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How often should you feel your baby move at 20 weeks

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Newtothisstuff Wed 28-Dec-11 18:09:29

Im 20 weeks pregnant and my baby hasn't moved all day.. It's # 2 for me so should really remember but i can't it was 5 years ago.. It's been active on and off for about 5 weeks now... When should you start the whole kick counting then ?? Should I be worried or am
I over reacting ??? Help ???

Bignorkz Wed 28-Dec-11 18:18:14

Mine was very on and off until I was about 22 weeks, my placenta is at the front though which can hide any movements you might feel. Until i was about 30 weeks i didn't really feel much in the daytime anyway but once I was settled down to watch telly for the night it wouldn't stop! Baby's way of telling me to stop watching crap like Big Brother I think!

FootprintsInTheSnow Wed 28-Dec-11 18:18:52

Supposed to be able to count 10 in any 12 hour period. I'm not sure when you're meant to count from officially. At my hossie before 28 wks, they'll listen on a Doppler if you are concerned, but not do a trace or any other investigations.

I presume you've taken yourself off to bed with a litre of ice cold coke to wake bubba up a bit.

I'm actually no help to you; I'm a terrible worrier. Pregnant with DC4 (28wks)- and off with DH to a private scan this evening just because I'm not quite 'comfortable' with how much the baby is moving over the last few (busy) weeks. MW listened and said all was fine - so I totally accept I'm being frivolous and a worrier - but DH is humouring me!

With DC3 I felt movements very early, and then they really tailed off just before my second scan. The 2nd scan showed the baby was facing directly my spine. I think I just wasn't feeling any movements directed to my back.

Newtothisstuff Wed 28-Dec-11 18:27:54

The ice cold drink is my next mission !! Thanks for the replies.. Hope DC4 is ok.. I'm a bit of a worrier as well smile

Oeisha Wed 28-Dec-11 19:35:23

Check the placental position on your should def. be there if you've had the 20wk scan, but it was noted on my 12wk scan notes. You will probably feel less with an anterior placenta, which I have, but by your stage I was getting regular nerfings too. Any change in movements should at leat be reported.
There's a good chance LO's just hiding, as baby still has plenty of room. But the stress alone isn't worth it. Ring MW for advice if concerned.
I rang my MW at 22wks for some reassurance...I'd gone 16h without anything, and was told to go to triage for monitoring, which I did, she was hiding. Felt a bit of a plank, but they were 100% lovely...
I started keeping a "kick diary" from that scare on. 1700-1700 every 24h, with 3h splits (and a decent night's sleep - hahaha!).
Even went yesterday for a check as she'd been VERY quiet and the movements she was doign were very little compared to the usual uncomfy thrashings. She hasn't yet developed a regular "pattern", so I couldn't just sit there for an hour in the evening and monitor, though many can. I'm37wks...

Bloodyhellthathurts Wed 28-Dec-11 19:41:05

I didn't feel mine move at all regularly until 26 weeks, I also had an anterior placenta. I was in and out of hospital for weeks for monitoring because I was so worried about it - but they were lovely, did not mind at all, and my daughter was absolutely fine. Call the hospital. They're there to help!

FootprintsInTheSnow Wed 28-Dec-11 21:11:40

I can report that DC4 is fine - and exactly the right size for dates. Like other posters - anterior placenta and breech - which I think does go some way to explain why it's hard to feel movements.

smile I feel like a twit, but much happier.

How did that cold drink go down?

Yummymummyyobe1 Wed 28-Dec-11 21:17:56


Our DS moves far more at night when I am still and trying to sleep. He also wriggles away to certian music. I'm 22 weeks and 3 days. xx

Newtothisstuff Wed 28-Dec-11 21:42:58

Ah very glad everything is ok... Just had a bath so cold drink is next.. Ill let you know smile

FootprintsInTheSnow Thu 29-Dec-11 13:12:58

How are you feeling today?

Newtothisstuff Thu 29-Dec-11 13:30:20

I've called the midwife !! Just waiting for her to call me back.. I felt tiny movements I think last night but I don't know whether it was movements or wishful thinking ! Haven't felt anything today yet !! I'm sure I'm just over reacting but just want to make sure

Newtothisstuff Thu 29-Dec-11 13:45:50

So the midwife hasn't phoned me back yet but the baby just decided to have a disco ! I'm so relieved and feel a little bit silly.. I'm wondering whether he/she had turned in a funny angle or something phewwweeee smile

FootprintsInTheSnow Thu 29-Dec-11 13:57:36

smile Disco disco!

Newtothisstuff Thu 29-Dec-11 13:58:11

I know tell me about it !! Phewwwwwwww. blush

brettgirl2 Thu 29-Dec-11 16:15:40

I remember with my daughter I had felt nothing for 24 hours prior to 20 week scan - it was because she was all curled up at the bottom.

Cankulzof Thu 29-Dec-11 16:23:55

with my second it wasn't until around 22/23 weeks that I felt regular movements. I'd been told that it'd be earlier with second pgs so I was a bit confused

Newtothisstuff Thu 29-Dec-11 17:38:32

It's really nerve wracking isn't it ! My DH thinks I'm a little bit crazy haha

FootprintsInTheSnow Sat 31-Dec-11 13:23:05

I'm off to pick up a luverly 2nd hand bugaboo today! I think I've got all excited with the reassurance of her looking fat and healthy at my frivolous scan, and done nothing but scour gumtree and ebay for baby bits since. I guess it's been more of a weight on my mind than I realised!

guinealady Sat 31-Dec-11 13:30:06

I'm 24 weeks and baby has been very wriggly over Christmas - OH felt her kicking first thing on Christmas morning (he was so thrilled!) and I noticed her starting to kick about 15 minutes after sitting down to dinner on Christmas day and every day after that - so she obviously notices when I start eating a serious amount of food!

Also get a lot of kicking at night time when I go to bed, and usually first thing in the morning too - but the day before yesterday she was very quiet at night and hardly anything all day yesterday.

I did start to fret a little but yesterday evening she started being active again and has been kicking up a storm all day today. Just lovely knowing she is there and keeping busy but it does get exhausting!

Newtothisstuff Sat 31-Dec-11 15:59:11

Haha we picked up our eBay special Quinny at the weekend Footprints :-) bought a bugaboo brand new last time for DD and swore blind I'd never buy a new one again !! Cant beat a bargain !! Hope all is well grin

Kittycat27 Sat 19-Jan-13 09:17:19

Hi all, I've been told that I'm panicking over nothing, but wanna get a little advice frm ppl that r in the same situation. I'm 24 weeks & 1 day, & I'm expecting a boy in May. This is my 1st baby, so not sure wot to expect during the pregnancy. I've not felt my baby kick or move at all 2day, which is not like him. He is such an active little thing, so not feeling him kick or move at all 2day is quite worrying. They say he/she should kick about 10 times in a 24hr period? Well my little one is kicking like there is no 2moro. In the eve for instance, he can kick more than 10 times in a 5min period, now that's loads, which is why I'm worrying that he's not kicked yet 2day! Can any1 help, or atleast tell me I'm jst being silly? X (confused)

massagegirl Sat 19-Jan-13 09:26:46

I'm 21 weeks today. Think as they still have a lot of space to move in there will be times when you don't feel as much. Try not to worry. He'll soon give you a nudge to let you know all is well. As I understand you don't need to be counting the kicks at this stage not until 28 weeks so a while to go yet. I'm the same some days I'm more aware of movements than others.

Steffanoid Sat 19-Jan-13 20:23:35

i'm 19+4 not sure if i've felt anything yet as it's my first DC, we're off for our 20 week scan on wednesday and due to the kicking that the DC gave the sonograph machine at the 12 week scan i'm hoping theresgoing to be lots of action still, the main thing i'm getting is cramps on my lower right side which i'm puttingdown to growing pains seeing as i seem to want to eat likea horse and am expanding somewhat at the moment, so here's to hoping all goes well on wednesday

RachelRogers14 Mon 25-May-15 17:59:04

Hello this is my second pregnancy I'm 20+4 and my little girl hasn't moved at all today my placenta it anterior high. Could that be why I don't feel them as much? sad

applecore0317 Mon 25-May-15 18:25:04

Rachel it could be why, I believe that people with anterior placentas feel a lot leas than those with posterior. Also the baby is still very small at that point and can tuck itself into a corner or face inwards and be kicking the other way.

Usually recommended to monitor movement from between 24 and 28 weeks dependent on who you speak to. If you are worried call your out of hours midwives.

I have a posterior placenta and movement was sporadic when I was 20 weeks, didn't get really regular until I was nearer 25 weeks.

Also, better to start your own thread in future, as these old ones can get missed x

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