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30wks pregnant & baby stopped growing -worried

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colmargirl Mon 24-Oct-11 19:48:21

I've found this forum really useful since becoming pregnant but have never posted before as I'm content to lurk, however ended up worried after midwife appt today and wondered if anyone had any experience of this?

I'm 30 weeks pregnant and had appt with midwife today, I last saw her 3 weeks ago at 27weeks and the baby was measuring perfectly. Today she said that the baby was still 26cms and hadn't grown at all in the last 3 weeks.

She said it probably was nothing to worry about, but has referred me to see consultant on Wednesday who will probably arrange a growth scan. But of course, it has now panicked me that there's something wrong!

Baby's heartbeat was fine, and she's been kicking me mentally for weeks and is still doing so! I'm only a tiny build myself, 5ft2 and normally weigh just over 7 stone. The midwife said I hadn't put any weight on since 3 weeks either. It has always been presumed that I would have a small baby because I am small, but obviously she should still be growing, even at a smaller rate.

I had a stomach bug 2 weeks ago and couldn't keep food down at all for a week, so not sure if that's had an impact, but been eating sensibly since then....

I'm really worrying now that there's something wrong, and bloomin' google is no help- it keeps talking about problems with placenta or lack of amniotic fluid...

Sorry for the essay! - Can anyone offer any sensible advice or experience?

ttalloo Mon 24-Oct-11 19:55:43

Hi there colmargirl. Sorry to hear you're so worried.

If you had a stomach bug and couldn't keep food down that would explain why you haven't put on any weight, but not why the baby hasn't grown. Did the midwife do a scan? It could be that she's mistaken, and the growth scan will show that the baby is fine.

I had to have an emergency c-section because DS1 had stopped growing but that was because I had pre-eclampsia which had affected the placenta's ability to feed him.

Whatever you do, though, please stop Googling - it's going to send you demented by Wednesday.

Sorry I couldn't have been of more help - I hope that your scan on Wednesday goes well. Good luck.

flybynight Mon 24-Oct-11 20:01:26

I know you must be scared, but don't panic. Midwives' measurements are very inexact. Just a rough guide. The growth scan will clear up any confusion.

Good luck!

annekins Mon 24-Oct-11 20:04:42

I haven't got any experience in this, but please stay away from Google until you've had your scan. It can turn the smallest niggle into a full blown panic without any reason! Let the professionals do their thing and take proper care of you and baby, and deal with anything that arises then rather than wind yourself up now!

Fundal measurements are known to be unreliable even if it's the same midwife measuring, and as you say heartbeat and movements are still good. Just try (hard I know) to relax, curl up under a duvet and watch a movie, have a lovely bath with bubbles...

I sincerely hope it's nothing to be worried about, good luck for Wednesday x

colmargirl Mon 24-Oct-11 20:17:19

Thank you for your messages, you're all right of course; I need to stay the heck away from google and wait until I see the consultant on Wednesday before I start panicking about things....
I sawthe community midwife at my doctor's surgery so no chance of scanning there, and she said that only the consultant was allowed to arrange scans so I have to see him first.

I'm hoping she's just measured it wrong, or that the baby's being awkward and lying in a funny way or something.

Thanks for your messages, I always read about how people on here are so kind with their messages and support, and just experienced it first hand smile x

pootlebug Mon 24-Oct-11 20:22:42

I got sent for 3 growth scans in my first pregnancy and another in my second. Some were because I was measuring too small (measuring bump) compared to the 'average' measurement, some were for not having grown since the last one.

My first was 7lb1oz and my second 8lb2oz

The midwife is doing an important job - and if the baby genuinely wasn't growing it would be important that they found out. But I know lots of people who had the same situation as me (sent for additional scans which showed growth actually fine) and very few who were genuinely experiencing issues.

chocolatchaud Mon 24-Oct-11 20:25:24

Hi colmargirl - sorry you are worried.

In all my 4 pregnancies my bump has stopped growing around the 30-34 week mark, and I have been sent for a growth scan. Each time the baby has measured average size at the scan, and they have all been over 8lbs. The last one was 9lb 10ozs, and I was still measuring 4/6 weeks behind!

Obviously every case is different, but there certainly doesn't have to be a problem.

Hope everything is fine at the scan and try not to worry.

banana87 Mon 24-Oct-11 20:55:56

Try not to worry.

On Saturday I had to go to hospital for some pains and the mw measured me as spot on after the consultant has consistently been measuring me 4 weeks over. The tape measure method is very inaccurate. Good luck for Wed.

Jen119 Mon 24-Oct-11 21:03:50

Hi Colmargirl.

I experienced the same thing last week so had to respond to you I was so upset and worried myself. The midwife measured me at 23cm when I am 28 weeks and so booked me in for a scan the next day. My measurement hadn't changed from the last one four weeks previously although it was a different midwife so maybe that had something to do with it.
At the scan the baby measured absolutely fine and the radiographer even commented that he or she is by no means small! They said it just the way I am carrying and the baby is just curled up low down. I am about 5ft 2 myself and normally just under 8 stone so I am sure it must be a similiar thing with you. Try not to get too worked up in the meantime and just think of it as another bonus look at your gorgeous baby! Take care x

colmargirl Mon 24-Oct-11 21:56:36

thanks people, glad to hear of other people who've experienced a similar thing and been fine.
Not so sure about the bit where people measured small and then ended up having 8/9lb baby- not sure my pelvis is wide enough for that!

thanks for your advice, i'm guessing it'll all be fine

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