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flyingcloud Fri 21-Oct-11 13:13:06

Obviously I can't lie on my tummy any more as I am 24wks pregnant and humoungous, but I have been stressed and have really tight muscles, headaches and pains in my neck and shoulders. What kind of massage can I have do you think?

LouisaJF Fri 21-Oct-11 13:48:14

You can have a special pregnancy massage. Depending on your therapist this will either be done sitting up, with you leaning on the back of a chair, or they will position you comfortably on your side.

melliebobs Fri 21-Oct-11 15:02:27

A back neck n shoulder massage?

Indian head massage?

A place I went to on holiday were doin all over massages but had a special chair to sit in if you were pregnant but at 20 weeks I was still ok on my front

roseum Fri 21-Oct-11 15:38:31

Some massage places have a specially wide massage bed for pregnant women (it has a removable section that leaves a gap to put your bump in). Not used it yet, but know it is popular at the beauticians/ therapy place at our local gym.

Bartimaeus Fri 21-Oct-11 15:42:44

I hah a massage at 6 months which was bliss. Ordinary body massage that she adapted so I was sitting for my back and she didn't touch my stomach or chest.

Talk to a massage place - everytime I've been i've seen offers for pregnant women, where they are careful with the oils they use etc

MiauMau Fri 21-Oct-11 18:05:11

flyingcloud where do you live? there might be a Neal's yard therapy room near you and they do special pregnancy massages.

Greenleafytrees Fri 21-Oct-11 19:14:51

I had a Neal's Yard pregnancy massage this afternoon. Am 28 weeks, and I was lying on my side with my ltop leg supported by pillows. It was looooovvvvvely. Would recommend it.

justhayley Fri 21-Oct-11 22:07:27

Hiya I'm a massage therapist and at 24 weeks most massages are safe. Avoid Indian head it releases to many toxins, and avoid deep tissue and hot stone as deep tissue changes the direction of blood flow and hot stone relaxes ligaments to much plus the heats no good. Proper pregnancy massages are designed not to use certain essential/ aromatherapy oils which are harmful in pregnancy (avoid lavender at all costs until labour day as it brings on contractions) the therapist will also get you laying on your side and in comfy positions.
My advice would to be check the therapist has a practitioners diploma in pregnancy massage, and isn't a holistic or sweedish therapist who has just read abit or decided she's a pregnancy therapist, and make sure you no exactly what oils are being used as many can't be used or inhaled when pregnant. you can get advice from aromatherapists and find out what oils are the best for pregnancy and take them with u. A true therapist will understand and not have a problem with this.
Hope this helps a bit - go get pampered u deserve it smile

Enfyshedd Sat 22-Oct-11 22:43:55

I go to the local chiropractic school for my back, so my student practitioner was one of the first to know a couple of weeks ago. As I've had loads of really annoying wind from the week after I got my BFP, by stomach's been quite tender, so she was quite pleased for an excuse to get out the pregnancy pillow for the bench. Can't find an image on Google to show what it looks like, but it's sort of a square with a circle cut out of the middle (for bump - obvs), and a T shape coming out of the top of the square (boobs either side of the upright & support for shoulders). Felt really weird on it (maybe because I have no actual bump yet) but like I was floating above the bench, so very comfortable at the same time.

itsallgravy Sat 22-Oct-11 22:49:18

I had a special pregnancy massage at 28 weeks.

I did not enjoy it one bit.

I found the part where she rubbed cream onto my bump and covered it in cling film a tad intrusive.

And it made me very hot and dizzy and I actually had to ask her to stop mid way through so I could go and vomit.

Needless to say we ended the session there blush

But in terms of positioning she had me on my side with a pillow between my knees.

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Sun 23-Oct-11 09:51:26

I have an amazing massage therapist I see who specialises in all sorts of pregnancy-related things, I lie on one side then the other while she does my back, then she does my head and shoulders and my legs and feet. Absolute bliss and so restorative...she checks what positions are comfortable for me as I have SPD too.

If anyone lives in South London I can highly highly recommend her (also for labour inducing reflexology once you go overdue!!)..PM if you want her details, she's based in Streatham

She also ran a session for DH and I last time (and we're going again this time) wheere she showed him pressure points and massage for pain relief during labour, which honest to god were the best pain relief I had during my last labour.

itsallgravy that whole experience sounds very weird and intrusive poor you!

mousyfledermaus Sun 23-Oct-11 09:56:10

I used to get bad back pain and had massages at our gym-spa.
ask if the have someone trained for pregnancy.
in my case I had the massages lying down on my side and sitting up. plus some reflexology on my feet.

Gonzoswife Tue 11-Nov-14 09:34:29

Hi, sounds just what I am looking for. Please could you pass on name and contact details please? Many thanks

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