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Can't cope with all this

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Cherrybug Fri 21-Oct-11 06:11:21

Everything is too hard and I feel I can't cope.
Had my 37 wk check yesterday and baby is posterior still and I have a UTI so now have to take antibiotics. Also being tested for cholestasis as have been itchy. I've been getting really bad nausea in the last couple of weeks and being sick daily. I have also now got really bad toothache which wakes me up at night.

I had severe toothache earlier in pregnancy which turned out to be the nerve dying and an absess. This happened whilst on holiday and resulted in emergency dental treatment which was horrible. My dentist at home did temporary work but wouldn't do proper work due to pregnancy so I have root canal to look forward to once baby is here. But now my tooth on the other side has started really hurting. Not sure what to do but it's pushing me over the edge as I feel I have enough to cope with.

I should add we are currently homeless due to a house fire and have to stay with the in laws until early dec when we should get back home after house is restored. So also trying to manage living in someone elses house at this late stage with no home comforts, knowing I'll have to have first few weeks with a newborn here.

I know I'm feeling sorry for myself. I want baby to come soon
so I can get dental treatment and stop feeling so sick but because it's posterior and not yet engaged I can see it being late.

Sorry for the moan!

sleepevader Fri 21-Oct-11 06:41:06

Poor you. You've had alot to deal with.

The uti is probably making you feel extra rubbish too. Horrid aren't they?

Baby isn't likely to come whilst youre so stressed so can I recommend that you do try and do some positive things to chill. Walks, meet a funny friend etc.

Do you feel in control about the house situation? If not does making lists/achieving things make you stressed or feel empowered? Do whichever makes you better and ask for help!

pruney1977 Fri 21-Oct-11 06:44:22

Moan away, I'm not surprised you feel that way in those circumstances. Do you get on with your in laws? I lived with mine when we were first married, split us up for a while as it was so stressful.
Could you afford to treat yourselves to a night or two away in a hotel? Somewhere not too far away so you're near the hospital should you need to go in. Or if you can't do that, perhaps book yourself in for some reflexology; not to start your labour but just to relax a bit and might help with the toothache.
I'd go back to your dentist as well just to check there isn't something else they can do for you in the meantime, particularly as it's a different area of your mouth.
Hope you start to feel better soon x

SkinnyGirlBethany Fri 21-Oct-11 06:46:15

Are you involved with design ideas for ur home? This could take your mind off things. The baby is coming in under 5 weeks and to be honest a newborn is so much easier than being pregnant.
The not sleeping thing I recommend watching tv in bed- you'll get to rest

Cherrybug Fri 21-Oct-11 07:46:23

Thanks I'm going to phone the dentist at 9am in the hopes he can see me and do something, it's so painful. Reflexology might help, been thinking about that anyway to relax and maybe (wishful thinking) encourage baby to turn.

Living with in laws is hard, they are very nice and I like them a lot and really appreciate their help, but I feel an emotional mess at the minute and it's hard to try and put a brave face on in front of them. Just feel embarrassed at having one disaster after another. We lost our baby girl at 20 weeks gestation last year and it's her anniversary next week. So that's very hard too and of course this pregnancy has been fraught with worry and fear for us. It's just been such a long hard year.

Would love to get away but have a 3 yr old DD so couldn't do that. But perhaps a pamper session somewhere might help. If I can only get rid of the toothache and uti I'm sure I'll start to feel better.

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