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Varicose veins - referral?

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MarathonMama Tue 27-Dec-11 20:41:08

I have very hideous varicose veins all up one leg and in my labia. I'm 29 weeks and my mw says that she's going to refer me to an obsetrician as there's a risk that they may burst during the birth. Has anyone been referred for this? She said I would still have a VB so I don't understand what the referral is for. Any ideas what the obs consultant will say/ do?

A bit annoying as I'm low risk and had a very straightforward birth with DC1

fumblebee Tue 27-Dec-11 21:00:14

Hello, I didnt have a referral but I had the same problem. I was very upset with my midwife for not talking to me about it properly, because I was very frightened that mine would burst during childbirth..
I had no problems during birth but I still have the veins and want to get rid of them.
Tbh I have no answers for you.. Im just wondering why she has reffered you if you are having a normal vaginal birth? I heard of nothing that could help whilst giving birth theres nothing you can do with them really lol.
let me know what the dr says its a strange one really xx

PreggoEggo Thu 29-Dec-11 18:15:17

OMG im paranoid noW! i went to see my doctor months ago as i was so swollen down below, and she took a look and was going to give me a cream but never did. I never mentioned it again. I am 38 weeks and planning a HB- do I need to worry about veins/something popping?!

Benzer Sun 08-Jan-12 08:51:14

Hi there! I'm 27 weeks today & have same problem. Have so many questions but not seeing MW for 10 more days. Am expecting to be ref to Consultant though; they prob have a protocol they need to follow for anything outside of normal (am a nurse & presuming it works the same for MW as us). Really feel for you! I had them in second preg but it was just one ropey vein, this time I have a huge lump above my bikini line & a small country of veins in my L Vulva & down inside of L thigh. They're on R too but don't give me any bother there. Am in constant discomfort & no idea how bad it'll get. Do you think you'll be finishing work early due to this? Also; have you has any advice re exercising? I stayed active with last 2 & walked a 3 mile circuit twice daily the day my second was born. This time I've been a couch potato. Have read conflicting reports re exercising good/bad. It's v uncomfortable but if I thought it would help in the long run I'd put up with it. TBH seeing a Consultang might be good to have a frank chat about the while thing. Am going to try to see MW this week methinks. BTW: my sil was advised to wear cycling shorts/maternity spans for hers. Not sure they made a vast difference. Also: the VV made no difference whatsoever to my delivery; Dd shot out in 2 hrs & the VV disappeared but every month I had the heavy achey feeling they give you.

Chelly71 Sun 08-Jan-12 14:58:22

Hi, I've got the same and my mw told me to see the doctor. He said they CANNOT burst during labour. I was advised to buy support tights, Pebble do them online and you can only get stockings on nhs. And use big sani pads if they get uncomfortable. But they are gross, and Im 26 weeks now. He also said nhs won't fix them afterwards... You have to go private. I'm seeing a consultant anyway next week, age and ivf baby, so will post further if I get any more words of wisdom. Good luck ladies! Ps, I had a pedi the other week and the woman asked how I'd bruised my ankles and legs so badly!!!!!

Benzer Sun 08-Jan-12 18:23:36

Thx for that Chelly!! I have the stockings but they're really uncomfortable. Going to check Pebble out. I remember being told during my last pregnancy that due to the pressure if the baby's head coming down during labour, The blood flow stops the pressure in the veins in the vulva & they can't burst. Fingers crossed!

Benzer Sun 08-Jan-12 18:24:42

Pps. ANY other advice much appreciated & I'll post any more info here too.

Benzer Wed 11-Jan-12 23:35:57

Any of you ladies been told to stop work due to your VV? am in the process of sorting my ML & now don't think I'll make it to 38 weeks, as planned. Am a nurse in GP surgery & this is our busiest time of year. Seeing MW Fri but know it'll be another couple of weeks if she wants to refer me on. Worried I'll miss out going to our brand new MLU & end up being a hospital delivery after two v fast straightforward previous deliveries.

MarathonMama Sat 14-Jan-12 18:48:51

Benzer my veins sound exactly the same as yours, all on the left side too. If you had them during your last pregnancy, how much did they improve afterwards?

The doctor says there's no risk of them bursting during labour unless they're in your perineum (sp?) and it tears (urrrgh!!!). I can't bear to look down there and don't want to know. DH was visibly shocked when he saw the ones in my labia sad

Thanks for the Pebble tip off, I got some hold ups on prescription but they are CRAP, round my knees within an hour, but the ones I got from Pebble are great. The veins are definitely better if I've been wearing the stockings all day.

Anyone know if I can get them sorted on my private medical insurance through work if they don't disappear afterwards? My legs look hideous and terribly bruised, I don't think I'll be able to wear a skirt again unless they improve dramatically.

Benzer not sure about work, my doctor seems nonplussed so I'd be surprised if he'd sign me off.

Oh the joys!

DreamingOfPeace Sat 14-Jan-12 22:18:31

My friend was signed off with vulval varices at about 24 weeks due to pain they caused when she was standing.

I have them now, at 26 weeks, appeared at about 16.... My friend was also told they're not a problem in labour normally.

Hers were 'moderate' her consultant said, and she said it felt better within 12 hours of giving birth, and all gone 7 months on. There's hope!!!

Oh, and wierdly, mine are all left side too- some more mild ones on right and less painful, I think, and non on my right leg?!?

Benzer Sun 15-Jan-12 21:53:55

Marathon; glad Pebbles are good! I have to wait till payday (2 more weeks!), but will def get some. I don't really have major veins on my legs. They're there & bluish but not ropey & fat like in my pelvic area. Think you can have leg ones sorted easily on nhs, but vulval stuff has to be done privately. Mine did go after I had my second little girl, but every time of the month I had the achey heavy feeling & it did sometimes interfere with my running. Now if I run my hand over my left inner thigh, groin, vulva the lumps are hideous. Underwaer rubs & is uncomfortable. Saw MW Thur & she has documented 'nil visible' in my notes!!!!!!! Feel like a fraud. Reckon it's cos I was lying down when she examined me & right enough they're barely there when I lie. This same for the rest of you? Hopefully this means that when the pressure's off, they'll go! :-) Seeing Consultant Tom & will ask if he'll look when I'm standing. I'm getting nipping/stinging/burning/throbbing pain when am on my feet. That same for rest of you? There must be some physiological reason why they're more common on the L side! Marathon; are you a runner too?

Lenka53 Mon 24-Mar-14 11:43:03

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