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If you got more spots when pregnant, did you have a boy or girl?

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Pinkchampagne Fri 23-Dec-11 10:45:18

My sister is pregnant with her second child (she has one DS) and has been getting lots of spots on her face. She has heard that spots in pregnancy are linked with having a girl (apparently a study in France said you were 90% more likely to have a girl if you suffered spots during pregnancy) so I thought I would do a poll on here to see if there is any truth to this.

If you suffered bad skin while pregnant did you have a boy or a girl?smile

GwendolineMaryLacedwithBrandy Fri 23-Dec-11 10:47:35

I'm very spotty and having a girl.

Pinkchampagne Fri 23-Dec-11 10:55:34

One to support the theory

She is going to find out in a few weeks but is going mad trying to guess from all the old wives tales!

PuraVida Fri 23-Dec-11 11:01:56

I was really really spotty in both pregnancies

One boy

One girl

Tigrelily Fri 23-Dec-11 11:04:45

I have a boy and 2 girls and I'm expecting another girl... With my boy, my skin was great and my hair was thick and shiny. With my girls (including this preg), I had acne, greasy skin and hair that was so dry it looked like a brillopad!

dani87 Fri 23-Dec-11 11:05:24

I was spotty in both pregnancies both girls I have heard girls take the beauty from their mother during pregnancy smile

ShrimpOnTheBarbie Fri 23-Dec-11 11:06:00

Really spotty both times and two girls.

mominamillion Fri 23-Dec-11 11:08:27

I had four girls and my skin was great through each pregnancy.

nancerama Fri 23-Dec-11 11:10:16

I had no spots and want my pregnancy hair, skin and nails back. I look a right old hag 6 months after giving birth to DS.

A Polish waitress predicted I was having a boy. She told me that in her culture it is said that girls steal the mothers beauty, but women pregnant with boys blossom.

Pinkchampagne Fri 23-Dec-11 11:19:05

I must say, I cannot remember having bad skin with either of my boys but the last one is 8 years old so my memory has probably gone hazy!

Abcinthia Fri 23-Dec-11 11:34:16

I had less spots during pregnancy and I had a girl.

chocolateyclur Fri 23-Dec-11 11:41:05

Loads of spots here (massive ones in my cleavage!) and two sons

MrsHuxtable Fri 23-Dec-11 11:41:31

My skin is horrendous. Proper teenage acne on my back and I'm having a girl!

mumsrthebest Fri 23-Dec-11 11:41:35

No spots and I am having a girl. My friend had spots during both pregnancies and she has a girl and a boy.

FoxyRevenger Fri 23-Dec-11 11:43:41

I had a girl. I was hideous.

Pinkchampagne Fri 23-Dec-11 11:44:50

Seems more common with girls than boys then

molschambers Fri 23-Dec-11 11:45:55

I had three preganacies. One with bad skin, two with fab skin. I have three girls.

molschambers Fri 23-Dec-11 11:46:38

Not quite sure what preganacies might be....

molschambers Fri 23-Dec-11 11:47:25

And my skin was shit to begin with so with two of them it got better.

spannermary Fri 23-Dec-11 11:50:18

Spots and baking a boy...although mainly on my chest rather than face, weirdly.

As for the Polish theory about blooming if you're having a boy...nearly 6 months in and I'm still waiting! Ah well...

sherbetpips Fri 23-Dec-11 11:52:19

I got leg acne - all up my thighs - yak
had a boy.

Pascha Fri 23-Dec-11 11:55:29

Really spotty and I had a boy.

Pinkchampagne Fri 23-Dec-11 12:03:44

More boys creeping in now! She admits to craving more rubbish food than normal which might not be helping her case!grin

Crosshair Fri 23-Dec-11 12:05:35

Spotty face and chest - Boy.

smartyparts Fri 23-Dec-11 12:09:05

Really spotty - boy.

Best friend, really spotty - girl.

How could the sex of the baby influence this anyway?

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