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What are these pains??

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VFVF Thu 20-Oct-11 19:58:36

Hi all,
I'm 18 weeks and this is my second pregnancy. For the past few days I've been getting these weird pains on either side of my bump when I go to bed. It's only in the evening, I never notice them during the day. It feels like a cramping pain, and although it's definately pain rather than discomfort, it doesn't stop me from doing anything (eg writing this!)
It comes and goes very frequently for about an hour, and it's only on either side, not in the middle (belly button area). Can still feel baby move (as best you can at this stage)
I'd never experienced braxton hicks with DD so I was wondering if this is what it was? Although mister google says they are painless, and these aren't! I'm keen not to make a fuss, this is literally the only thing, no bleeding, feeling movement and has gone on for days so don't want to go dashing off anywhere, just looking for other people's reassurances?

Oeisha Thu 20-Oct-11 20:23:12

Possibly just your ligaments on the move again. You might want to pad out bump with pillows (I got a dreamgenii at about 12wks and found sleeping much easier) easing ligament pains (and back pains). If you haven't yet, try starting you abdo exercises (kegles or whatever you've been recommended by MW. If UK based, they're in your purple book). It is worth mentioning it to MW as they may want to rule out UTIs and onset PGP etc.
You're right BHs shouldn't be painful at this stage, but may be if you have UTI or you're very constipated or have an IBS like condition.
Hope you find an answer xxx

AprilAl Fri 21-Oct-11 12:35:59

I'm getting similar pains (16wks), they're worse at night when trying to sleep, though I have been feeling them through the day sometimes too. MW wasn't concerned and said it'll just be ligaments stretching. I've been putting a cushion under bump when I go to bed and that makes things more comfortable.

nearlymumofone Fri 21-Oct-11 13:55:29

Yes probably ligaments stretching, I had lots of that between 16-22 weeks and then on and off throughout rest of pregnancy. I went to hospital though for them to check me out as I was concerned.

VFVF Fri 21-Oct-11 16:06:36

Thank you for the reassurance! As predicted the pains went away about an hour after posting, and I haven't felt any all day today. Am being referred to the physio team due to dodgy back anyway so will ask them if theirs anything I can do to help it smile

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