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on Spatone for my iron, any natural ways to beat constipation side-effects?

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Dozeyland Thu 26-Jan-12 21:28:59


ThePetiteMummy Thu 26-Jan-12 21:42:24

Aloe Vera capsules can help, but I don't know if these are ok to take during pregnancy.

Joygirl78 Thu 26-Jan-12 22:10:18

Fybogel sachets from chemist - it's a fibre based drink which goes very thick when you mix it. Tastes a bit yuck, but I think it's natural in that it"s not drug based, and recommended in pregnancy. More palatable than lactulose syrup from doctor which I find vile.

Snowy27 Fri 27-Jan-12 11:22:07

A mixture of dried fruit, soak in orange juice and eat with natural yoghurt- I always include dried apples, prunes etc.
Takes a few days to have an affect!

hotpinkgingham Fri 27-Jan-12 11:44:53

Have you found spatone constipating already, or just started taking it and are worried it'll happen? It hasn't had that effect on me at all - it's been brilliant. I feel SO much better since starting it, two sachets a day to really get the levels up quickly.

Well worth it so hope your tummy troubles aren't too bad!

monkeymamma Fri 27-Jan-12 11:45:00

Dried apricots!

And I always took my Spatone sachet with some orange juice.

MandaHugNKiss Fri 27-Jan-12 12:02:00

Generally speaking, constipation isn't usually an effect from spatone as the iron in it is very readily available to be absorbed by the body without causing side-effects... It's possible, if you are constipated that it's just general pregnancy sluggishness that so many of us are afflicted with thanks to hormones!

Either way, tackling it is the same whichever the cause. To increase fibre and increase fluids usually does the trick. Some gentle exercise (just walking will do) may also have a positive effect.

Hope you 'go' soon grin

ayearoverdue Fri 27-Jan-12 12:54:01

I took Spatone post birth instead of the iron tablets the midwives wanted me to take because iron supplements make me constipated but Spatone iron doesn't. I always take it with OJ but when I've taken iron tablets before I've drunk loads of grapefruit juice to combat the constipation. So maybe take Spatone with grapefruit juice? I don't know if anyone's mentioned but avoid any caffeine in take for 2 hrs around taking Spatone, that includes cups of tea. The caffeine can stop the iron being absorbed properly.

Oh another constipation remedy that's worked for me is a couple of pint glasses of water and fresh OJ a day (half and half) always gets things moving for me.

Dozeyland Fri 27-Jan-12 22:33:46

I started taking one spatone a day from the 12th Jan, and I do feel
Bloated and constipated, I'm going to try my best to drink more water.

DangerMousey Sat 28-Jan-12 08:55:12

i am only 5 wks pg and not on any iron supplements, but do feel very constipated. I have found that having a mug of hot, boiled water with a slice of lemon in first thing in the morning (before eating anything), really helps get things moving....not sure if it will work if you're on iron, but might be worth a try? x

spilttheteaagain Sat 28-Jan-12 09:26:06

eat 2 kiwis a day. I swear by this!

SukieQ Sun 29-Jan-12 13:08:32

Magnesium can help with constipation pregnant or not. You could try a Floradix Magnesium supplement. Pretty sure they are safe in pregnancy. It's good for lots of other things in pregnancy too.

springaroundthecorner Sun 29-Jan-12 13:14:25

Tinned prunes. Mix with natural yogurt. Yummy and the only thing that worked for me with the exact same problem with iron etc.

littlemissnormal Sun 29-Jan-12 15:10:31

I'm using the not wanting to get constipated excuse as a reason for eating lots of those panda natural liquorice bars!

mrsallcock Sun 29-Jan-12 20:00:41

prune juice, lactulose from the chemist, drink lots of fluids.

Dozeyland Sun 29-Jan-12 20:11:10

Does peppermint tea help aid digestion?

bagelmonkey Sun 29-Jan-12 20:15:21

Dried apricots. Also a good source of iron.

Ma53 Fri 19-Apr-13 09:17:08

Stewed plums, only take a very short time to cook. Delicious with yoghurt or custard. Always did the trick for me through two very constipated pregnancies.

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