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Risks of catching hand foot and mouth in late pregnancy

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pecanpie Sat 22-Oct-11 23:44:30

DD has hand foot and mouth - picked up from friend's DC. DH ended up having to move out of our bed so i could take care of her last night (favoured parent), which was unavoidable, I'm her mum and needed to look after her, however, I'm 36 weeks pregnant.

I've read that it can be quite dangerous for unborn DC if I catch it at this stage as it's quite likely to be passed on and am now panicking as I think the chances are really high - my pillow was drooled all over last night while consoling DD for a start, other DD is likely to have caught and given her age worry about how well she really washes her hands and dries them on shared hand towel which could potentially spread infection. Obviously, can prevent chances of infection going forward, but could be too late.

Anyone informed on the real risks to unborn DC? Between NHS info and Mumsnet, risks vary from baby catching as newborn to meningitis, encephalitis and potentially stillbirth. It's been a physically tough end to this pregnancy and am really concerned about the risks. Any medical professionals who can advise on how this could be followed up by the hospital to prevent any nasty complications post birth - e.g. giving anti virals to newborn or prepping me with anti virals?

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