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contractions at 13 weeks ???? :S :S

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mumt1 Wed 19-Oct-11 15:02:36

Really quite confused, this is my second pregnancy, with ds 1 I never had complications till the end, was a very smooth easy pregnancy. However, this ones been going wrong from the start,at 6 weeks to 10 weeks bleeding and cramping. Scans show everythings fine, now since sunday afternoon iv been feeling like I'm having contractions. Very very painful. It is like my belly is tightening and then easing off. But including sharp stabbing pains. Midwife won't see me (she's useless) and doctor didn't sound concerned as iv been having pains for a while but these are different.I drink plenty of water, could it be my uterus moving out of my pelvis? But didn't think it cud be so painful!

TortillaDeMaiz Wed 19-Oct-11 16:56:04

can you call a maternal/fetal assessment unit or early pregnancy unit? they should listen to you if you feel something is not right.

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