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feeling so fed up already..normal?

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mumt1 Fri 21-Oct-11 21:23:51

So...I'm 13 weeks 2 days with my second baby. I have had a lot of complications including loads of pain. I am completely fed up of being pregnant now. I feel rotten. I can't even sleep and haven't done properly for weeks! I'm always in pain and even uncomfortable now. I just feel so fed up already. Like I can't cope rest of my pregnancy. Feel awful for feeling like this.

LikeABlackFlameCandleBNQ Fri 21-Oct-11 21:29:21

I got to 14 weeks by nibbling food all the time to stave off the meh feelings, and catnapping. Constantly. It got to a point where I thought "I can NOT cope if this is how it will be all the way through".

Shortly after, I felt a vast improvement.

Lean on your partner: impress upon him how much support you need - I found silly things like pushing a full trolley round the supermarket and putting the laundry out, really physically demanding early on, and he took these over completeley.

Dont feel bad. Relax as much as possible. If you continue much longer in physical pain, it may be worth getting checked for SPD.

mumt1 Fri 21-Oct-11 22:54:35

Its so hard to relax with a toddler. And I go to college as training to be a paramedic and work saturday nights. I basically run the house as partner errrm doesn't do much, no matter what I say. And I'm only 21. Just feel ssoo fed up its unreal, catnaps are a definate no chance! :/ Xx

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