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Is this spd or bad bloody luck? In pain!!!

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Kayano Mon 24-Oct-11 17:07:32

For the last few weeks - I am 24 weeks... I have been having mild pain in my left leg and groin area. It aches and can feel it wen walking but it has not stopped me doing anything. I didn't know if it was spd with being just one side so pretty much ignored it tried to crack on...

It's got steadily worse but again I have managed to do everything I need to etc.

Been to work today - it was alright, just the usual pain but when I walked in my front door it's just hit me like a tonne of bricks. I am in agony all around my left hip and my groin, my leg is throbbing and it actually feels like someone has stabbed me in the vajay! blush

It's so sudden and painful I got upstairs and am lying on my bed ATM while DH sorts tea etc. this is my first pregnancy and I don't I ow what the hell this is or what to do!

And ideas! I'm stuck!!

Tangle Mon 24-Oct-11 17:24:39

If you're in that much pain then I'd try and see someone - whether its SPD (often now called Pelvic Girdle Pain) or something else doesn't really matter. If you're not sure what it is you might want to start with your MW or GP (just be aware that not all HCPs are as familiar with what can be done to resolve/help pregnancy aches and pains as others - which has left some women with treatable conditions being told something along the lines of "you're pregnant, what do you expect?". Usually not true and definitely not helpful) or go straight for a physio or similar with experience treating pregnant ladies.

During pregnancies 2 and 3 I've developed sciatica type symptoms down one side, which physio's seem to think is related to pregnancy. Certainly seeing a physio has kept it under control, and they've been able to advise on things to avoid as well as recommend a support belt that does seem to help quite well.

Can you afford to see a private physio - you'll get seen a lot quicker than if you have to wait for an NHS appointment (also worth checking if you have any physio available on any type of private health care and, if so, whether you need a GP referral before starting treatment)? I'd call the Pelvic Partnership and see if they can recommend anyone near you.

Hope you can get something sorted as being in continual pain, even if its liveable with, gets so wearing.

Kayano Mon 24-Oct-11 17:31:44

I'm at the hospital to see someone tomorrow about the pregnancy so I will bring it up then.

I used to get sciatic pain a lot before pregnancy and this feels much more severe ATM sad

I'm going to take some paracetemol tonight and see what they say tomorrow

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