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Pregnancy post mc: Totally Grads Part 11!

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digitalgirl Wed 23-Nov-11 15:56:03

Welcoming all those pregnant after miscarriage who need hand-holding, a place to moan, share happy news or just lurk.

It will happen for us this time.

link to part 10

Biscuitsandtea Wed 23-Nov-11 15:59:10

Marking my place, but welcome again and congrats on your graduation Digi smile

LAF77 Wed 23-Nov-11 16:13:47

Congrats digi so happy for you. We've come so far!

Waiting for kat's news next week and we will drag everyone across one by one.

Here's to the announcement of 6 more babies soon!

Youremindmeofthebabe Wed 23-Nov-11 16:30:37

<happy dance> Nice one Digi! x

stitchinline Wed 23-Nov-11 16:31:02

Woohoo digi so pleased for you grin

stitchinline Wed 23-Nov-11 16:37:31

<firmly staples digi to the floor>

Wednesday 23 November

5 full termers now at the top - we await news!! One has popped but don't know who it is yet!

Wombatinwaiting - baby # 1 39+6 wks EDD 24th November
LaraMi baby #1 39+5 weeks EDD 25th November
Izzy - baby #3 39+4 wks EDD 26th November
Bigmacandhappymeal - baby#1 39+1 weeks EDD 29th November
Blackkat - baby #1 38+2 wks EDD 5th December
Minnie74 -baby1 37+2 wks EDD 12th December
Harassedandherbug - baby #4 35+6 wks EDD 22 December
Dooscooby - baby #1 35+6 wks EDD 22 December
Youremindmeofthebabe Baby#2 34+1 wks EDD 5th Jan
Sunchild77 Baby #3 34+0 wks EDD 6th Jan - Elcs at 39 wks
Freezingmyarseoff baby#2 33+4 EDD 7th Jan
Milkyways baby #2 33+3 wks EDD 8th January
Laylasmummy 31+4 wks EDD 21 Jan
Purpletoes 29+0 weeks baby #1 EDD 8th Feb
Stitchinline 26+0 wks EDD 29 February
Shellshock7 baby #1 25+3 EDD 4 March
LAF77 23+0 EDD 21 March
LILI80 23+0 EDD 21 March
Biscuitsandtea - baby no 2, 22+1 EDD 27 March
Digitalgirl - 19+2 EDD

The babies are arriving! Huge congratulations to:

Totally with daughter Faith Juliet, 9lb5oz born Tuesday 16th February 2010
Amyboo with son Matthew James, 4.714kg (10lb3oz) born Tuesday 30th March 2010
Hoops with son Benjamin Scott, 7lb4oz born Friday 2nd April 2010
Memorylapse with daughter Olivia, born Friday 16th April 2010
Jacanne with daughter Lotta Eliza, 8lbs 5oz born 20th April 2010
Becky78 with son Thomas Christopher born 22nd May, 9lb 1oz
Meita with son Ianto born 23 August, 7lbs 4
Boodleboot with daughter Alice Elizabeth born 10 Sep - 8lbs 2oz
LeeWT with son Andrew Anthony born 28th Sept 7lbs 14oz
TFLS with son Charlie born on 30th September, 6lbs 8oz
SamB with daughter Ruby Mae born 19th October, 7lbs 10oz
Effilump with son Arlen born 16th October, 8lbs
Sarahlou8 with daughter Emily Isabella born 21st October, 7lb8oz
Unbuffy with son James Anthony born 3rd December, 6lb8oz
HappyGirl with daughter Ciara born 10th December, 8lb2oz
Malteser1981 with son Eli born 18 December, 8lb 6oz
Zayja with daughter Winona born 19 December, 7lbs 11oz
Sparklyrainbow with son Alex born 28th December, 9lb 7oz
GoodLuckBear with son James born 25th December, 8lb
BunnyBaby with son Daniel George born 5th January 2011, 10lb 1oz
AlbaDeTamble - with son born 10th Jan 2011, 8lbs 10oz
Gilda - with son Ren born 10th Jan 2011, 8lb 4oz
WestYorkshireGirl - with daughter Hester Rose born 14th Jan 2011, 6lb 4oz
Redheadgal - with daughter Cecily Anne born 13th Jan 2011, 8lbs 13oz
Toomuchteaching - with daughter Jemima born 17th Jan 2011, 8lb1/4oz
Dorcas111 - with daughter born 4th February 2011 8lbs 5oz
Clareanna - with son Tobias born 10th February 7lbs 10oz
Muser - with daughter born 15th February 6lbs 12oz
Ba8y1 – with son born Tuesday 15th February, 8lbs 11oz
Lotta123 - with baby born Monday 21st February
Magic8ballhastheanswers - Identical twin girls, born 27th February 6lb8 & 5lb15
Northerngoldilocks - with son born Wednesday 16th March, 9lb 6oz
Stuffedmk - with son Thomas, born Wednesday 23rd March
Hopefully - with son, born 29th March 7lb 12oz
Lia - with daughter, born 1st April 8lb 11oz
PenguinsMummy - with daughter Clodagh
VivClicquot - with daughter, Phoebe, born Thursday 28 April, 7lb 5oz
Ivysedai - with son, born Tuesday May 2nd 3.83KG
Loopymumsy - with daughter, born Thursday 12th May, 7lb 15oz
Caribou - with son, Caleb, born Saturday 28 May, 9lb 1oz
LittleMiss - with son- born Wednesday 1st June 7lb 1oz
appleblossoms - with son Malachi, born Wednesday 15th June, 9lb 4oz
crochetcircle - with daughter born Sunday 26th June, 8lb 4oz.
urbanlolly - with daughter born Tuesday 19th July, 8lb 3oz.
Nickster - with son Corey born Tuesday 2nd August
Tiggersreturn - with sons born Saturday 13th August, 5lb 2oz and 3lb 13oz
Owlbooty - With son Robin born 18th August 8lb 13oz
PrettyVacant - baby girl born Tuesday 23rd August
OrangeGloss – with son, Huw born Thursday 1st September
Wombat - baby born Sunday 11th September
Emoo - baby girl born 13 September
PinkFondantFancy - with daughter Persephone Amelia, born 16 September
ALovelyBunchofCoconuts - with son Thomas James, born 22nd September 8lb 12 oz
MamaPower - with daughter, born 24th September
Daisybell - with daughter Philippa Alice, born 26th September
Velvetcu – with daughter Eva Lily, born 18th October
Tunnocksteacake – with daughter Esther Joy, born 19th October
Hotnspicyonions - with son Max Lewis, born 28th October
Hils74 with son Archie Dylan, born born 28th October
MummyAbroad - with son Max, born 1st November
IreneHeron - with son Joe, born 3rd November.
Katherine2008 - with son Teddy, born 5th November
CEP - with son Alexander George, born 10th November
Collie with son Isaac Thomas, born 22 November 8lb 7oz

In our thoughts and prayers:
Louise with daughter Georgie born asleep on 10th October
Dachs with her babies Alexander and Felicia who left the world asleep on 21st May
Magic8ballhastheanswers who leaves behind her beautiful little girl, spiderbabies and DH. Blessed are those of us that had the privilege of knowing you.

We share the pain and and mourn the loss with:
Jollster, Cheepz, BarrenBrook, MsJL, LadyBee, BatteryHen, Waterplate, and Boodleboot

wombatinwaiting Wed 23-Nov-11 16:43:25

Yay digi! Huge congrats and a great way to start the new thread! grin

Great work on the stats stitch - thank you.

What about a sweepstake on the number of posts we get to before I pop - I'll start the ball rolling with 212

Blackkat Wed 23-Nov-11 16:47:29

digi so so thrilled and hurray for team yellow! Thanks for new thread too.

doo so pleased scannage went well grin

wiw will lay of the pineapple, a timely warning smile

Biscuitsandtea Wed 23-Nov-11 16:52:47

Oooh WIW - love the sweepstake idea - I'm going with 78 posts. So we have:

Biscuits 78
WIW 212

Any others......

I do feel relieved to not be bottom of the list now - thanks Digi - fingers crossed we can welcome Kat across next week to take up that newbie position smile

bigmacandhappymeal Wed 23-Nov-11 18:11:22

Hurrah digi welcome and congratulations on your graduation! Fabulous news and welcome to Team Yellow.... thanks also for the new thread...

Great news doo about the scan - so lovely that you got to see chubby cheeks smile

We've spent the day at the hospital as i woke up this morning puffy and after a trip to the docs had high BP and protein in my wee (I am nothing if not glamorous). However, after 5 hours, it would seem that all is well and i'm back home again. Hospital bag went into the back of the car and car seat was ready in case they induced me. Gulp. I'm going back on Friday for repeat checks.

Ooo sweepstake.... I'm going to go for 171 posts smile

I have left chilled toffee crisps out for everyone. Trust me, they're good.

Blackkat Wed 23-Nov-11 18:37:16

mac sorry to hear you've had such a stressful day but so pleased to hear that all is well and you are back home. Fx for Friday. Mmmmm toffee crisp grin

IzzyWizzyletsgetbusy Wed 23-Nov-11 18:48:40

Marking my place...

bigmac glad everything went well today, hope things settle down for Friday.

wiw I'll be looking out for your news soon...

Bizarre to think I should have a baby by the end of this thread...still doesn't seem possible!!

harassedandherbug Wed 23-Nov-11 19:04:26

Oooh lovely new thread, thanks digi and congratulations on your scan!

izzythat sounds like you're going for a long pregnancy wink

bigmacthought you'd been quiet today lovely. Look after yourself, not long now x

doo ooh they like worrying you don't they?! I get the opposite, the next person that comments on my size is going to get punched...... Very glad all is well, can't believe we're almost there!!!

wiw you'll be just fine without rlt, I didn't take it with L and she was my quickest easiest birth.

News..... well not much! Had a private 1-2-2 ante natal class on Monday evening which was fabulous and well worth the money. She was a mw and used to do aqua bumps, so I know her and was just lovely. High point of the evening was her telling dh what to do if the baby arrives before the mw'...... his face was a picture. Poor thing! On Tuesday the mw brought the home birth box. It's huuuuge and filled with scary looking stuff. I'm all for being prepared, but looked at a couple of things, freaked and put the lid back on! Yesterday was not a good day, but today is fine. Been out for lunch with a friend and just feel loads better.

Minnie74 Wed 23-Nov-11 20:11:52

Thanks digi for the shiny new thread and congrats on the scan.

doo your scan sounds really cute, must have really cheered you up too.

bigmac good luck for the rest of the week, sounds like a scary start to the day but I'm really glad you're ok. Thanks for the toffee crisps too-I'm on a mission to find chocolate which doesn't make me throw up at the moment! I can make myself sick at the drop of a hat now!

harrassed Bit jealous of the home birth box. It wasn't something I ever thought of in the beginning (being a real wuss smile) but now I'm nearing DDay I'm wishing I'd given it a bit more sensible thought. Might have traumatised my cats mind you-not to mention dp!

blackkat i'm joining you on the birthing ball but think I might draw the line at 8 pineapples (even though I do love it I don't think my heartburn would)

Having been a bit nervous of maternity leave I'm already enjoying it! I love sleeping in and my ankles are back to normal! Did some last minute baby shopping today and think I'm now just about sorted-even packed my hospital bag shock Scarily making it all real now though! grin

<wanders off chewing on a chilled toffee crisp>

harassedandherbug Wed 23-Nov-11 20:28:00

minnie originally I wanted to do it purely for practical reasons as due 22nd Dec and dd is 5, so really didn't want dh and I to be vanishing off to hospital on Christmas Eve/Day. But I'm glad we made the decision now. Hoping dd will stay at home with us, but have plans in case she doesn't want to. She said today that she doesn't want my screaming to wake her up...... we have had quite a frank and honest discussion about it!

V jealous of your lie ins......still got to do the school run!

Freezingmyarseoff Wed 23-Nov-11 20:28:01

Hooray for Digi that's great news.
And I'm glad you're reassured now Doo, I was going to say that I had exactly the same thing with DD but have slightly missed the boat now - sorry. FWIW, I'm also going back for another growth scan next after last week's scan. Apparently there is low amnio fluid but not much I can do so I'm taking the calm approach as best I can.

Bigmac sounds like you've had busy day but great you are going home. Good luck for Friday

Ooh, I'm very excited at the prospect of all these imminent births. grin

Waves to all

mmmm toffee crisp - nom nom

dooscooby Thu 24-Nov-11 09:04:32

Fab news on the scan front digi and thanks for starting the lovely new thread.

bigmac sorry you had a scary day yesterday, pleased you got checked out though and youre back home now.

Sorry i was a bit obsessed by the growth scan yesterday, i think a few hrs sitting in the waiting room on my own gave me too much time to worry-thank god for dh and you lot!

harassed only one week until we're fully cooked now-wow, i almost dont believe it but am starting to get excited (plus moments of sheer terror!). I'd refrain from looking in the homebirth kit any more, but im a big wimp with stuff like that! Im feeling nicely protected by the 5 ladies who are fully cooked at the top for now, but ive got a feeling you wont stay up there long so it might be a lonely ride for me- hope it doesnt go too quiet in here over xmas!!

Right, im still lounging in bed and should be at work, like now! Must get cant be arsed now!

wombatinwaiting Thu 24-Nov-11 10:54:00

Love the story of your DH harassed - would have loved to have seen his face. What a good idea to do the 1:1 antenatal class. Thanks for the reassurance on the rlt too.

FWIW minnie - I don't think you're too late to change your mind about a home birth - I have heard of people arranging them a few days before....

Hope you can take it a bit easy today bigmac after yesterday's antics - thinking of you x

So due date is today! Don't feel in the least as if anything is happening and still not too uncomfy so settling in for a bit of a wait. Had a bit of a shock last night as my best friend here had her baby 5 weeks early after severe bleeding and emergency c section. Went to see them with breast pads and nursing bras today as she hadn't got those yet and they were fantastically upbeat if not a little shell-shocked. Baby is in NICU and will be there for a week which is standard practice for early babies here but is doing v well at 5lb6oz. Feels all topsy turvy as I was supposed to be going first!

stitchinline Thu 24-Nov-11 11:38:10

So the gtt is now done - and wasn't that fun! Currently sitting in cafe having hot choc as nearly fainted on way to tube - silly me was in such a hurry to get to work i forgot to eat once it was done. blush

Happy due day wiw

Think I have worked out who popped ( I love that expression) by my amazing powers of deduction so excitedly waiting for confirmation.

Hope everyone else is good today. smile

cep Thu 24-Nov-11 12:29:11

digi great news congratulations.

bigmac sorry things were so stressful yesterday, hope things are ok today.

wiw good luck over next few days hon.

stitch i think i have too, so ill wait with you for the announcement. grin

i'm knackered ds2 was cluster feeding till 02:39 this morning, sooo tired, however on a high he latched straight onto my boob without a shield for his last feed. for the whole 20 mins, which is the first time since birth, so yay.

shellshock7 Thu 24-Nov-11 13:21:37

New thread!

Doo fab scan news, hopefully you can relax abut it all now as you say smile

Congrats on the scan digi so happy for you smile

WIW with your latest post I'll go for 183 posts! Glad to hear your friend and her baby are doing well.

I spoke with the MW about the cervical stitch and she said its only a worry if you have had a cone biopsy, not the laser treatment, and I would have been having the stitch a lot earlier. Was glad I rang and she didn't make me feel like I was wasting her time, so thanks for the good advice.

Biscuitsandtea Thu 24-Nov-11 13:30:52

So an update for our WIW sweepstake:

Biscuits 78
Bigmac 171
Shell 183
WIW 212

Any more for any more? Or anyone I've missed?

cep glad the bf seems to be going ok.

And lots of hugs to all those full termers who are waiting to pop now smile

IzzyWizzyletsgetbusy Thu 24-Nov-11 13:41:13

Go on then put me down for 150 posts...

Biscuitsandtea Thu 24-Nov-11 13:45:34

Biscuits 78
Izzy 150
Bigmac 171
Shell 183
WIW 212

stitchinline Thu 24-Nov-11 14:22:30

Biscuits 78
Izzy 150
Bigmac 171
Shell 183
WIW 212
Stitch 121

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