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Talk to me about Group B Strep please

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Dummyhunter Thu 20-Oct-11 12:00:10

Found out yesterday (at 31wks) that l have Group B Strep - spoke to Dr this morning and feel a bit better as midwife was useless yesterday. She just worried the hell out of me and l was left hanging all night. DH also refused to let me look at the internet as he didnt want me panicing (wise man!)

Does anyone know Derriford/Plymouth hospitals policy with this? I have an obstratrician app in a months time until then l have to take antibiotics.

I would ask the MW but she is horrid and l never wish to see her again - my lovely MW is sick and not due back before my baby is born and the surgery is not going to get a locum/replacement - is there anything l can do about that too? As at the mo l would rather see no one than have her near me.

Any personal experiences would be appreciated - hopefully they are positive rather than negative - but l would rather know either way.


NotJustKangaskhan Thu 20-Oct-11 12:12:11

In terms of the midwife, call the hospital in charge of them and ask for a change. You may have to go into the hospital or have them come to your house for the remaining check-ups, but you shouldn't remain under the care of someone who makes you that uncomfortable (and I have done this myself - it's amazing how fast they move if you say you want to make a formal complaint).

GBS will likely be treated with antibiotics now and they will recommend either IV or injected antibiotics during labour.

bombaydreams Thu 20-Oct-11 12:16:21

Hi there
I am a carrier but did not have the strep itself
was given IV ab during a quick labour with DC1 and none with DC2 (as was too late) both babies were/are fine.
Much better that you know
Nothing to be scared about
Didn't stop me having an entirely natural birth in the MW led unit for DC1
and best of luck with arrival

Dummyhunter Thu 20-Oct-11 15:28:30

Thank you for the reasurance - l have decided to phone my obstatricians sec tomorrow (shes not in today) and hopefully discuss it all with him if l can get an extra appointment or phone call as DH has about a zillion questions too. Starting with 'can you arrange for me to see a mw there please?'

Just to add that streb can come and go. Just because you have tested positive at 31 weeks, does not mean it will still be there at birth.

I'd test again at 37 weeks to see (assume it was a private test and not NHS? NHS tests give false positives 50% of the time. Private ones can be done at home and cost about £30).

If you're keen to try to eradicate it, you can google 'garlic and strepb'. Does mean inserting a garlic up your fanjo for 8 nights though grin But it does seem to work for lots of women so should not be dismissed.

Dummyhunter Thu 20-Oct-11 16:43:43

Thanks mrsarchancellorridcully - it was an NHS test - they found it in my urine when testing for UTI, so seems pretty conculsive Dr thinks, but will ask obstatrician for retest with swabs aswell just to make sure. Dh has also looked at the garlic anything is worth a go but might try in when on mat leave next month because according to google you smell quite strongly of it!

mummc2 Thu 20-Oct-11 16:57:55

I tested positive for this when I had DD2 in the hospital!!. No prior knowledge before and didnt know what it was so panicked. They put DD2 a Line in her Hand and she went for IV antibiotics in case she had it but the test came back after 24 hours negative and she had it removed.

xkatyx Thu 20-Oct-11 20:18:59

Hi my sister had gbs with her first baby and didn't know, poor little baby wasn't well at all, but this was because know one was aware!!

With her second baby they indices he week early and have her iv antibiotics 4 hours before inducing her and also during labour, baby was born fine but started showing signs of the infection but again as they were aware this time they were doing constant obs on her and she just needed some antibiotics bs was perfectly fine.

It's really good that you are aware because you and baby should be well looked after.. Gbs is horrible unfortunately not alot of people are aware, I try telling all my friends to be tested while pregnant but they unfortunately dismiss it.

About your midwife you could ask to have app at the hospital instead? You should actually be classed as high risk because of gbs so hopefully u will be refered to a consultant instead.

Good luck and relax knowing that know everyone is aware you and little one will be fine

edwinbear Thu 20-Oct-11 20:27:52

I'm really surprised you've been given antibiotics, can I clarify whether you are actually suffering from GB strep infection at the moment or have they just found out you're a carrier? If they have just found that you carry the bacteria, 25% of women carry it, it's harmless in itself, it can just be dangerous for the baby if (and it is not a forgone conclusion) it picks up strep infection when you give birth. I tested positive at 37 weeks with DS and it was really no big deal, I was given IV antibiotics in labour which was no hassle at all, and DS was absolutely fine. It's actually a good thing you have been diagnosed as you can be treated appropriately now, please don't get too stressed about it.

edwinbear Thu 20-Oct-11 20:32:05

PS I know you want to steer clear of the internet, but please look at This is a UK based, factual support site with no scary stories at all!

Dummyhunter Fri 21-Oct-11 15:41:56

thanks everyone - glad to hear that everyone so far was ok. I do indeed have the infection and have phoned my obstatrician - will be going in to discuss everything with him in the next couple of weeks, so feel slightly better.

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