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trying to get pregnant after taking cerazette

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gemcgem Mon 09-Jan-12 14:05:09

hi, i just wonder'd if any other ladies have try'd to concive after taking the mini pill cerazette ?

call me greedy but im a happy married mummy to 6 and i would love a 7th !
i breast feed all my children for 6 months and after my last DD when i stopped feeding her i went on the combined pill but for some reason ( age ??) it didnt agree with me any more , so i went on the mini pill cerazette for the last 6 months with NO MP at all !
iv read some awfull things about women trying to concive for years after taking this mini pill , and just wonder'd if any body has any positve stories to tell?

gemcgem Mon 09-Jan-12 18:51:40

Rindercella thanks ! brave i am smile just love been pregnant and giving birth , if you can call it that , with each been less than a hour ! its defos hubby lucky night now . THANKYOU ! smile

spannermary Mon 09-Jan-12 19:45:23

Emsgale - definitely close enough! smile

hermionejgranger Mon 09-Jan-12 20:03:07

I took it for about 6 years...came off it January 2011, used condoms til I had a period in March 2011 and then started ttc - expecting the result in February! 3 months of trying...good luck! smile

maybenow Mon 09-Jan-12 20:05:56

i stopped cerazette last year and had about 6 weeks of PMT before my first period came back, have had two now 26-28 days apart and another due this weekend. apart from really painful ovulation i have been ok. i guess the ov pain shows that i AM ovulating!

not tried sex without protection yet... waiting.. not sure what for...

maybenow Mon 09-Jan-12 20:06:50

ought to add, those first six weeks were really quite awful - really painful abdomen / ovaries.. sad

Gumby Mon 09-Jan-12 20:08:04

Can I ask how old they let you take cezarette up to and for how long? My gp said at 37 I'm too old now for microgynon etc

Sarahmarie2505 Mon 09-Jan-12 20:48:52

I was on cerezette for 4 years . i fell preg within weeks of stopping. I also googled it and freaked cause ppl were struggling but all good here!

Sidge Mon 09-Jan-12 20:51:46

Gumby are you a smoker or overweight? If not you could stay on Microgynon over the age of 35.

If you are, then Cerazette might be a safer option and can be used up until about 50.

gemcgem Tue 10-Jan-12 09:02:46

well my MP arrived this morning so not my month sad , but i was a tad glad to see every thing still seems to be working .

Bananna1 Thu 12-Jan-12 17:20:44

I'm 42, been on mini pill for 10 years , including Cerazette for last 2 years, came off cerazette (to decide whether to try for a baby, decided not to have a baby and go back on the pill) but too late - already pregnant! Got pregnant 10 days after coming off pill, without having a period, using the withdrawal method apart from once! So no problems here!
Due in April, still getting over the shock- I already have 3 teenage girls!
Good luck !

mumnosbest Fri 13-Jan-12 18:59:14

Was on cerazette for several months and fell pregnant whilst taking it, due in 3 wks, so definately no ill effects on fertility!

Jods1 Sat 14-Jan-12 08:12:36

I was on cerazette for at least 3 years.. came off October 2011, had period 5 weeks later then fell pregnant and found out I was pregnant on Christmas Day.. now 7 +3 and due in August. My periods stopped completely when I was on it. However my mum was a sexual health sister and she says your fertility immediately returns after you stop taking it

chickywicky75 Mon 09-Jul-12 22:07:49

Hi there, i am new here and have to say all the posts are positive and sound like conception is possible fairly quickly too.
Me and DP are looking to start for our second baby. I have only stopped the pill for two weeks. Wonder how long it will take to conceive.
Wishing you all good luck and congrats too. :-) look forward to speaking to you all over the times sharing our experiences.
thanks in advance

mrsbugsywugsy Tue 10-Jul-12 14:56:50

hi, i was on cerazette for about 5 years, and the combined pill for many years before that.

I came off it at xmas and used protection for a few months. I had 6 weeks of awful pms before my first period, then things settled down. We started ttc in may and I conceived around the 5th so no problems there smile

i'm 33 by the way. Good luck!

tizzy34 Fri 24-Aug-12 07:36:32

I stopped taking cerazette nearly 3 weeks ago and have not had a period yet so googled it and came up with a lot of horror stories! So felt loads better reading this thread! I also have had sore boobs, period pains, bloatedness, being emotional so took a test to rule pregnancy out and it was negative. My only worry is how am i going to know if I'm pregnant if I don't get a period first? I have 2 boys, 1st after depoprovera (took 18 mths to conceive!) and 2nd after microgynon (took 2 mths to conceive) so was hoping for another quick result, that's why I chose cerazette! Wish I'd known about the side effects of coming off it tho! Good luck to everyone who's trying to conceive smile

Jods1 Fri 24-Aug-12 14:44:35

Came off cerazette in Oct 2011 after being on it for 4-5 years. Had period in November and found out was pregnant in December. now 39 weeks pg smile

hopeful92 Mon 10-Sep-12 19:24:33

Came off cerazette 13th July, AF 5 weeks later, got my BFP today!! (10th Sept) I was so worried after all the horror stories but don't worry people don't tend to say the good stuff!

Sammi7169 Tue 11-Sep-12 06:20:52

Took me a year to get pg after taking it for years. Had mad cycles of 17, 22 41 data. Used ovulation sticks as could never be sure when to DTD

Aliglobetrek Tue 11-Sep-12 07:40:01

Was on depo injections for about 6 years then Cerazette for about a year. Came off it and waited for first period (came within a month) then started trying and got pregnant straight away.
Was surprised to get pregnant so quickly especially as i was told it might take 2 years after coming off the depo injection.

glossyflower Tue 11-Sep-12 08:07:42

Been taking it for years, at least 7 years. Came off it last year as felt I needed a break, unplanned pg this July. ,

victoria2011 Mon 19-Nov-12 16:54:28

Hello everyone

Just wanted to say hello as I am new to the forum. I came of Cerazette last week and have bleed ever since. I hope things will settle down as I have read some horror stories about this pill. Myself and my husband have been married for 14 months and as I am almost 31 I hope it won't take us too long to concieve. Thanks for reading. Vicky smile x

TinkyPeet Mon 19-Nov-12 17:07:27

I posted something very similar a couple months ago when I came off cerazette, I had only taken it for 1 month but put on over 2 stone and bled constantly, and also read some horror stories. But, bfp cycle 2 and due July, good luck smile x

BionicEmu Mon 19-Nov-12 19:00:00

Came off cerazette Sept 2007, finally conceived DS in March 2010! Just used condoms after DS was born, decided to try for DC2 earlier this year, fell pregnant first month of trying.

I can't see how cerazette would have affected me for all that time TBH though.

Zorra Mon 19-Nov-12 19:57:42

I went on a long weekend in August and forgot to take my cerazette with me, so 4 days off the pill... Expecting DC2 in May shock

Pritchyx Mon 19-Nov-12 20:03:40

I was on this pill! I came off it due to the ridiculous moodswings, nonstop heavy bleeding and the spots! But reading that cerazette could alter my periods, I had one 6 weeks after i stopped taking it,then nothing the next month! We're expecting our first in may! smile

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