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Progesterone - pessaries- don't know what to do

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daisybob1 Sun 16-Nov-03 09:39:53

Hello - can anyone help with this query - i was prescribed by the hospital to take progesterone for 30 days when they found out i was pregnant - their reasoning being "just in case". i have been told by my miscarriage consultant to stop taking them as it just delays the inevitable i.e. if it's not going to last it's not going to last. can anyone advise as obviously want to stay preganant but if it's not going to work then its not going to work. any ideas? has anyone else been told the same?

WSM Sun 16-Nov-03 09:44:09

I've no experience of this but personally I would use them. I know that my head would say listen to the m/c consultant as it's his/her field of expertise but I know that my heart would be telling me that anything I could do to save my pregnancy has to at least be worth a try.

bunny2 Sun 16-Nov-03 12:05:44

In Prfo Regans book "What every woman should know about miscarriage", she basically echoes your m/c consultant. According to Prf Regan there is no evidence that progesterone pessaries increase the chances of a successful pregnancy, they may prolong it but it will just miscarry at a later date. But, having had 2 m/c myself I can understand how desperate you are to do everything you can to improve your odds. Can the pessaries do any actual harm? I dont know what I would do in your situation but I really wish you well.

daisybob1 Sun 16-Nov-03 17:37:38

WSM and bunny2 you understand exactly how i feel. i don't think the pessaries can do any harm but i am not 100% certain, however i don't think the hospital would have pescribed them if this was the case? i still am not sure what to do ????

miriamw Sun 16-Nov-03 18:10:18

Not exactly the same position but I took the pessaries for first 3 months with each pg (resulting from IVF). Their thinking claimed to be by 3 months the placenta etc would definitely be producing sufficient hormones to sustain the pg. So they shouldn't do any harm, but yes, they may sustain an unviable pg for that bit longer.

Rhubarb Tue 18-Nov-03 10:45:00

My sister had progesterone injections when she found out that she was pregnant, she did have a near miscarriage at 6 weeks (she'd already miscarried one at 6 weeks and was told she was infertile) but the baby stayed put. However this was done by a midwife who was a friend of hers and I don't know how legit the whole process was. No doctors were involved as far as I am aware.

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