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Has anyone had 2 awful pregnancies followed by a better 3rd pregnancy?

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littlebearsmummy Mon 24-Oct-11 16:16:19

My husband and I are thinking about baby no 3, however I don't 'do' pregnancy at all well. Both previous pregnancies have been 9 months of constant sickness, exhaustion and depression. I had tablets for the sickness each time which took the edge of the nausea and vomiting, however they weren't pleasant times and have seriously put us both off baby no 3. Has anyone had an awful pregnancy (or 2) followed by a relatively healthy one? I wouldn't want to pin my hopes on having a better pregnancy, but I it would be reassuring to think it might be better!

m1nn1em0u5e Mon 24-Oct-11 16:26:28

Im on pregnancy number 3 & im counting the weeks down until January!..Im just not a good pregnant person it seems, I really hoped things would be better too!....But I just keep thinking it will all be worth it in January when my lovely little man arrives smile

ariane5 Mon 24-Oct-11 16:32:13

i had 3 pgs that were truly horrendous, hyperemisis, exhaustion i literally couldnt move i was so sick. 4th pg barely any sickness at all just a bit of nausea that came and went, i was actually sick only about six times in total compared to 12 times a day with the others. I felt so well i thought something must be wrong i couldn't believe that i could have a pregnancy that wasnt making me feel like i was dying !

spookshowangellovesit Tue 25-Oct-11 09:11:56

i suck ass at pregnancy vomit etc, the first one i actually thought i might die. but number 3 was good and number 4 has been the best so far so go figure.

spookshowangellovesit Tue 25-Oct-11 09:12:21

i should say good comparatively lol.

Catsu Tue 25-Oct-11 09:15:14

I had 2 great pregnancies then my third was total opposite, sick all the time and felt terrible!
Could be because I had 2 boys then a girl
Have you got 2 dcs of same sex? If so and your third is thd opposite sex then you could be lucky!

JaneBirkin Tue 25-Oct-11 09:29:47

Ariane - what did you do that was different, was it a different sex baby etc?

OP - I sympathise, I'm in the same situation, I really want a third but the first two (boys) were awful.

So I hope you don't mind me watching your thread smile

JaneBirkin Tue 25-Oct-11 09:31:06

Oh and spooks - was anything different when you had your good pregnancies? Someone on here once told me she was in better physical health when she had her third, took supplementsand so on and got really fit and that worked.

I don't think I'm that motivated blush

brianmayshair Tue 25-Oct-11 12:27:27

Yes, had 2 of awful sickness spd the works and this 3rd has been a breeze up to now, i was sick a bit in the beginning but not nearly so bad very managable and have really enjoyed being pregnant, never thought i'd say that. I'm 35 weeks now and fed up of being pregnant but it's not horrendous, it does help that my youngest has started school where as the other 2 were close together so i get some rest now.

littlebearsmummy Tue 25-Oct-11 13:25:18

Thanks so much everyone, you've really given me hope! I had girls both times with my pregnancies, which supports the theory it was sex related. Obviously if we do go for it and 3rd time follows the previous 2, then at least I have experience trying to minimise the horror of it (lol!)

spookshowangellovesit Tue 25-Oct-11 14:10:18

my first two were girls and the third was a boy but then this was a girl so blows that theory...but is from a different guy so could be that or an age thing. i do think i take better care of my self now before i tried to continue as normal now when i feel ropey i stop.

brianmayshair Tue 25-Oct-11 14:22:34

Oh yeah should add, my first 2 pregnancies which were almost identical were a dd then a ds so who knows why it happens, my friend was horribly sick with just her 3rd and they're all boys.

Magnumwhite Wed 26-Oct-11 13:59:11

1st pregnancy a boy. absolutely dreadful HG.
!8+2 with this one so no idea what sex. Its still been hideous but better than first time. There will definitely not be a 3rd pregnancy however broody I get!

I couldn't start ttc until in mind I could get to grips with the fact that it could be as bad or worse than first time. I did have acupuncture before ttc, exercised alot, had lots of rest to try to be in best place for a HG pregnancy. Hard to say if that helped or if this one would have been easier anyway. Who knows?

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