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welcome to the new SPD sofa, have a [biscuit] and a [brew]!

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sillywmama Sat 19-Nov-11 18:26:27

Hello all... just thought I'd start a new SPD support thread for anyone dealing with the whole achy fanjo/painful back/ridiculous inner thigh pain. I'm 9weeks pregnant and am settling in for the long haul. <fluffs up pillows and pops a paracetamol>

I have to confess I'm feeling a tad emotional that the pain is ALREADY here again but at least I'm better prepared this time! Last preg was spent flipping between teeth-gritted stoicism and hysterical wailing tears. No fun for anyone!

Taking enormous doses of codeine and hobbling around on crutches is something I'd like to avoid this time round so I'm going in all guns blazing for a consultant led care plan, pain clinic appointments and physio ASAP.

Anyone is welcome to join me! <puts the kettle on and hands around the jammy dodgers>

ZuleikaJambiere Thu 01-Dec-11 08:51:59

Good news on the referral Hermione

A quick question - what's the easiest way that you've found to dry your legs and feet after a shower? I automatically rest my foot on the side of the bath, but it's not that easy anymore. Thanks

nannyn Thu 01-Dec-11 15:03:27

ZuleikaJambiere I find air drying whilst running after a toddler quite affective grin 1st time round I ended up doing most things on the bed (other than that) or sitting on the edge of the bath with my foot on a toddler step.

I'm having lot's of aches today, not aided by someone crashing into my car this morning. Are there any choci bics left?

ZuleikaJambiere Fri 02-Dec-11 08:31:25

That crash doesn't sound good nannyn, you could have done without that right now. As my main aim everyday is to get showered and dressed before DD wakes (it doesn't happen otherwise) I'll give the sitting on the bed/bath technique a try. Thanks for the tip

BlueCrane Mon 05-Dec-11 15:34:11

Afternoon all, may I tentatively join you? I am hoping that the pain I've been in for the last few days turns out to be something utterly different but am not totally convinced that will be the case! Really struggling to sleep as in a lot of pain trying to get comfortable/roll over. The pain seems to be in my very lower back/buttock area, predominantly on the left hand side but extending right across at times too…no pain shooting down the back of my legs though so don’t think it’s sciatic! Today, sat at my desk, I have twinges of pain in my lower left back/buttock and also pain around the lower part of my mini-bump, especially when I walk. Does this all sound familiar in terms of symptoms? I was thinking of seeing how I get on tonight and then ringing the docs in the morning if no better! I’m 15 weeks pregnant with DC1 and have been enjoying starting to feel a bit more normal after feeling nauseous and being sick for weeks…and now this! DH bit fed up about it too as was also enjoying me being my normal self and hoping that I might be up for sex again at some point 9not top of the agenda when super nauseous!!), which is looking unlikely again at the moment!

yummicheddars Tue 06-Dec-11 09:22:44

So I may be joining you on the sofa..hhmm this has got to be the worlds biggest! Anyway..I've been having severe pains since the early weeks of pregnancy ( now 20 weeks) and still having it. It has been getting worse, the pain in my back and hips is unbelievable, I do keep getting pain lower abdomen but nt as constant as my back. I do have to live of paracetamol which takes the edge off. (Allergic to co-deine) anyway I keep getting told its just the hormones, but this is my 2nd and I never experienced anything like this with my first. I do struggle to get comfy in bed, and wake up from pain when turning.

CarterGirl Tue 06-Dec-11 10:43:53

Hello all! Like the previous two posters I'm wondering if I have SPD too or not.. Had a UTI last week which I got antibiotics for, which has now (I think) led to thrush but I also think there might be some SPD thrown in for good measure (yay!) - I have an 'uncomfortable' fanjo along with some tenderness/ achiness at top inner thigh and generally along what I'd say is the 'undercarriage' (pelvic floor?!). For a while now I've been getting achy hips when lying in bed and find I get 'twinges' when turning in bed/ getting out of bed and also when getting in/ out of car (I'd read about the plastic bag on car seat tip a while ago somewhere else and used it today- helped loads and will also do what some genius here suggested and get satin pajamas!)
As my cervix was measured at 25 mm at 18 wks (am now 23 wks) I'm super paranoid that any fanjo/ pelvic floor pains mean something sinister and have worked myself into a bit of a state on occasion (poor DP) and so am actually pretty relieved to think my pains might be SPD? But having said that I commiserate with the rottenness.
I'd pass a Digestive but am actually in New Zealand at the moment (helpfully fell for a Kiwi) and am obsessed with their Whittakers Almond Slab. God knows how many calories are in it but I have one in bed every night...

working9while5 Tue 06-Dec-11 11:42:59

Hello all

I am having trouble! Ended up in A and E at 9 weeks thinking I was miscarrying (staff there thought I was because I could only go on all fours and couldn't sit/stand), the pain was untrue. IV of paracetamol helped. Since then it is on and off. Am 13 weeks now, and have had some days where everything is totally normal and others where getting out of bed requires Herculean effort.

I commute 3-4 hours a day by public transport and this is my main difficulty at present, I am so exhausted and feeling quite down that I have these symptoms now. I didn't have SPD in last pg but I did have a LOT of back/hip pain after birth and for MONTHS.

I am going to physio today, what to expect?

notcitrus Tue 06-Dec-11 14:49:19

Hello - in awe of your commute working! I hope you are demanding a seat for all of it! (a basic folding walking stick from the chemist is about a tenner and is a wonderful magic talisman for getting people to move...)

Can you adjust your working hours a bit or work from home at all? Physio should poke you a lot and give you an idea of where in your pelvis is out of sorts and whether that should improve with exercises.

A sort-of success story here - after having the ooh GP visit home at 8 weeks, huge SPD agony nearly as bad as in labour, and then lots of pain in my first trimester, the SPD then got a lot better, and now at 29 weeks it's manageable. Today I went Christmas shopping in Croydon so walked to station and then around for a couple hours with quite a few rest stops, but 4 months ago I tried the same and had to stop 6 times on the way back from station - this time not at all. But did get the bus one stop on the way home. smile
Shame I've been unable to work for other pregnancy-related reasons for ages...

nannyn Tue 06-Dec-11 18:22:28

Hello to all the newbies, from what you've all said it sounds like we're all in the same boat.
I can't recommend a body pillow highly enough, it makes a huge differance to me.
I've been seeing a threapist who does lot's of different massarge tecniques, she's been really good at explaining how all the muscles & tendons connect & why my inner thighs, buttocks & bump get so sore. She is a life saver at the moment.
biscuit brew

sillywmama Sun 11-Dec-11 19:45:26

hello all... I'm back, sorry it's been a while! I went to stay with my mum and had no internet access for a while. It's been feckin hard work lately, but the break did me good.

We decorated the house today for crimbo - yay! Which was loads of fun but I've overdone it, and am now on the sofa paracetamol'd up. Remind me not to get up a ladder again eh?

Trying to think back to my first pg and the physio assessment... hmm, I think it was a 'group' session. They gave us a print out of advice, talked about sitting/standing and suchlike (be a lady now, knees together lol) but not much else. It was the 2nd or 3rd time I was actually assessed on a bed and given a proper examination. If you aren't asked to lie down and lift up your legs independently, or to demonstate walking in a straight line, things like that, then you should prob ask for a more in depth assessment.

I'm going for my first physio exam on the 22nd, which is going to be pretty thorough as I need a report for my blue badge application. I'm expecting to be examined with no trousers on, on a bed and standing/walking, with my spine and hips (alignment and rotation) to be given particular attention. I have an anterior tilt (my spine curves a bit dramatically, which gives a bit of a duck waddle look.... sexy hey?) and my left hip gets a bit 'stuck' which puts strain on the rest of my pelvis, preventing me from lifting my foot off the floor properly... it prob makes more sense looking at me actually. So I'll stop trying to explain!!

I have to say one thing has cheered me up enormously. My neighbours upstairs just moved in in June, and I LOVE them. The girl used to be a full time nanny and she adores my son (which makes me love her in return!). She's also a sports therapist and actually understands what PGP/SPD is, and has offered to do the nursery run - 20min walk with a buggy - for me when it all gets a bit much. HURRAH there is a god!! I have been secretly panicking about it since I got pg. She helped me put him to bed tonight as DH is out and I struggle to lift him into the cot. DS is 16mo and already 28lb. Ooof - that's a lot to lift.

<settles down for the x factor final, any takers on a mug of hot choc?>

BlueCrane Mon 12-Dec-11 13:13:48

Afternoon all...just back from the doctors after a pretty sleepless night with awful pains in left hip, buttock, lower back and left leg...which have just added to pain around my under bump area over the last week! Still rather constipated so wondering if that might be the cause of some of it (now have some lovely laxatives to try from the docs but think waiting until after work to try them might be a good idea blush as don't know how fast acting they are!!). But eitherway, the left side/hip thing can't be constipation as that feels as though someone's trying to pull my left hip out of position and is sooo painful! Doc was 'ok' but not great, felt around my lower back and concluded I have a 'pulled muscle' there and to rest/take paracetamol. I'll stick to that plan for the next few days and take my laxatives and see what happens but I have my 16w MW check on Thursday so if no better then I will push for further examination as currently in a lot of pain sat at my desk!!

silly glad you got to have a good beak at your Mum's and yeah to helpful neighbour too!! Hope your assessment goes well on Thursday.

nanny I've just ordered a body pillow so hoping that will help me get some sleep...DH will just have to get used to not havig much space in the bed though!!

notcitrus so glad you are feeling a bit better!

working how are you doing? How did the physio go?

Right...back to trying to focus on doing some work and hoping the paracetamol kick in soon to dull this pain!

sillywmama Wed 14-Dec-11 16:40:06

hi bluecrane I hope you're feeling better? Did the laxitives help at all? I hope that your doctor is more help soon! How's everyone else doing?

BlueCrane Thu 15-Dec-11 12:44:40

Hi sillywmama thanks for asking, sorry not to have updated. The lactulose is now my new best friend smile turns out the majority of the pain I was in was to do with a large amount of trapped wind that the lactulose helped to <ahem> expel!! I still have twinges down my left side hip, buttock and back which I'm keeping an eye on but thankfully isn't something that's bad enough to need painkillers so think I may be in the clear for the moment! How are you doing?

sillywmama Thu 15-Dec-11 13:28:46

he blue thats great news, it's fab to know that something so simple can help so much! I'm ok, absolutely dog tired, but I think that goes with the territory. I've been having a better couple of days lately, since my overkill at the weekend when I was laid up for 24 hours I've taken it really easy and I'm coping much better. I'm encouraging DS to walk as much as possible and only lifting when unavoidable (into the highchair and cot). He's learned how to climb into the buggy on his own now which is great, I think between us we might manage ok after all. My physio assessment is next week so I'm just keeping a pain diary/record of what aggravates the symptoms at the moment. I've started eating all bran in the morning every day to keep on top of the whole regular movements thing lol - don't want any extra discomfort whatsoever!

BlueCrane Thu 15-Dec-11 13:52:05

sillywmama definitely worth keeping those bowels moving, I couldn't believe how much pain some trapped wind and constipation could cause shock Good to hear your DS is walking a bit more so you're not having to pick him up so much, I'm sure that will be helping! Hope your physio assessment is positive and helpful next week. Take care!

OTTMummA Fri 16-Dec-11 14:55:18

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help?
I had DC1 4yrs ago, had bad spd and pgp from 20 weeks and ended up on crutches, not moving much at all, and hysterical with the pain, ended up having section moved forward a week because i was in so much pain.
Anywhoo, the spd and pgp hasn't fully been dealt with yet, i have been seeing physio on and off for 3 yrs, that has never helped tbh, i have been on co-codomal, tramadol, Amitriptyline etc.
Had MRI, X Rays etc, i have continuing SIJ pain, my pelvis isn't aligned properly, and my lower disks have started to deteriorate.
I was warned by my consultant to not get pregnant too soon after my first because it would exasperate my pelvic pain etc,
But i am now 8 weeks pregnant, and have not been taking my pain meds since i was 5 weeks when i found out.
I am now in a significant amount of pain by midday and am stuggling to work and remain positive.
paracetomal isn't touching the pain, so have stopped, there is no point.
How long do i have to go without codeine?
Im not sure what to do, i work FT and can not really afford to stop working.
Was thinking of seeing an osteopath, do the NHS refer them at all?

Emsgale Fri 16-Dec-11 16:25:59

im 24 weeks pregnant and after a quite a few weeks of unberable pains in the hips groin back and my fango throbing and feeling like its dragging on the floor oh and not forgetting the sharp shooting pains!
today was the last straw as i arrived at work and burst into tears due to pain and lack of sleep phoned my gp no appointmnets so he called me and said im sure its SPD he has prescribed paracetmol and codine and asked me to go in on monday to be examined and look and what can help me?
iv heard of physio support belt i was just wondering what other aids there are the gp can provide and if there is any help avaliable in labour????
thanks ems xxxxxx

sillywmama Fri 16-Dec-11 20:42:50

hi OTTMummA and Emsgale, welcome. Sorry you had to join us, but welcome nonetheless! OTTMummA I would definitely suggest you try and arrange a specialist assessment, privately if necessary, because if you are examined privately and given a diagnosis/treatment plan you can take this to the NHS to be actioned. It would probably help to manage this pregnancy if you are given consultant led care, with an early referral to a pain clinic. There are LOTS of pain control options open to you but you need to be seen regularly and by a specialist pain doctor who knows about pregnancy care. I'm 11 weeks and taking codeine based pain killers now, but you need to speak to your own doc about the best plan for you. I also needed crutches etc and was begging for a c-sec before DS arrived 2 weeks early anyway, which I was rather relieved about!

Emsgale check out the for advice about all the mobility aids and good advice about ways to limit pain caused by normal movements. The first few posts on this thread are packed with good suggestions too, if you want to check there first? OTTMummA the Pelvic Partnership runs a helpline I used last time, especially on the days when I was hysterical and sobbing in pain. It's run by women who have had SPD/PGP for the most part I think and just speaking to someone who understands sometimes makes all the difference. Its so hard when 'normal' friends/spouse etc don't grasp the level of pain it can cause, and when you feel like everyone is sick of hearing about it.

I'm having an awful day overall. The pain is the worst it's been yet, and to round it off nicely my DH has asked to separate for a while, the week before Christmas. If I seem calm about that, it's only because 24 hours of crying has left me a little numb. I'm moving to my mums for the short term, with DS, because I can't cope with everything on my own. It means my physio appointment will be missed though because it's a 3.5 hour drive away. We'll be sleeping at the top of 2 flights of stairs too when I get there, not exactly the thing most people would be worried about, but its stressing me out a lot on top of everything else.

Not really sure what to do from this point forward.

Emy84 Sat 17-Dec-11 09:22:09

Hi lovely ladies is there room for another on the sofa?

I have not 'officially' been told the pains I have are SPD but from reading this thread and some of the excellent links there is no doubt in my mind!

I have been having a few problems with GP and MW both have told me the other person should refer me etc angry am getting a bit fed up and pain and lack of sleep combined with pregnancy hormones doesn't really help. GP has said I need obstetric physio referral but he can't do it waiting for MW to ring me back from yesterday!

Anyway hi to everyone else [waves] so sorry sillywmama to hear bout your DH asking to separate for a while. It's rubbish timing not much anyone can say but lots of [tea] and sympathy - you know you will always find lots of support on mumsnet!

Emsgale Sat 17-Dec-11 13:38:07

im so sorry to hear your sad news! what awfull timing in his part! i wish there was somthing I could say to make it better but I know I cant!

SwanseaMum Sat 17-Dec-11 21:10:03

Hiya can I join this thread?

Well its started again at 8weeks and i am in bits, my back and hip it totally sucks I am 11 weeks and the mw has referred me to physio. I suffered really badly with ds2 and I was really hoping this pregnancy would be different. sad

Just hope physio will help.

madmomma Sat 17-Dec-11 21:50:30

Hmm lovely - well ignore my last post about the pain being mild. Am now virtually immobile and having a planned section on the 23rd Dec as I just can't take any more. I have depression anyway, but the pain and disability made it flare up badly, and the psychiatrist has implored me to get delivered asap, as I was developing unpleasant self-harm type symptoms. I can't walk or do anything for my 1yr old, and now to top it off I'll be in hospital all over Christmas as I've got to stay 5 days to see how the birth affects the depression sad Sorry to rant. Bloody pregnancy eh? I'm really sorry to hear of all your pain and struggles - especially those of you for whom the pain has kicked off in the bloody 1st trimester! That's just not fair!

SwanseaMum Sat 17-Dec-11 22:26:37

Oh madmomma I totally feel for you i have depression am on AD's the pain really isn't helping sad

sillywmama Sun 18-Dec-11 10:37:28

hello all - welcome newbies, SwanseaMum I'm 11 weeks too and in a lot of pain. As of a few days ago, I can't stand on one foot again - that didn't kick off properly last time until after 20 weeks. <sigh> What's your due date? It might be worth applying for a blue badge if you have small DCs and a history of unresolved PGP. How bad did it get last time?

madmomma I'm sorry it's been such a rough ride, depression on top of the pain isn't nice. I found the pain alone made me depressed last time, and I was watched like a hawk last time for PND because I was in a bad way before the birth. I did feel much better when the pregnancy was over though, although I wasn't pain free I knew it was an upward track from then on - it wasn't going to get any worse at the very least. Things can only get better!! I'll look forward to wishing you all our congratulations from the sofa when you deliver on the 23rd! in the meantime, biscuit

I'm leaving for my mums in an hour. Trying to think positively, hoping the break will do us all good. Thanks for the kind messages Emy and Ems x

SwanseaMum Sun 18-Dec-11 11:18:31

Sillywmama, I couldn't walk towards the end with ds2. It has started on the right side of my back then my hip too. it came on all of a sudden and now i can barely sleep and have some trouble bending down.
My youngest is only 22 months so he still wants me to pick him up, i can see it becoming a problem the further on i get sad

I really hope the break does you the world of good xx

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