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Anxious over phone message from specialist midwife

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joosiewoosie Tue 31-Jan-12 17:35:12

Sorry to sound like a stress bunny or anxious annie, but can I run a few things past you all.
I got home at 4.30 to a message of the answerphone from a specialist midwife at my local hospital. She asked me to call her back tomorrow between 9 and 4 as she wants to discuss one of my blood tests.
I had my 16 week quadruple blood test last Thursday (as they couldn't do nuchal scan at 12 weeks scan due to a big fibroid in the way), and it is only the following Tuesday now. I'm really concerned that there is something not right with Bubbs due to the speed of the midwife's response and I'm already panicking and really tearful, what-iffing all over the place. I don't know if I'm going to be able to sleep tonight, not being able to get hold of the specialist midwife to find what's up. I'm trying really hard not to jump to the negative, but I was told that we'd hear in a couple of weeks if all was well, so I am really worried all is not well.
What could it be? Please help me to think a bit more rationally over this. The not knowing what she is going to say when we call her is going to send me loopy tonight otherwise.
Thanks MNers. x

handbagCrab Tue 31-Jan-12 17:47:22

Hi smile

I got a phone call after nucal scan to say there was a high risk of baby having Down's. They asked me to go into hospital to discuss implications with specialist midwife the next day. I don't think they diagnose with nucal or quadruple test but it assesses risk.

It could be however there was an error with your results & they need to test again.

I don't know if that puts your mind at rest at all, sorry. I can talk you through the process I went through if it helps. Try to keep calm (hugs)

PiggyMad Tue 31-Jan-12 17:52:55

I got a message left by screening midwife a couple of days after my nuchal scan and bloods and when I rang back she told me that the bloods hadn't been labelled properly and I had to go straight in and get them redone to make sure it was taken within the timeframe.
Hopefully it is something as simple as that.

Bigsighfeelingupset Tue 31-Jan-12 17:58:10

Tbh I suspect there is something out of the normal range with one of your tests and that's what she wants to discuss. This DOES NOT MEAN there is something amiss with your baby. This test is all about assessing probability and it may be that based on your result your chances of having a baby with a chromosomal problem are higher. That doesn't mean baby has that problem. You can talk about next steps - further testing, scans or do nothing. You have choices and you can get whatever information you feel you need.

NatashaBee Tue 31-Jan-12 17:58:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

keely027 Tue 31-Jan-12 19:11:08

i freaked out when hospital rang back about my urine tests, turned out i had a touch of thrush....also had a 'emergency' appointment given to me at 7pm at night regarding my heart tests, freaked out again, turned out the doctor was just trying to get through his appointments otherwise he would miss his targets for seeing patients! it seems we are always the last to know

Murtette Tue 31-Jan-12 22:15:48

I had an "urgent" message from the MW after my 12 week scan & bloods and, as it was a Friday, I had to wait all weekend to speak to them. As it was, it was fine. One of the questions on the form asked about previous Down's history, the person doing the test wasn't sure if the booking in MW had written "5" (as in 5 previous Down's pregnancies) or if it was a scribble as if to say "not applicable". It was the latter but the MW wanted to check as previous Down's pregnancies would increase the chances of another.
With the tests, I think that they try & turn them around within a week so I wouldn't consider it to be an unusual response time. My phone call was within 36 hours of the scan.
I hope all is well tomorrow. I bet you'll be on the phone to them at 9.02am! When I called back, the MW was really calm & reassuring instantly whih helped calm me down.

joosiewoosie Wed 01-Feb-12 06:06:24

Thank you all for your words of advice. I managed a few hours of sleep, even if it was a bit fitful. Hoping the call was about something easily rectified e.g. iron levels. Will let you know. Cheers again x

Northernlurker Wed 01-Feb-12 07:51:12

Good luck smile You'll soon know what's happening.

Emsgale Wed 01-Feb-12 11:43:49

Just wanted to say hope all is ok!

minceorotherwise Wed 01-Feb-12 11:50:01

Hope everything was ok? Did you manage to get through to the midwife?

joosiewoosie Wed 01-Feb-12 16:09:24

We got through to the midwife this morning, who told us we have a 1 in 13 chance of having a baby with Down Syndrome. It felt like a huge kick in the teeth, and hubby and I came home from work straight away to talk it through. (I discovered I could drive very proficiently while wailing like a banshee and booing like a baby!)
We've just been up to see the specialist midwife at the hospital, who we asked lots of questions of and she listened and answered caring-ly yet objectively. We have low MA-AFP levels (0.55), low uE3 levels (0.59) and hcg levels which are a bit high (1.80), which fits the pattern for an increased risk of having a baby with Down Syndrome.
We've decided to have an amniocentesis, and are booked in on Friday morning. This is more to give us some certainty, as I am not the kind of optimistic person who could cope with not knowing for another 5 months. At least then, we either have good news, or can prepare ourselves to make whatever decision is right for us.
My big fibroid might cause a challenge for a clear view, (as it did in 12 weeks scan so we couldn't do nuchal test), but if it is, they will refer us on to a fetal medicine specialist at Kings or Medway, who should be able to do it.
I'm feeling a bit more balanced, having spoken to some experts and having more information. Hubby and I will get through whatever we need to together. (He is a diamond, that's for sure).
Thanks for all your words of support. It's nice to know I can chat to people who understand on here x

redridingwolf Wed 01-Feb-12 16:12:11

Good luck Joosie - let us know how the amnio goes.

passthebiccies Wed 01-Feb-12 16:29:58

Good luck Joosie. I had a similar phone call, similar worrying news and a similar tricky decision regarding further testing a few days ago. I'm booked in for my amnio next week. Sending you warmest wishes, I know just how stressed you must be feeling. Hope all is well x

joosiewoosie Wed 01-Feb-12 16:37:02

Hugs and good wishes to you biccies. It is a tough time but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Keeping everything crossed for good results for us both xx

thejaffacakesareonme Wed 01-Feb-12 17:00:06

Good luck. I had a similar phonecall when pregnant with DS1 and also went for an amnio. The procedure was a lot less painful and more straightforward than I expected it to be, helped I think by the very caring and professional attitude that the staff had. I was glad that I'd worn my maternity trousers to the amnio appointment. The needle went in exactly where my jeans waistband would have been and it was nice to have nothing putting pressure on that bit of skin for a few days. The staff were also really good with the results - although they'd told me that I'd have to wait for almost a week they phoned after only a couple of days to tell me everything was OK.

minceorotherwise Wed 01-Feb-12 17:43:10

Keeping everything crossed for you

passthebiccies Wed 01-Feb-12 19:06:36

Ah, thank you joosie - yep, let's hope in a few weeks time this is but a dim (stressful!) memory for us both, and we can both get on with enjoying our pregnancies! x

jaffacakes (my kind of girl!) - your trouser tips were really useful, I'll certainly bear that in mind - hadn't occurred to me before. Thanks x

joosiewoosie Wed 01-Feb-12 20:13:07

Yes. All the best biccies...keep us posted.
And cheers jaffa...certainly one to bear in mind.

Our day is just beginning to sink in for hubby and I. We had a few worried, why us tears and a hug fest a bit earlier. This is so stressful, and we haven't even had the amnio yet. I hope we have the strength to get through it. Good luck, biccies - thinking of you. X

passthebiccies Thu 02-Feb-12 19:13:39

Good luck tomorrow. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you xx

Flisspaps Thu 02-Feb-12 19:21:44

Until you have the results back, remember that a 1 in 13 chance of Downs Syndrome surely means a 12 in 13 chance of no Downs Syndrome. I've never been in your position so don't know how you are feeling so have nothing constructive to say on how to deal with your emotions today or the practicalities of the test.

Best wishes to you smile

SoozyWoozy Thu 02-Feb-12 20:08:33

I've had my amnio today - my bloods from screening were high hCG and low PAPP-A giving me a 1:78 chance of Down's.

I've had almost 3 weeks to wait for the amnio, it is a rough ride with a rollercoaster of emotions and lots of questions. I've sobbed, cried hysterically, sworn (a lot!)and pretended nothing is happening... I can't advise you how to cope with how you are feeling, other than go with it and don't think you're not allowed to be scared, angry and a whole load of other emotions.

The amnio is uncomfortable but not painful, but I'd definitely second what Jaffa said about loose clothing. I'm sore where the needle goes in, definitely wouldn't want a waistband on it. My MW converted the risk into a percentage - that made it easier to deal with. I think (and my maths isn't great!) 1:13 works out as a 92% chance of your baby not having Downs. If you were told you had a 92% chance of winning the lottery you'd definitely buy a ticket! Well, that's how the MW put it and made me feel a little better smile

Good luck x

InmaculadaConcepcion Thu 02-Feb-12 20:17:23

Good luck for tomorrow*joosie*.

I had a similar experience - in my case, a 1-60 chance of Downs (but anything higher than 1-100 is regarded as very high risk by the medical profession).
Like you, I opted for the amnio. And yes, it was a very straightforward procedure and the team who carried it out were brilliant.

Nevertheless, it was a hellishly stressful time with a lot of anguish and heart-searching, I can totally sympathise with what you're going through.

Just remember, it's still much more likely that your baby's chromosomes are absolutely fine, even with the high risk factor.

In my case, we were told that Downs had been ruled out within three working days of doing the test. Two weeks later we found out that all the chromosomes were fine and that we were definitely having a girl smile
She's now two and absolutely gorgeous (and "normal") in every way.

joosiewoosie Fri 03-Feb-12 07:34:54

Thanks Fliss, Biccies, Immaculada and Soozy. We both slept like logs last night after a couple of well dodgy nights. We are up and at em today, just about to leave now. Your rational and comforting words are a great help. Thanks MN buddies x

goingmadtrying Fri 03-Feb-12 07:46:37

good luck for today joosie i know it won't be the end today but hope you get a positive answer soon xx

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