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New cat and new baby?

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lchats Mon 24-Oct-11 11:30:17

Hi all,

I'm six months pregnant (first baby), prompted by having seen evidence of mice in our house, my husband and I were thinking of getting a rescue cat.

However, is it a bad idea to introduce a pet into a household that's about to have a baby? I realise there are lots of things to consider, and a considerable amount of training if I want stop the cat from getting into cots etc. I am prepared to do this, but wondered if it would be taking on too much.

We have seen a friendly male cat aged 2 at the local centre, but would love some advice on whether we should consider inviting in two new members of the family so close together.


GroovyRach Mon 24-Oct-11 11:47:55

Wouldn't it be easier and more sensible to try and solve the mice problem through humane traps rather than adopting a cat to try and hunt them for you?

Rescue cats can be loving from the word go, but some may take weeks, even months to settle into a new home. Throw a new baby into the mix and you may have your hands full!

A cat (esp a new one to your home) deserves a lot of love and attention, somthing that you may not beable to give as much of in 4 mnths time when baby arrives.

Good luck with whatever you decide smile

Crosshair Mon 24-Oct-11 11:58:53

I would buy traps/call someone in. Some cats are terrible hunters so getting one for that reason seems abit silly.

lchats Mon 24-Oct-11 12:03:31

Thanks GroovyRach. Absolutely have gone down the route of human traps, blocked holes and engaged with the council about potential solutions to the mice - and will continue to explore.

I over simplified to say the cat was purely a solution to the mouse issue, and would not also be a welcome and much wanted pet.

However, you make some really good points - and I think it's absolutely got to come down to whether we can give the cat a good home. We would like to think so, but will need to cope with divided loyalty come Jan - so perhaps not the right way to go.

With the hormones raging, I feel very sad though to let the cat we have seen go... sad

AKMD Mon 24-Oct-11 12:20:20

Awww, I hate seeing programmes about rescue animals. I'm allergic to fur or I'm sure I'd try to bring them all home.

My neighbour took on a cat 2 months before she had her DS and said it's been an absolute nightmare. The cat was miffed because the DS arrived when he was just settled into his new home and my neighbour was frantic because she was so busy and so, so tired.

I would hold off until you actually have the baby and see how you feel a bit further down the line. I seriously doubt such a lovely cat as you've described will be there long.

TeWihara Mon 24-Oct-11 12:35:11

Our cat only catches birds hmm

I love cats and I think they work really well with familes, but no I don't think it's a great idea to get a pet while pregnant. Post-childbirth hormones can go totally off the wall, and you might find you don't want the cat after the birth (it happens, even to people who love their animals) so best to wait until the baby is born and you are settled well together.

We got our cat when DD was 18mths - the cat was the same age, and they are really great with each other - so it is a lovely future idea. There will always be more cats to rehome.

lchats Mon 24-Oct-11 17:17:03

thank you, very good advice! One new arrival at a time....

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