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5 week pregnant and coming down with cold!!! Please help!

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chiasma Sat 12-Nov-11 22:40:11

I am in my 5th week and I am coming down with cold. I have some sore throat and body aches. These do not worry me too much though. What worries me insane is that I am running a low grade fever; 99.5 according to oral measurement. My doctor told me I could use Tylenol and I took only 500mg (1 tablet), and this is my temperature after the pill. I keep on bumping into horrible things on the web about developmental issues for the foetus in the first trimester if mom to be has fever. The doctor says not to worry, but then I do not understand how come there is so much material on negative effects of a fever/cold to the unborn baby on web. As you can imagine, this is my first pregnancy and if any of you out there went through a similar situation, I'd like if you could share to give me some piece of mind.

lollystix Sat 12-Nov-11 22:43:43

I got proper flu at about 5 weeks pregs - didn't know I was pregs at the time. Then got a horrible rare auto-immune condition at 18 weeks as a result of the flu - ended up in hospital for a while as a result. Ds now 4 weeks and healthy. Please try not to worry- an embryo is very resilient.

chiasma Sat 12-Nov-11 23:15:30

Thanks lollystix! Reading good ending stories is definitely a comfort. Glad your little one made it out ok.

MrBloomsNursery Sun 13-Nov-11 01:17:24

I got a cold when I was 5 weeks pregnant, and then I got the flu when I was 11 weeks pregnant - vomiting, backache, fever, chills the whole kaboodle.

I'm 32 weeks now grin.

KatieMiddIeton Sun 13-Nov-11 01:21:52

You'll be fine. It'll be the first cold of many this winter. You can take paracetamol (I think - has been a while since I was pregnant).

Congratulations btw smile

Minus273 Sun 13-Nov-11 04:38:06

Take the full dose of patacetamol if you need it so it can do it's job. Paracetamol is used a lot in pregnancy.

You generally read the worst case scenario on the net that's why people say never google, you end up scaring yourself.

lollystix Sun 13-Nov-11 05:14:49

I second the stop googling advice - there are too many horror stories out there.

AlpinePony Sun 13-Nov-11 06:37:23

At 5 weeks the bundle of cells is not sharing your blood - it's completely independent of you. Make your own lemsip using paracetamol & fresh lemon.

I'm sorry you're feeling so crappy.

I got my BFP (the one I believed blush) at around 10am. By 8pm I had one of those novovirus things whereby you lose your dignity and you and your husband fight over who gets the loo and who gets the bucket. My BFP is now 26 weeks and doing great even though I thought I was going to shit him out that day. wink

chiasma Sun 13-Nov-11 22:15:22

Thank you SO much! I cannot describe how much of a support this is to me. I am going for paracetamol when I feel my temperature is rising (usually at night). So far I have not exceeded 101 degrees F (~ 38 degrees C) and I'm trying to keep in under control. My doctor said paracetamol is safe. I think I really need to stop googling. I'm happy I found this site though :-)

Minus273 Sun 13-Nov-11 22:19:48

Come in for support any time chiasma but stop scaring yourself by googling. Congratulations btw.

Logscn Sun 13-Mar-16 09:56:31

I am week 6. First pregnancy. Paranoid. Got a cold from a sick person accidentally coughed right into my face. I assume it's not a flu because I don't run fever, body ache and etc. I have sore throat, runny nose then stuffy nose and occasional dry cough, and fatigue. Although most ppl said cold will not harm baby, but the second month seems to me such a crucial time for initial development of brain, that I just can't find peace in myself. Still searching for assurance... My next ultrasound is a month later. i hope the baby is fine.

IrisPurple1 Mon 14-Mar-16 16:23:54


I'm in a similar position - i think I have the same bug as the OP - although her pistachio was 5 years ago. Caught the same way, by selfish colleague returning from sick leave when she was clearly unwell - even though our organisation policies protect staff off sick and also promotes and facilitates home working. She was stood behind me telling my neighbour all about how it's the illest she'd been all her life and coughing all over me.

A cold would just be an inconvenience but I had a temperature on Saturday. We bought a digital thermometer and my highest reading was 37.6oC, however I felt much worse and when my husband took his for a laugh it said 35.8. That's hypothermia! The thermometer must be wrong. If I assume his was normal and add mine on it brings me into the danger zone. It's my first baby and I already lost one. It was at 8w and I am 8w now. Even if I don't miscarry I will worry for the rest of my pregnancy that my baby will be severely disabled.

Logscn I don't think you have anything to worry about if you have no fever. Just take care of yourself, and remember not to take lemsip. Lemon & honey works just as well. Your baby should be fine. Oily fish or omega 3 supplements are good for brain development.

Logscn Tue 15-Mar-16 10:27:41

Thanks for the assurance. As of today, I feel much better, still some dry cough and fatigue, but resting enough definitely helped me.
I hope you get enough rest too, ask for days off from work.. In terms of reading problems with digital thmometer, it might be possible that you and your husband put the therometer probe in different spots of the mouth. Just try again and make sure the temperature probe is under the tongue in the posterior sublingual pocket. If you find yourself develop fever, low grade or high grade, I recommend you to see dr and get professional advice. Good luck!!

mrsmugoo Tue 15-Mar-16 15:55:57

I've had umpteen colds this winter through pregnancy and currently experiencing a nasty virus with shivers and body aches.

I'm having a day in bed while my toddler is in nursery and dosing on paracetamol. I'm 28 weeks.

Get well soon thanks

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