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12 + 3 weird sensations left hand side of bump. Please calm me down

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2wwmadness Mon 24-Oct-11 13:18:33

Hello! Like the title says, I'm 12+3 an have a sore spot to the left of my belly button, about an inch down. It feels like its bruised when I run my hand over it (not all the time) and I get the odd twinge pulling-like sensation. I'm on my own and winding myself up. Any ideas? I kno it's fine I think I just need reassurance. Been really stressed recently an think I've done some harm

KatAndKit Mon 24-Oct-11 13:40:38

Most likely your ligaments stretching, I'd try not to worry about it really.

HotPinkGingham Mon 24-Oct-11 14:34:29

At 12 +3 you uterus isn't up that high yet (doesn't get to belly button height until about 18 or 19 weeks I was told) so it's unlikely to be anything baby related.

As Kat says, it might be ligaments that are pulling from lower down, or it might be digestive (cos goodness knows there's enough going on in ones digestive tract in pregnancy - ahem).

Have you been sick/heaving? You can pull muscles like that too.

Sure it's nothing, try not to worry. If it gets worse call the midwife or GP.

growyourown77 Mon 24-Oct-11 14:40:01

Hi ladies, sorry to hijack your thread, but I'm new on MN. What does it mean when you say 12 + 3? (I only recently had the BFP so just getting to grips with all the different terms!)


KatAndKit Mon 24-Oct-11 14:48:18

12 weeks and 3 days from your last period.

growyourown77 Mon 24-Oct-11 15:12:21

Fab, thanks!

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