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can anyone help?

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sarahsugarplum Sat 22-Oct-11 18:11:32

Hi, im 19 week pregnant for the last few days ive been feeling rather unwell.
bad head aches,
pain under ribs and tummy,
flashing spots,
feeling sick,
also went to the loo the other day and my wee was very pinky??
Have tryed ringing midwife for advise but keep getting voice mail
i also am being treated for a blood clot to the lung
anyone knows anything i can take?

tri10 Sat 22-Oct-11 18:15:31

I would phone the hospital, the flashing spots is a sign I had to look out for with high blood pressure, or maybe go to a&e or out of hours gp but definitely speak to someone.

CheeseandGherkins Sat 22-Oct-11 18:15:37

I'd call nhs direct or go to a&e, have you had your blood pressure checked? Some of those are symptoms of pre eclampsia. It is very rare before 20 weeks but it is possible. Of course, it could be related to your blood clot. Dh had a pulmonary embolism and nearly died, he was coughing up blood and ended up collapsing. He's now on blood thinning injections for life as he became intolerant to warfarin.

I would definitely get checked over today though just in case. I'm also 19 weeks btw

sarahsugarplum Sat 22-Oct-11 18:20:58

i dont really want to go to hospital sad i have spent pretty much the last 2 month there, was hoping maybe there was somthing i could just take just to help me get on with it so to speak.
Thanks for the help though ladies x
when your due date?

Purplebuns Sat 22-Oct-11 18:21:02

That souds awful and really worrying, I would go to A&E myself, seriously.
You can take paracetamol, but go get checked out now!

CheeseandGherkins Sat 22-Oct-11 18:33:00

I know what you mean about being in hospital, I spent a lot of my last pregnancy in and out all the time but that ended in stillbirth in December at 37 weeks. While it's a pain you do need to go. I've been seen many times this pregnancy already and have been on insulin for about 4 weeks down to gestational diabetes so I'm seen at the hospital a lot and it will only get more frequent.

I'm due on March 17th but will delivered by 37/38 weeks at the latest due to what happened last time and also now the GD.

If it is pre eclampsia then there isn't something you could just take they'd need to treat you and monitor you and baby. It's not worth the risk, trust me.

banana87 Sat 22-Oct-11 19:22:10

Go to hospital. This isn't about what you can take, it may be quite serious. Go now.

shatteredmumsrus Sun 23-Oct-11 09:02:25

are you ok?

Purplebuns Tue 25-Oct-11 18:45:16

I hope you are ok, keep thinking about you and wondering smile

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