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Too early to start thinking of names?

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ArtyFartyPants Tue 25-Oct-11 10:49:02

I'm currently in my 6th week of pregnancy, but I'm sooooo excited! It's ok to start thinking of names now right? For some reason I want another boy, I already have a DS, you'd think I'd want a girl!
I'm in love with the names:
Tobias nn Toby

Haven't thought of girls names really ha but I do like:

MillyStar Tue 25-Oct-11 10:57:42

Not at all!! I was 4/5 weeks gone when we found out and the baby was 1mm so we were calling it millimetre which turned to Milly and that's stuck for a girl, couldn't change it now it's too sentimental! Finding out the sex on 28th Nov i'm convinced it's a girl so if it's a boy i'll worry about it then, not got a CLUE for boys names yet but i'm still only 16 weeks so plenty of time!!!

CrackersandCheese Tue 25-Oct-11 11:02:54


Well, I'm 9ish weeks and I've been flitting about with some names. Of course it's ok. I don't really believe in jinxing things. How can thinking about stuff like this possible have any bearing on the outcome?!

I can't really find anything I like though. Have you been on Nymbler? That's quite addictive.

Anais is beautiful.

GuillotinedMaryLacey Tue 25-Oct-11 11:03:48

Well I started thinking of names before I was pg and I'm now 30 weeks and on the verge of divorcing DH over the lack of a decision. It's never too early, trust me!

Flisspaps Tue 25-Oct-11 11:03:56

Never too early.

Just don't make the mistake of telling family and friends about the names you are considering until the baby is born. They're far less likely to go 'ooh, I don't like that' if the baby is actually in front of them.

notcitrus Tue 25-Oct-11 12:03:27

We started arguing about names 10 years before ds was born! And only agreed on a boy's name a month beforehand (we agreed a girl name a couple years earlier).

We even tried the Womble method of getting the Times Atlas of the World and sticking a finger in at random... I still think Brompton would have been a good name. smile

I really recommend what Fliss says about don't tell people your name until after the baby is born as they'll only tell you about the horrible kid at school/their ex/that serial killer in Canada/how it reminds them of smelly old people, whereas afterwards they just say "Awwww...."

Though we have actually told our parents dc2's name (girl, 23 weeks atm) as we've known it for 10 years now and we're not changing for anything.

LikeABlackFlameCandleBNQ Tue 25-Oct-11 12:05:44

Never too early. I mentioned a girls name I liked as soon I got my BFP and DH was hmm "no way" at 32 weeks, it's his favourite! Its really helped thinking of names early on as neither of us had a chared favourite, this way, we've had plenty of time to think on it, and each compromise.

Second the not telling anyone names though. Told DH when ours arrives, he can announce weight and gender, but not to tell anyone a name til we get home, so we can 'try it out for size'

LikeABlackFlameCandleBNQ Tue 25-Oct-11 12:06:04

Shared not chared

thistlemuncher Tue 25-Oct-11 20:12:45

Names were decided before DS was conceived! (Only problem is, I'm starting to go off one of them now...) But don't tell anyone - you really don't want to deal with comments like "ooo but I think xxx is a much nicer name" etc

JjandtheBeanlovesUnicorns Tue 25-Oct-11 20:56:48

I'm also 6weeks and I'm settled on a girls name as DD is the week of my late grandmas birthday who was my best friend, she died nearly a year ago so a dd will be named Lily June after her smile

I LOVE noah for a boy.

ArtyFartyPants Wed 26-Oct-11 00:28:27

Right DP has spoken!
Tobias - maybe
Sebastian - no
Oliver - loves

Emelie - yes but Emily
Anaïs - no

He likes Matilda, Ophelia and Lulu hmmm I don't mind Matilda and I'm in love with Ophelia (wish I thought of it) ....he's insisting it's going to be a girl.

JjandtheBeanlovesUnicorns Wed 26-Oct-11 10:07:17

I love oliver! But that's on my best friends list and I couldn't do it.

I love the name madeline but I have a four letter rule so it fits with ds and dd's names

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