doctors asap. Or at least try a home test, just because it didnt work the first pregnancy doesnt mean it wont work now specially seen as it was 14 years ago .. Good luck, i truely hope for your and DHs sake you have a little bun in the oven x smile

kayjaybabe Wed 08-Feb-12 03:18:46

Also dont let anyone tell you your too old for kids! Some people can be so judgemental on that situation grin

Petesmum Wed 08-Feb-12 03:52:28

Hopefully congratulations are in order smile according to my midwife friend when I got pregnant with a coil in, it's more common than we think (or want to believe!)

kayjaybabe Wed 08-Feb-12 05:46:17

petesmum are you serious? My midwife said she has never heard of anyone falling pregnant on the coil. I hope i am one of the lucky ones who dont fall pregnant on it if its actually a common thing!

catep1302 Wed 08-Feb-12 07:31:30

Thanks for all your messages, got appt with drs next wed (15th) but think I need to get a home test b4 that. Scared coz don't want to be disappointed. Will update here when I've plucked up the courage to do it smile

lorcana Wed 08-Feb-12 07:59:15

Your age,coil, sterilisation and endometriosis make it very very unlikely you are pregnant.
You should be checked out for other conditions that can cause these symptoms. Sorry.

Emsgale Wed 08-Feb-12 08:29:05

I know of a few people that have fallen pregnant on the coil that can happrn for sure but given you have been sterelised I think it sounds very unlikley?!
Ems x

BrightnessFalls Wed 08-Feb-12 08:34:23

I wonder if you are really wishing for it to happen and that's why you are getting the symptoms? Sorry to put a downer on it. I've seen many women get pregnant with a coil but, never after been sterilised as well. Sorry.

heartmoonshadow Wed 08-Feb-12 09:57:54

Never say never even if it is unlikely. I was told I was perimenopausal at the early age of 37 (Oct 2010) anyway I wasn't worried as I have a fab DS and was not planning anymore. In July I got broody and talked to DH who said we should give it a try but not worry if it didn't work. It took two weeks (even though I have PCOS and was supposedly peri-menopausal) and I am now 28 weeks pregnant with a DD.

Good luck

kilmuir Wed 08-Feb-12 10:00:41

Unlikely, but test anyway, so us nosey buggers are kept up to date

catep1302 Thu 09-Feb-12 07:26:14

Well no surprises this morning, test was Neg as I knew it would be - never dared to believe it would be possible. I know what you're saying BrightnessFalls but symptoms def came before thought. Will keep drs appt next week coz there's obviously something going on and need it checked. All your comments were really helpful, so thank you xx

BrightnessFalls Thu 09-Feb-12 08:31:08

Did you ever think about reversing your sterilisation?

Charlotteperkins Thu 09-Feb-12 08:34:53

I know someone who got pregnant with twins in her 40s whilst on the coil.

catep1302 Thu 09-Feb-12 09:38:41

We did think about a reversal but were advised that the success rate was so low after this length of time that it would be a waste of our money as it isn't available on the NHS sad It's one of those things that would be lovely if it happened my some miraculous freak of nature but if it doesn't it's not the end of the world as the 2 children we have are totally fulfilling and DH loves them as if they were his own anyway - we're all so very lucky I have no complaints x

MammaHughes06 Fri 22-Apr-16 23:56:10

I was sterilised straight after having my son by c section and 10 months later I found out I was pregnant! My husband and I were really shocked to say the least but after the shock we both embraced it sadly at 6 weeks pregnant I miscarried 😥 So to save the heartache I decided to have the coil to which I am now worried as I'm experiencing pregnancy symptoms.would be an absolute shocker if I was pregnant now as I am a mother of 6! Going to retest in a few weeks if I don't see my period...but I wish you all the luck in the world xx

Jenjen85 Sat 23-Apr-16 07:38:18

I'm currently 21wks pregnant with a suprise coil baby. Found out boxing day. I'd had the coil in for 2 Years.

Bellyrub1980 Sat 23-Apr-16 07:41:48

Oh Christ..... Seriously?! I went on the coil as I thought it might be more reliable than the pill. After a 18 months of PND I really couldn't cope with another baby!!

Mummyme87 Sat 23-Apr-16 08:12:34

Yes highly unlikely if you have been sterilised for so long. The coil alone is not 100%, as is nothing. I have caught a few babies with could in their placenta 🤔

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