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When did you start showing with a second pregnancy?

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Alligatorpie Fri 21-Oct-11 05:04:02

I am only six weeks and already I can feel my trousers are getting tighter. It could be because of the baby, or maybe because my diet has changed and I am now eating a lot of carbs ( normally I eat low carb).

I am a bit worried about starting to show early. We just moved to a new country for work, and I don't want to tell anyone until Xmas, when we will go back to visit my dh's family in the Uk.

but am not sure I will be able to hide it, if I am already expanding! I have also heard you show earlier with the second, any thoughts on this?


Jess1308 Fri 21-Oct-11 05:28:10

This is my second pregnancy and I started showing around 8 weeks, definitely looked pregnant at 10 weeks!

seaweedhead Fri 21-Oct-11 06:42:02

This is my second and I started lookng a bit fat almost immediately. Really struggled to keep it under wraps until 12 weeks.

JambalayaCodfishDIE Fri 21-Oct-11 07:26:52

Hi, i'm 13.5 weeks, and not really showing. Theres something there when I feel, but nothing distinct.

TBF though, i'm tall, and with my first I never really had much of a bump - was still sleeping on my front at 41 weeks.

Also, having lost a stone through morning sickness, theres plenty of room in my clothes yet! sad

happenstance Fri 21-Oct-11 08:22:14

About 8 weeks i realised my muffin top was more pronounced smile, now at 17 weeks i am enormous, already getting the "is it twins?"

brettgirl2 Fri 21-Oct-11 12:07:00

At about the same time as my first! Sickness meant that until 12 weeks I could wear stuff that is normally too tight. Either my stomach muscles recovered or they were always rubbish grin

heartmoonshadow Fri 21-Oct-11 15:00:17


I have lost 1 stone during the first 11 weeks but still manage to look pregnant it has been a couple of weeks now I am a large lady so I know I have enough to cover anyway so people generally havent noticed or if they have they are being polite and not saying WOW your putting on weight. My advice comfy trousers and tunic tops you have an excuse now it is getting colder to wrap up and disguise your bump if you want to.

Quenelle Fri 21-Oct-11 15:02:13

I'm on my second pregnancy. At 8 weeks I was very bloated and DH and I both thought I was showing. I'm nearly 12 weeks now and the bloating has gone so I can't see a bump at all yet.

mumt1 Fri 21-Oct-11 15:19:45

I think you will definatly be showing by xmas, I'm 13 +2 weeks with my second n I have a bump. Although at 6 weeks I looked huge...I swelled n bloated which did go

VFVF Fri 21-Oct-11 16:10:35

I think about 14 weeks.

I had morning sickness and loss of appetite for a good few weeks which helped me loose fat, but growing uterus countered that so I just looked exactly the same until about 14 weeks hmm

VFVF Fri 21-Oct-11 16:11:29

Sorry, that hmm face was at me not looking slimmer, not at your question grin

MrBloomsNursery Fri 21-Oct-11 16:18:10

People were still guessing at around 18 weeks with "is she? isn't she?" I started showing at around 20 weeks I think...and completely unmissably pregnant at around 25 weeks. Mind you, my jeans went up a size at 6-9 weeks, but it was easily covered with my normal clothes.

WeLoveHaribo Fri 21-Oct-11 18:42:08

Around 22wk with both 1st and 2nd. 24wk now got teeny tiny bump that ppl could fail to spot!! Xx

MayDayChild Fri 21-Oct-11 18:58:08

Immediately. Everyone knew when I officially announced. Bloat city, huge appetite... Whichever is the cause, not much you can do so get creative with your wardrobe or moan loudly and frequently that you really must go on a diet

Tinkerisdead Fri 21-Oct-11 19:00:29

8 weeks i had dig out my maternity jeans as other trousers were just way too tight. By 12 weeks i had a definate bump. By 14 weeks i was embarrassed because everyone was commenting and i had to say im 'only' 14 weeks. Im now 6 months and really quite huge. Although this time its more like a football and i can still feel my waist. Maybe this one's a boy.

bushymcbush Fri 21-Oct-11 19:11:01

I'm 14.6 weeks with number 2. I've been showing since about 10 weeks. When I announced at 12 weeks, some people I work with had already guessed. It's definitely a bigger bump than the first time.

Flisspaps Fri 21-Oct-11 19:16:47

I'm now 14+6 (snap with bushymcbush!) and I am only just starting to look possibly pregnant. I'm a size 14-16 normally though and have a bit of a belly most of the time anyway. I was so off my food for the first trimester that I gained no weight. Week 13 hit and I gained 4lbs...hello appetite.

benandhollyandgaston Fri 21-Oct-11 19:20:01

In maternity clothes at about 4 months second time round whereas it was more like 6 months first time round.

Bump was much smaller (so I'm told) by the end second time round though, and I was carrying a considerably smaller baby.

DialMforMummy Fri 21-Oct-11 20:01:11

Like others, I have started showing from about 10 weeks or so. That's when my trousers became a wee bit too tight. But then again, this second pregnancy has come rather quickly after the first one.

MixedClassBaby Fri 21-Oct-11 20:12:50

I'm 9 weeks(ish) and trousers are getting a bit tight around the waist. Only 10 months since giving birth to DD so maybe that makes a difference? Also, weirdly, my 'bump' is on the right hand side of my belly as it was throughout my pregnancy before. And my linea nigra has returned in all its former glory.

IssyStark Fri 21-Oct-11 20:48:02

Before 10 weeks! Had to get my maternity clothes out very early...

thegauntlet Fri 21-Oct-11 22:05:18

depends what i am wearing, but last week ( 18weeks) had to finally undo the button of my jeans and put it on an elastic! If i dressed it up I looked fairly pregnant by 14 weeks, but felt fatter and had put on a kilo by 12 weeks x

TooImmature2BDumbledore Fri 21-Oct-11 22:11:33

My kind friend told me I was showing at about 13 weeks, and then 2 days later so did two people at work (who already knew)! Grr. I'm 17 weeks now and nobody who didn't know has commented, but perhaps they are just being polite.

CuntryManner Sat 22-Oct-11 09:47:16

Gosh, I showed from conception on both of mine.

Georgimama Sat 22-Oct-11 09:49:18

by 12 weeks my normal work skirts and trousers were too tight. by 20 weeks i was unmistakably visibly pregnant.

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