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5 days to due date - normal to feel this anxious?

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lightsandshapes Sun 23-Oct-11 02:02:47

My first dc. Some nights I am almost hyperventilating. Dont know what to expect and fearing medical intervention. Can't seem to articulate feelings to dp. He's a bloke!!! Help!

Patopopo Sun 23-Oct-11 02:16:46

Poor you. Try to take slow deep breaths to calm your heart rate.
Just remember that every person on earth has a mother who went through what you're going through now. The vast vast majority of labours in the modern world are absolutely fine. Its a wonderful event and you will soon meet your fabulous new baby who will fill you with the most incredible joy. Your DP may not fully understand what you are going through and feeling. You could try explaining it to him in clear language. I know I didn't really understand before my wife went into labour four months ago but I sure know now. I wish you the best of labours. If you have a natural birth or a c-section you will be in good hands, the NHS midwives are amazing...

CopperLocs Sun 23-Oct-11 02:22:51

Aw that's a lovely bit of advice patopopo! smile

Unfortunately I have none to offer- I'm 18+4 with my first but just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world grin

beginnersluck Sun 23-Oct-11 08:54:40

I just bought a book called 'effective birth prepartion' - I've not read it through to the end yet (although it isn't a huge book as there are lots of inserts of 'birth experiences' which you could skip - so shouldn't take too long to read) but seems very helpful and calming - explaining what is going on and techniques to stay calm during labour.

If you don't have time for shopping/reading, you could download hypnobirthing or natal hypnnotherapy info/mp3s to listen to - google them.

Although they say you should start weeks before your due date, I have heard that they've been helpful if you only get to listen to it once.

I agree about the slow deep breaths - seems to be the thing that everyone recommends and it does seem to help calm things.

Good luck!

twogirls1more Sun 23-Oct-11 09:04:02

You'll be fine! I'm on no.4! smile Quite normal to feel anxious and now's a good time to practice your breathing smile
Won't be long and you'll be holding your beautiful baby, making labour all totally worthwhile. Hope all goes smoothly for you!

roz1982 Sun 23-Oct-11 09:41:29

I absolutely second beginnersluck about hypnobirth dowload or cd, I've got one by maggie Howell and it's helping me so much. When your feeling anxious like that you need something positive and constructive to channel your feelings into, I honestly can't recommend natal hypnotherapy highly enough, it's not to late to benefit from the relaxation techniques. Good luck you will be fine, it's my first as well and it is a very unusual and anxious time! Xx

morethemerrier Sun 23-Oct-11 20:08:23

Ahh, this is what I call the 'oh my gosh,this baby has actually got to come out of me moment!' shock

All the excitement,anxiety and apprehension suddenly hits as you realise the moment you have been planning for 9 months is almost here!

Completly natural, I am also expecting DC4 and have had this moment with every one!

Great advice above, also when it comes down to it mother nature and your body will know what to do.The professionals will be there to support you and you will be amazed at how your DP will rise to the occasion, (no pun intended!)

Good luck x grin

lightsandshapes Sun 23-Oct-11 20:47:17

Thankall these messages - I am touched by yours Pato - you must be a very supportive husband smile

Also reassured that 2 of you have gone back and done it 4 times!

grin at the 'oh my gosh,this baby has actually got to come out of me moment!' That's totally it. Feels like I'm about to go on stage and perform a play in front of a 1,000 of people without knowing my lines!!! Trust in mother nature is great advice.

Do have a CD which I have listened to a few times on the rare occasion I get a moment to myself!

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