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Sore back and bump and feeling fed up!

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sillymillyb Wed 19-Oct-11 21:19:57

Hi all,

I just wanted to pick your brains if thats ok - I've heard a few people mention spd but am not really sure what it is, but may have it?

I am 18+5 and my back and bump are so sore and achey. Almost as if I have period pains and I just haven't been able to get comfy for the last few days. Im starting to get really fed up - I take it this is normal and not something I should see doctor about?

Thanks in advance smile

Hotpotpie Thu 20-Oct-11 10:21:24

Im in a similar situation so would be interested to see if anyone has any help for you

Ive done a little reading about SPD and I think thats more hip and pelvis and back ache, and I read that sometimes if you have it you suffer more with round ligament pain and shooting pains but thats about the limit of my knowledge, My hips keep freezing and I waddle like a penguin. Im planning on a chat with my midwife as I have an appointment next week perhaps you should give yours a call and see what they have to say?

kiki22 Thu 20-Oct-11 21:07:34

I have the same type of pain plus SPD due to previous back problems. I would advise you to phone the maternity physio it's self referal where i am (Glasgow) and i think it's the same everywhere your doctor won't be able to do anything about it but give you pain pills. Physio will tell you what problem is and give you stretches to help it.

The physio number is in the back of my pg record with all the rest of the phone numbers. Took me 3 weeks for a high priority appointment so i'd do it asap. Good luck

sillymillyb Thu 20-Oct-11 21:24:13

ahh thanks Kiki, it seems to be getting worse so def need to do something or Im going to spend rest of this pregnancy whinging and wincing (in no particular order!) Did stretches help? Ah for the days when I could pop painkillers or slug wine to take the edge off!

Hotpotpie I too am waddling like a penguin, there must be women like us up and down the country. I feel like I want to pop my back out, and that my poor bump is suspended in mid air and aching for it. I hope you get sorted at midwifes. How far along are you?

ZuleikaJambiere Thu 20-Oct-11 22:25:26

Hi, I'm 23 weeks and also have a sore back, pretty sure it's not SPD for me. About a month ago I got some bump bands - support ones, not the cheapo cover up ones - from Jojo maman bebe. It feels like a good sports bra round my tum and my back is definitely less uncomfortable. It might help the feeling of your bump being unsupported. I'm sure you can get them from other places too. Hope your pains ease

kiki22 Fri 21-Oct-11 18:42:51

the stretches are great help a lot. Try going on to you tube and find a video showing you cat pose and childs pose they are usually what they suggest for back ache.

Also if it's very sore take pain killers i wasn't keen on taking them but they don't effect the baby and my doctor pointed out the stress hormone that being in lots of pain brings is much much worse for baby than 2 pain killers are.

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