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HotPinkGingham Tue 25-Oct-11 08:41:19

I'm getting on for five months pregnant, and over the last week have started feeling faint and dizzy quite often. Sometimes there's an apparent cause (overheating or tilting my head a weird way during exercise) but sometimes it just happens when I am sitting down resting, having just eaten (so no low blood sugar).

I get that lightheaded feeling, but also a sensation of the blood draining out of my legs - horrid.

The books say feeling faint can be normal, but anyone else get this? Any advice?


spookshowangellovesit Tue 25-Oct-11 08:54:17

snap. its passed now but it was very freaky, did actually nearly pass out a couple of times. its to do with the blood not getting to your heart quick enough to be pumped around or something.

Fresh01 Tue 25-Oct-11 11:56:42

I have had this earlier in this pregnancy, between 14 and 20 something weeks. Never actually fainted but scary when you have 3 other kids in the house. My GP said it was because your veins get looser, along with everything else in pregnancy, so the blood was all at my feet/legs and taking too long to get back to my heart. She told me to wear support tights/socks till this stage passed which I did and it did help. You can get the support socks/tights in Boots/chemist. It is a horrible feeling.

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