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2weeks late. negative tests but feel pregnant and increasingly confused!!!

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daniwalkes Sat 21-Jan-12 09:02:25

I don't know where to turn with this.
Im 14 days late. Iv been late before but by 2-4 days... Never more! I have a long cycle anyway of 33days.
We haven't been trying fir a baby. Young condoms everytime. We're getting married in august so we've been really careful!
However saying that important now 2weeks late with massive tender boobs, stretching/cramping painting lower abdomen (not all the time) and mega tired. Iv been trying to lose weight too and although i am still (just a lb or so a week... Nothing drastic) my inch loss is at a standstill! Iv got two boys already (1&3) so i know the feelings and symptoms well but my mind must be playing tricks on me because surely the test would be positive now?
I genuinely don't know what to think. Logically im thinking i know i can't be... Been safe and test says negative but why then am i feeling this way and im so late?

Just need to talk to people so i dont start getting irrational and crazy!!!

daniwalkes Sat 21-Jan-12 09:04:54

You Can tell i wrote this on my phone! Sorry for all the mistakes. Hope it still Makes sense!... Young condoms... Using of course! Lol

daniwalkes Sat 21-Jan-12 16:52:10


SoozyWoozy Sat 21-Jan-12 17:04:33

I've had very irregular cycles in the past, and on the times I tested and got a negative test I wasn't pregnant. Personally, I've never had a negative test which turned out to be positive later on.

I assume you're using a good quality test? It is possible to get false negatives, and your symptoms like early pregnancy, but could also be that you're coming on soon.

Sorry... not a lot of help really!

Suzy x

inneedofchocolate Sat 21-Jan-12 17:05:08

The initial tests that I took when I was pregnant with both my DS and my DD came back negative. I had to wait about another week before they showed as positive. However, I had absolutely no signs/feelings that I was pregnant, bar being late.

If you've had children before then you know your own body and will be able to tell. Did you have signs like these when you were pregnant before? Sometimes when you are due on you get massive tender boobs too!

PurpleWithaBlueBun Sat 21-Jan-12 17:06:57

Could be anovulatory cycle, (where you don't ovulate so skip a menstrual cycle) which is more common if your stressed. Anyway I think you need to go to the Gp and have a pregnancy blood test to rule it out, it might be that you need to have some medication to induce your cycle to restart.

CoolRunnings Sat 21-Jan-12 17:08:10

Go and see your dr, they will give you a blood test, same thing happened to me and they tested me. They said it wasn't uncommon for home tests not to show up for some women. (I turned out not to be pregnant by the way)

daniwalkes Sat 21-Jan-12 17:19:12

Thanks ladies. Im pretty sure im not but then there is part of me that thinks i could!
Not been at all stressed but the more i think about it the more stressed im becoming!!
Will see a Dr next week!

hamncheese Sat 21-Jan-12 18:44:00

First month we were ttc I got my period 14 days late but convinced myself I was, despite negative results. I wasn't stressed or anything like they say which can cause you to be so late, was just a really odd month. The blood test at the doctor will tell you so I guess just have to bear the waiting for that..

littleshinyone Sat 21-Jan-12 18:48:58

i felt pregnant before the pregnancy test was negative too. pretty common i think. wait a week or so and try again!

GetDressed Sat 21-Jan-12 18:50:09

Have you tried a different brand of pg test? Are your dates definitely correct? I would see your GP to get a blood test done.

daniwalkes Sun 22-Jan-12 15:46:56

Well a little update. Went to the loo last night and had a tiny bit of blood when i wiped (sorry for tmi) thought that was the start of my period so popped a pad on and woke up this morning to nothing. A bit of brown discharge but not blood and this afternoon even that has stopped! So now Im confused again. I guess it could be that it is af but slow starting... Waiting game i guess! Thoughts?

hamncheese Sun 22-Jan-12 17:00:02

implantation bleeding? i never got it but anyone else?

daniwalkes Sun 22-Jan-12 17:47:42

I was wondering the same but i didn't get it with my other pregnancies! I need to do another test i think.
If by tomorrow there is no more signs of af Im calling the Dr!
When are you meant to get an implantation bleed??
Think you for everyone's help... Its do much easier to talk to people who don't think Im crazy!x

MaternalMusings Sun 22-Jan-12 18:31:27

Same happened to me! It was over 2 weeks before we got our positive. Then did another 3 tests, just to be sure!wink We were only on our 2nd month of trying so couldn't quite believe it! I also had a tiny bit of bleeding which we thought might be my period finally arriving, just before the BFP- I'm never late and coupled with the BFP a few days later it must have been implantation bleeding. I had the worst stabbing pains in my right breast the day before BFP too - which I'd never had before and felt beyond tired.

Some people's pregnancy hormones can take a while to show on a pregnancy test. So give it another week (if you can!) and then test again. Failing that, head to the doctor for a blood test.

Good luck!! Xx

daniwalkes Sun 22-Jan-12 18:52:29

How many days later did you leave it to test again? I have mixed feelings about another baby. Part of me would love it but at the same time we've finally set a days for our wedding and honeymoon which with 3 under 4 just Will not happen!
I don't want to start thinking like Im pregnant if Im not... But on a more practical level i need to know before i pay anymore deposits for wedding stuff!!!

Sleepyspaniel Sun 22-Jan-12 19:43:14

The facts point to you NOT being pregnant.

1) you haven't had unprotected sex, nor are you aware of condom failure
2) pregnancy tests are negative
3) you have a fairly long cycle anyway

I would get a blood test from your doctor as it could be a hormone irregularity. It's quite unusual that you would be pregnant and it not show on tests over two weeks later especially with taking the above into consideration.

I was once a million percent convinced I was pregnant in almost identical circumstances. I have 2 DCs as well and know all the signs. I was puzzled at the lack of positive test but I wasn't pregnant. However at the time I was paranoid about becoming pg so I think I had convinced myself.

Egg Sun 22-Jan-12 19:49:32

I was two weeks late and did numerous negative tests before getting a positive with ds1 on cycle day 42 or similar. I really felt pregnant but tests kept coming back negative until finally a positive. We HAD been trying to conceive though (for ages...). Good luck!

MarketingMonkey Mon 23-Jan-12 12:43:23

Hi daniwalkes, just wondering if you had any news? I was talking to you on my thread at the end of last week as I'm in a similar situation (last period around 8th December, 3 x BFN, still no AF).

Ive not tested since Friday but am now imagining getting symptoms (constipation, discharge, 'tugging' in tummy, smell of fish and chip shop making me feel sick and really weird dry but spotty skin - last one is definate as looks awful!)

I (well pregnancy test!) had convinced myself on Friday that I definately wasn't, now Im thinking it's still possible. Don't mind either way any more - like you, I just want to know now! Let me know if you have any news?

zonat92 Mon 23-Jan-12 12:50:20

I no how u feel, exept ive had faint bfp. doctor said i wasnt though. im due af in 3days, been having period cramps last two days but nothing so far. but since i havent missed a period im not sure, just a waiting game! but like u i "feel it". But maybe im just convincing myself,. although im not ttc. let us no how it goes. would love too hear how it works out for u smile good luck xx

daniwalkes Mon 30-Jan-12 00:00:51

Sorry for the delay... Well i came on but lighter than normal. Assumed of course that was the end of it all but iv been really sick, very randomly too, im also just feeling very odd. I think iv gone loopy though as im sure i have felt moment in my tummy (not possible i hear you say) now i am 90% sure i cent be Pregnant... Too much pointing away from it but that doesn't explain how iv been feeling. Pregnancy would fit but its not! Im having tests done on Wednesday as the doctor even said it was odd but maybe i was worrying so much my body has gone on a cray hormone trip!
What's the update your end?
And for others reading this helpful advice is welcome!!!

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Mon 30-Jan-12 01:24:15

<<nosey>> <<pulls up a chair>>

daniwalkes Wed 01-Feb-12 17:35:33

Call me crazy but im sure i just felt (imagined) a moving/kicking sensation.
Now i know iv lost the plot because it just isn't possible but i did! Maybe its wind or just that iv clearly lost all sense of reality but how is that right?
Its not the first time either... Iv been getting it fir a week or so but it can't be.
Anyone else had an imaginary pregnancy like this? For the record it not that i want a baby so bad that im willing myself to be pregnant, pretty much the opposite. We have our wedding booked in august so not ideal!!!

KD0706 Wed 01-Feb-12 21:51:27

I've convinced myself quite a few times that I could feel a baby kicking, when I wasn't pregnant. I think it's really easy to convince yourself.

I would echo the advice to go to doc for a blood test just in case

MarketingMonkey Thu 02-Feb-12 12:06:19

Hi all - just to update on me. It looks like AF is on her way on time this month (some spotting today). I have a doctors appointment booked for Monday morning so was planning on cancelling that tomorrow if AF is normal.

I assume if I still went to the doctor then he would just say it is one of those things or should I bother to keep the appointment? Just not sure what to say to him really 'I missed a period but wasnt pregnant and now I seem to be back on track and we arent trying for a baby yet anyway but I thought you might like to know...'

daniwalkes - re imaginary pregnancy, my best friend is currently pregnant and I did blame her saying I was having a sympathy pregnancy but looks like it was all in my head!

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