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decorating nursery .. whats safe?

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confuzed90 Sat 04-Feb-12 22:02:22

May sound like a silly question, but I'm 28+4 and decorating DC2s room. Been painting..felt fine..started glossing and within five minuted went dizzy, light headed, sicky and basically spaced out. Had to get straight into bed.not harm the baby would it?

MillyStar Sat 04-Feb-12 22:41:04

No I'm sure not hun

I did two coats of paint in our nursery last Saturday at 29 weeks and I had a light headache all Sunday so I've handed decorating duties over to my dad now

Baby has been kicking all week and I had a 3D scan on weds and she was perfect x

BeeWi Sun 05-Feb-12 07:00:16

Normal water based paint is okay. I've just finished painting the baby's room this week (35 weeks) but make sure it's low VOC for your and baby's safety. Maybe go for an eco choice paint.

Do not gloss, get someone else to do it. These paints are solvent based, so you should avoid them. It's unlikely to have done any harm to bubs a you're a long way past 1st trimester and you weren't exposed for long. Probably best to just play it safe in future though and let someone else do the gloss.

SophBurns Thu 11-Oct-12 10:05:23

Hi I know this is slightly out of date as you have all had your babies by now, but I had the same problem a few weeks ago and felt really sick when we started decorating and particularly when I started glossing my baby's room and I really wanted to gloss an old cot we had been given. I knew just from how I felt that the paint I was using couldn't be good for me even though it was water based, so I stopped decorating immediately and tried to find something out. It seems that many paints can be low VOC and still have solvents in, and that VOC's are really harmful and can cause all sorts of health problems, just google dangers of VOC's anyway without trying to scare anyone I found a solution from We ordered their Matt Emulsion and Semi Gloss and there was hardly any smell, a slight hint but you couldn't smell it like you do normal paint and it is safe for you to paint with and what's more safe to use on nursery furniture as it can be chewed. Anyway we found it a great product and I was able to get on with my nesting and the Nursery looks FAB smile

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