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Chances of missed miscarriage

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Peasandyoghurt Sat 07-Jan-12 18:35:04

I'm having another panic... sad Having decided googling was doing me much more harm than good I've brought myself the 'My Pregnancy 2012' book, because it's UK based/ up to date etc and I thought it might offer some reassurance against my constant panic that my pregnancy is going to somehow go wrong.

Apparently not though - having spent the last month with appalling morning sickness and reassuring myself that that's a good sign that baby was ok (previously I'd worried about lack of symptoms) and that no bleeding ever and the pains that I got in the early weeks have now stopped and so everything's probably ok, I've now read in this book that missed miscarriages happen often! Does anybody know what this 'often' actually means, statistically speaking? I was under the impression that most miscarriages were pretty obvious and that the 'missed' variety was relatively rare? No?

I'm currently 9+4 (based on scan showing heart beat at 6+3) and have '12 week scan' (based on MW's decision to base on LMP dates) next week, when I'll probably be only 10+3, if that makes sense?

Any wisdom anybody? Is it really that common to be sick as a dog when you're not even really pregnant anymore? sad

Westcountrywife Sat 07-Jan-12 19:00:59

Peasandyogurt, I'm about the same dates as you and constantly worrying too!

I've had several episodes of spotting and have discussed this with GP and midwife. The first question they both asked was 'do you still feel pregnant, how are your symptoms'. As I have very sore boobs and nausea neither have been too worried. So it's a good sign that you have symptoms...

I have my 12 week scan on 23rd jan when I'll be 12.5 weeks and will worry continuously till then. Midwife told me that I'll probably worry until I have a baby in my arms and that it is quite normal to do so.

Are you on any of the groups? I'm on the pregnancy-August babies and the antenatal August babies one. There are a few of us worrying along together...

Will keep my eye out in case someone responds with an answer.... take care.

Gigondas Sat 07-Jan-12 19:07:28

Books and google are not your friend. Think if you see a heartbeat chance of live Birth 70% plus. This jumps to something like 90% plus If heartbeat seen at 9 weeks or later. Hth

Gigondas Sat 07-Jan-12 19:10:20

Symptoms also come and go- nausea and sore breasts went (then came back) post 9 weeks. Also tiredness has varied massively on my 2 good pregnancies (have had 3 mmc and baby with fatal abnormalities at 20 weeks). I don't think there are any hard and fast rules apart from the further along the less likely.
Re bleeding it's not normal and not good in that it needs to be checked out but doesn't always mean mc.

LIG1979 Sat 07-Jan-12 19:35:27

Sorry Peas - it really is a stressful time.

Missed mcs happen because if the baby dies it often doesn't expel immediately. If you catch it by having a scan then it is a mmc. If you wait long enough it will mc on its' own.

One of the sonographers did say that often with missed mcs the baby dies very early before a heartbeat is there so seeing one at 6+3 is a good sign.

This is only my experience but when I had an mmc (baby died at 5.5 but didn't find out till I got spotting at 9.5 weeks) I had no symptoms except tiredness almost as if my symptoms had stopped progressing after 5.5 weeks. This time, I feel awful although I still panic every time I feel a little better - only 9 weeks and already had 3 scans - it is getting costly!!

Good news on getting your 12 weeks scan early - hopefully they will give you another one at your real 12 week point!good luck!

LivingDead Sat 07-Jan-12 21:33:04

I do think chances of mc missed or otherwise do go down a lot once you have seen a scan with a hb. I had bleeding with ds1 around 8/9 weeks and had a scan at the epu, he was happily bobbing around and looking like a chicken nugget in there, the lady said that the chance of a successful pg were high.

Although mmc isn't that rare, I had never heard of it before the internet, and have never known anyone have one, I don't think they are exactly common. Chin up, you only have a week to wait, probability says you will be fine.

Is it your first child? With my first I was convinced that there would be nothing there at the scan and I would be deemed a fraud hmm.

Good luck anyway, I had the date confusion with my ds2 too, I knew that I was only 10 weeks, but they insisted I go for the 12 week scan, I should have lied about the lmp date. They had worried faces at the scan, saying the baby was a bit small until I explained, the whole lmp is annoying when you know you had an ultra long cycle.

bonzo77 Sat 07-Jan-12 21:53:40

I have just had a mmc. It turns out that my morning sickness did stop at a time that coincided with the embyro ceasing to develop. Spotting is pretty common in pregnancy, so I would not worry based on that alone. If you're still feeling "sick as a dog" I would feel pretty optimistic. Oh and by the way, don't waste time and money on a pg test. They will come back positive weeks after a mc, so not helpful in this situation.

Wolfiefan Sat 07-Jan-12 21:59:04

I also had a mmc and remember not feeling sick at all but v v v v tired. Much more so than with two later healthy pgs. Scan was at 13 weeks but baby prob died about 6 weeks or earlier so you are past that point. I was told some early discomfort can be due to womb stretching etc. That all sounds good. I didn't have it when I mmc but did on next pg. I have only heard of 3 mmc (and trust me I talked about it al lot) and one was mine. Hoping you have a great pg and lovely birth!

GwendolineMaryLacey Sat 07-Jan-12 22:14:19

I had a mmc last January and I knew from the start that something was wrong but couldn't get a scan to confirm it until nearly 12 weeks. I had no symptoms at all, not a jot. And with each passing symptomless day the feeling of doom got stronger. The baby apparently didn't make it last 6 weeks and 6 weeks was when my symptoms with dd really kicked off. And with this current pregnancy too.

LouisaJF Sun 08-Jan-12 10:34:28

My first pregnancy was an mmc, which I discovered at my 12 week scan. Looking back, my sickness stopped at around the same time the baby died. I had no other symptoms of a problem.

I am now 24 weeks into my second pregnancy, and the midwife reassured me that sickness is one of the best signs that everything is ok, and I was sick till about 18 weeks.

I know it's easier said that done, but try not to worry too much and stay away from Google. Making yourself stressed about things like this will not do you or baby any good.

Good luck with your pregnancy, try to enjoy it, and take comfort from the sickness.

Peasandyoghurt Sun 08-Jan-12 21:18:17

Thanks so much everyone! Especially those of you who have had mmcs - so sorry to hear your stories and really grateful you'd be kind enough to help.

My sickness does seem to have calmed down a bit the last couple of days, but I'll be (I think) 10 weeks on Tues and sonographer advised symptoms sometimes calm down at around 9/10 weeks as that's when placenta kicks in? I really, really hope that's all it is! sad Friday's scan cannot possibly come soon enough... x

Emmajane1978 Tue 30-Dec-14 22:03:22

Hi ladies looking for down help,my LMP was 2nd nov,I tested positive for pregnancy on dec3rd so I should be 8 weeks 2 days but yesterday I had a private scan and it showed a sac,yolk and a foetal pole measuring 3mm (5-6weeks) is this a mmc again or could my dates be wrong baring in mind when I tested positive,I have a follow up scan next Wednesday 7th jan and am In bits and stuck in limbo...sad

leanne963 Tue 30-Dec-14 23:09:59

I had (what I believe) a mmmmc in June. I found out I was pregnant and I had no real symptoms apart from being thirsty. I found out 10 das before flying to America for a friend's wedding and the day I got on the plane I had the worst cramping I have ever experienced it lasted for about 30 seconds and then stopped. I had the cold sweats and felt sick. But there was nothing I could do as I was about to take off on a 9 hour flight. I spotted constantly though this pregnancy and when I got home after the wedding the midwife booked me in for my 12 week scan but two days before I bled heavily and lost the baby. The scan at a&e couldn't find the baby so I never got any answers.

I am now 19w2d pregnant again and still have had some spotting but baby girl is doing great. I had NO morning sickness whatsoever so don't worry too much of you don't get it. My mum had no symptoms with me and never knew she was pregnant until 6 months.

It is a terrifying time I know, this pregnancy has been super hard but I am lucky I could afford 2 private scans before my 12 week scan to check everything was ok. I am still taking every day at a time even now! But I wish you all the best with this pregnancy and like everyone has said, hearing a heart beat is a fabulous sign smile

littlemissy12345 Tue 30-Dec-14 23:23:24

Hi, I had a mmc last year and had seen a heartbeat at 7+5 but the big thing that put my mind on edge was the fact that the baby was measuring 2 weeks small. I never really settled after that even though I felt sick and tired. I went for a private scan at 10 weeks as i was so unsure, found the baby had grown to 8 weeks but that is in line with it just dying and something was just not right to me.

Rubbish to have this happen but I still think it's rare and if your last scan adds up I'm sure it's fine.

Bellaellaxx Thu 05-Nov-15 11:52:21

I have had 2 previous missed misscarriages in the last year. I only found out about my missed misscarriages when I went for my first scan both times. Both previous pregnancies I only had sore boobs/nipples and bloating.
I am pregnant again, I think about 5-6 weeks, I have had bad morning sickness all day for the past week, dizziness, sore boobs/nipples, overly tired, bloating and very emotional. All of a sudden my symptoms have gone apart from sore boobs n nipples! And bloating but only after eating a lot?! I am also tired quite a bit through out the day.
I am very scared this is happening again to me and everything I am reading is pointing towards a missed miscarriage. Although some ladies are saying there symptoms have come and gone throughout there pregnancy and have had a healthy baby.
I am also 24 years old and very healthy so I don't understand?
Does anyone have any advise? I'm not sure weather to book an early scan or wait until December to have a scan. I don't want to worry and stress as this isn't good for me or baby but I'm finding it difficult in what to think?

April2013 Thu 05-Nov-15 14:34:26

I had an early private scan at 9 weeks after a MMC as I didn't want to wait till 12 weeks to find out if it was another MMC, perhaps as you have had 2 your GP will allow you an early scan on NHS? I also found the Miscarriage Association website and helpline very helpful, they are very nice. Although it was £80, the private scan, it helped me to feel a bit more in control of the situation. I just didn't want to have a month of thinking I was pregnant and feeling v sick and exhausted when actually the baby had stopped growing again. I think if you have a heartbeat at 8 weeks the risk of mc drops significantly (good info about early scans on Miscarriage Association website) - you just have to have a good idea when you will be 8 weeks, I opted for 9 weeks to be on safe side. Obviously something could still go wrong before the 12 week scan but it helped me to feel less stressed. Think there are threads on early scans here.

April2013 Thu 05-Nov-15 14:38:02

In my experience symptoms disappearing or easing off does not mean a MMC - I felt V sick for 4 weeks even though I had had a MMC, I think all the stuff about feeling sick being a good sign isn't that helpful, seems whether you feel pregnant or not doesn't really make much difference to the outcome.

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